Another update of character

I have been working away.  I did say, I would get it done. However, I have been distracted with my other work and it is loads of work, I have to give it love and attention, Especially with writing, that has to be done and other Uni work.  I feel a second wind coming and I must say that it is a new surge of energy and it’s  Nitros I need.

Just a quick update this morning. A rendition of the character has been done. Next step is to add detail to her and a few variations of clothing for the character. Sometime tonight I shall get more uploaded and hopefully more as well.
Then we do more modeling, I have not shown the modeling, as I do not feel ready to share, it looks bad. That bad bit I do not want to share….yet, over the next few days I will get it up there from bad to good.

~Tick, tock, tick, tock , the the march of the clock never stops. See you later and enjoy the day.  🙂

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