The Banner, The business card and some Art

Hello all. Ages ago I  started a banner and never really got anywhere with it, I left it and wanted to go back to it. Took me awhile to get back to it and I am glad I did. I had an excuse I needed something for my business cards, so it was a good opportunity to go back and work on it. Still got a little to do. 
The work  was created using illustrator with a combination of filters of textures, gradients. The textures are used to bring a little more life to the images and I it is a personal thing to as I like to use them.

I will upload the finished thing later on. 🙂
A side note, I have used illustrator for about ten years and still not mastered it fully, I know a lot of it, however sometimes things elude me. A case in point is with the Scale stroke.  Everytime I enlarged an outlined image, the stroke never scaled infuriated me and I never knew how to get it to scale. Then recently a friend of mine who had the same trouble found it and shared it.  Now, I know there is a thing called the internet, I should use it more often for things like this. I have pasted it here to remind myself for the rest of my life.

The image below is from a  video A game that I will look forward to coming out next week is Far Cry 3: Dragon Blood. It’s a game based on the 1980’s action films.
Here is the trailer done by the guys Corridor Digital, friends of Freddy Wong. If you have not heard of them, shame on you. But I am sure you may have seen one of their videos.
The image below is a screen capture from the trailer. I liked the scene so much I put it as my Facebook banner. This was done in photoshop, I dropped the screen capture and then overlaid it with scan lines in multiply mode.

Farcry3: Blood Dragon  live action trailer by Digitial corridor

Something I did for Facebook, it was a picture for when I was born.Done in Photoshop, I took the image and laid a couple of effects over it. It is Hackney and I must find the original owner of the image as I need to credit them. I think there is a grammar error.

I am going to love you and leave you all, as I am back off to work. 🙂 Enjoy the day and hopefully post some stuff up.

Yes, this is about all I am going to show you of 3d work. Yep, they are models of  boots.
I will add a better size soon. I feel I am not ready yet.


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