Presentation Ready

The Presentation document for the Unfinished Things Festival is now finished and ready.

Unfinished things V006-23.png

Tata for now. ūüôā


Unfinished Things Presentation

Hello again, I’ve been quiet as I’ve been busy working on things like the artwork for Christmas stuff and additionally preparing for a small presentation for the 15th December.¬† I am doing a presentation at the Unfinished¬†Things Festival, it is a festival of presenting projects in various¬†stages of development from any size and any field.

Here is a Link to the website.

I was going to do one in the summer, but, I bottled out, I couldn’t do it, I felt gutted and annoyed that I didn’t do it. Then,¬† I found out they were going to do another one for December,¬† I decided to¬†apply and now, I¬†am preparing for the presentation and I look forward to doing it.

I was going to do one in the summer, but, I bottled out, I couldn’t do it, I felt gutted and annoyed that I didn’t do it. Then,¬† I found out they were going to do another one for December,¬† I decided to¬†apply and now, I¬†am preparing for the presentation and I look forward to doing it.

I am doing this to get over my anxiety of presenting and showing my work off, it’s one of those hurdles I want to get over.
The presentation is one of many that is going to be there and I look forward to seeing the rest of the other presentations, my presentation focuses on the development¬†of Late Night Diner artwork from when I first started a few years and to¬†where I am now.¬† If you want to come, please come, if not no worries. ūüôā

Tata for now.

Late Night Diner Artwork Part 31 – Uploaded Diner Environment Done Finished

Hello,  phew, I am happy to say with relief, the final part of the Diner has been uploaded to Artstation, it is done and finished.  There is a picture preview below of the Diner, ahh you know this Diner very well, I have been working on it on and off for a while, shared posts of it and this is it, all done.
I am sure while I work on the additional new characters I may go back to add and amend things if necessary, the temptation is too great, but other work needs my attention.

To see the whole of the Diner in 3D, go to Artstation, here is a link to the Diner environment webpage. Be warned, the 3d view does not open on phones, the page works as normal, just use a computer to look at the 3D environment model

Getting it uploaded was a tricky part, as the upload cap is 50 meg and my exported Diner hits 90 meg. I had to compress¬†the textures and additionally removed a few models along with their textures to take it below the cap. Those assets I haven’t got rid of, I will put them in a game engine, as soon as possible. Just the host was capped, which is cool, I know I can additionally use Sketchfab Pro, it has 200 meg cap and few other advanced¬†options for backgrounds, however, that costs money and for now,¬† I am happy with Artstation, perhaps, something in the future I may get it. I’m proud of what I have achieved with the Diner and I want to push further both in skill¬†and speed with the next upcoming projects and beyond.

There are more Diner customers in the pipeline and as I said previously, I will work on and add them to the Diner project.¬† Right, I’m off for a¬† small break and do some artwork, then on to the next project.

If you like it, give it a like and if your a member of Artstation, give it a like there.
Cheers and Tata for now.

Late Night Diner Artwork Part 29 ‚Äď Late Night Diner.

30th October 2017 
Has been a busy couple of days, have been setting up the four dioramas scenes to be uploaded to Artstation.  Have a further day of sorting out, headshots of the characters and a few other stuff.
Updated the Blogs of the development work and shared a few pictures of Diner to Twitter and Facebook, got a good response.  So, full steam ahead to tweak and have the work ready upload tomorrow.


So I have a few set poses of the Alien to choose from and had funny setting them up.

This kind of looks sinister.

I wanted to use the countertop instead of the sets, Started with the corner of a counter, but, the balance didn’t work for me and it just looked odd, I wanted to keep all the displayed in the centre. I removed the extra part and regained it.

Almost done.

Took the lighting the background lighting down and it becomes a little more moody and spookier.

The final result, I like what I have.

Here is the link to the finished Alien.


Added blood, mesh, but, it looked bad and looked like lipstick, I thought it would work, but, on second thoughts, I changed my mind and took it out.

Side by side comparison.

