About Me

Hi there, my name is Mus, my parents are Turkish and I was born in London and lived all my life in there until I moved to Dundee. In the past, I have worked as an illustrator in the print industry and studied a Master Professional in Games Development at Abertay University. I am now working with my fellow team Space Budgie.

I love to illustrate and design.  My passion is to be an Artist and Art it is one of my few passions that I get to do and I really enjoy learning and being inspired by it.  A few influences from comics, Illustrations,  1950’s America Retro art, Pop art, Mexican Day of the Dead and Japanese Print art.  First time around I went to University to study High National Diploma in Illustration.  After I graduated, I worked in the print and design industry as a digital an illustrator and print designer, I gained knowledge and experience how to behave professionally with clients and work colleagues. This helped me become a better team member by working in teams and understanding the value of teamwork.  With the skills I had gained I decided with a friend and business partner, to successfully start-up our design, print and merchandise  print business, with the focus on T-shirt print. Setting up and starting up the business from the ground up from scratch was one of the hardest jobs that I had worked on and I am especially proud of what we achieved as a team in such a short space of time and a small budget.

I left the print industry behind, as I wanted to better myself, I returned to University studies with the move from London to Dundee to study Game Design and Production Management at Abertay University. This was down to my main passion and hobby for video games, especially the development process of computer games, I wanted to turn what the hobby was into a career as I knew exactly what I wanted.

One of my first achievements was as the lead artist on a team called Cold Break Studios. We got into the national grand finals of Samsung’s Bada Student Developer Challenge 2011 with our game called Late Night Diner.  Sadly, we did not win, we were happy to get to the finals and the experience we gained from it as a team was an incredible one.  Our game Late Night Diner is still in development at a slower pace. My second proudest achievement was To participate in the Dare to be Digital 2012 as an artist in a team called Mad Rocket Games and as a team, we created a game over eight weeks period called the Ready Steady Roll!  That was an incredible experience and each time a game was made, it reinforced my passion making games.

My most recent and proudest achievements were to graduate from Abertay University and Master Professional Games Development.  My recent accomplishments  that I am proud of, was part of a start-up company called Space Budgie and have released our games 9.03m and GlitchSpace.

Now living in London, I am focused on working as a 2D artist, 3D modelling and zbrush sculpture for games. I want to become the best I can and will continue to develop my career in the games industry. I aspire to be a lead artist in the games industry and work with other artists, I know that is going to be a lot of work and I know that is going to take a little time as I am a determined, driven individual, with the hard work and perseverance.