Had other sets of poses, however, I kept it simple and went back to the one I first used.

Made it moodier…..

Pretty happy with the Vampire, not the pose I thought I was going to use at the end.

Here is the link to the Vampire.

Some more work on the Zombie, mainly on the lighting, to get it somewhere I like.

Here is the link to Eric.

1st November 2017

The process of adding the work onto Artstation, a website made for artists and is surprisingly easy to use.¬† One of the pages with added images of work,¬† it’s pretty cool and straightforward.

The preview of Eric the Zombie.

So published the first page today with my first bit of work to Artstation and following day is the Alien and Vampire turn to get published, I’m pretty stoked about it, finally I can say done, finished. Today has been checking the zombie character page for any mistakes and prepping the Vampire and Alien, the vampire is almost done and Alien is half done.
At this time, all the characters are posted.

10th November 2017

Last few days have been posting all the characters and additionally figuring out how best to display the props and compressing textures down to be able to upload the props to fit in the upload limit, I’m getting away with them.
I have a couple of things left to upload, like the entire Diner exterior, I really got to figure that out, however on the plus side and I may have mentioned it, I will buy the pro upgrade for Artstation to increase the upload cap and make my life easier when uploading larger files as the caps are raised.

More stuff has been posted up on the website.

Like the link to the Neon Diner Sign
I moved on to sorting out the props to display, I actually got stuck on how to show them off and I then looked how other artist displayed props, I’m almost happy how they look.
A view of some more of the props and they scrub up pretty well.
A bit of the Arcade machine and Jukebox in prep for uploading to Artstation.
Yes, I couldn’t resist adding another update of this image.

Ok, I am almost done.

Here is my website again, over the next few days and the week, I am going to upload the last bit of work and going to change the look of the website, going to have fun with that.

A small conclusion…
I can say that with this chapter of the work, this first batch of work is finished, phew a personal milestone that and the next batch of work will follow soon. The next task is to do three more characters and I have had a thought about which ones, firstly, the female Mummy, I am going to redesign the character,¬† I don’t like the current version, going to improve on it.
A character that I would like to concept next is Lady Frankenstein, I really don’t have any female characters and I want to rectify that by creating the two female characters, the last character I want to sculpt is the Diner owner with another pass at the concept art.
But, before I do that, I have to finish  Baron Samedi, that is next on the list that really needs to be done and I has been waiting for ages, I want to finish the Baron by the end of November, going to be a close one.
Wait, that’s not really the conclusion bit, that is down here.

I’ve had a few thoughts,¬† firstly, I had some wasted spaces on the texture maps, I really wish that didn’t happen and I amended them, however next time, I really want to avoid that as much as possible in the future and I may go back to the Diner and make some amendments.

The next is to reduce the footprint of environment textures and I’m going to try to be conscious to use fewer texture maps and be smart about it.

High Polycount. I still think the polycount for some of the assets are still high and I would like to reduce them down further with optimisation.

With some of the assets, I took way too much time on small detail to fix, what I should have done is create the texture, fix it up and when it’s good enough move from it sooner rather than later, then come back and do another detailed pass to improve on it.

It’s nice to be able to end the project on a bit of a high and thinks phew that looks good. Looking back on the project on where it started and how far it has come and evolved, I’m happy.

I think the next couple of posts upcoming post for Late Night Diner work may be the last for this batch of work, ūüôā Happy about that and then Baron Samedi will be posted.
Tata for now.

Late Night Diner Artwork Part 28 ‚Äď Uploaded Diner Sign

Next up is the Diner sign.
Here is the link to the page.

Here it is in 3D View. It’s nice to finally be able to share it in 3d.

I still have further work to upload, the props, 2D illustrations and then the Diner Scene to go. I will need to upgrade my account as the free version has a limit to 15 meg for the each of the 3D models on uploaded and the paid version unlocks the limit to 50 meg. The Diner scene is a bigger than 15 meg limit.
Anyways Tata for now. ūüôā