Late Night Diner Artwork Part 33 – Character Sculpt.

Hello again, I have started this sculpt and currently squeezing it in between a couple of other projects that I need to get done within a month…. No pressure then.

6th Feb 2018

Right back to sculpting and an hour in and wondering where everything is, seriously, I forgot,  bad of me. However, a little bit of Refresher I started to remember it, phew.
So after dithering and doing some other work, I finally started to sculpt the sumo head.

A little bit of work and widened the face and added placeholder eyebrows, I think with the eyebrows, the final version is going to be plain. Also, with the hair, I think some bits of it are going to use plains too.

I may need a bit of time to get the characters head to look like the illustration and I will keep working on it until it looks right, additionally, I am going to refine the eyes, as they are the rougher looking part of the face.

8th February 2018 

Some more work on the body, it still needs to have the belly button added, made the arms long.

10th February 2018 

Further work on the Sumo’s body, gave him the arms that are very well defined. I like to think, he just done arms in the gym in his spare time and working on his arms and chest.

14th February 2018

After a few days, I got back to this chap. Some refinement of the character, of course, I still need work to be done on him.

I got to say, I love the eyebrows. Now the body has a kilt, there is a proper name for it and I will find it and write it down. Need to work on the fabric folds as itis symmetrical.

Plus, I got a few butts in there.


Daily Sketches 2018 – Part 12

Hello, normally I would put three daily sketches together in a post, however, I haven’t taken photos of them yet and I wanted to share this one.
2018-02-09 11.12.55.jpg

I’ve started to get more out of my comfort zone and doing more in the sketches, with a bit more refinement in the work. Hopefully, they will turn into additional world-building sketches.

It also helps that for a while I’ve had an additional A5 sketchbook, I use it when I am travelling, watching tv, in the pub and drinking coffee and on each page, I doodle character thumbnails, like so;I’ve started to get more out of my comfort zone and doing more in the sketches, with a bit more refinement in the work. Hopefully, they will turn into additional world-building sketches.

This is pretty spaced out pages, normally a column stacked about four rows high and in those rows, there are between seven to nine doodles. I like doing this, it’s quick and creating a library of poses.  I do want to evolve it to have group interaction sketches, action poses, people doing things like sitting, jump, fighting, running and flying. I will do a post of them in the future.
Right,  I gotta go, tata for now.

The characters is posing in front of their successful hunt of a Titan.

Daily Sketches 2018 – Part 11

Additional sketches, another giant walker inspired by Ian Mcque, I am going to sketch more world props and I am getting happier doing them.

Ok, sketch page 32, went wrong and I kept it, man, that went bad, oh well.  What I had in my mind didn’t transfer to the page,  could’ve worked on it further and I moved on, I will go back and try again.

I almost started to draw a standing pose and turned it into an action pose, glad I changed it.

I like this world I am building with the sketches and as fallback sketches.



Daily Sketches 2018 – Part 10

Even more, sketching.
I like the close up one,  again it’s something I had on my mind, faith healing the broken.
I got to stop doing poses like this and change it up with additional work on the background and character doing an action. I think just drawing them standing there is a default thing for me…. Stop doing that.

Daily Sketches 2018 – Part 9

So I did Batman, I mean, annoyingly I couldn’t draw anything else in the pic. I am going to have another go and this time draw things around him.

Felt like an Ian Mcque day, I like his work and it was a day of looking at the artwork.  I want to push out and build more of the Samurai Robots world and pushing out of comfort zone and sketch environment and world props.

Action pose, I did a mistake, but I kept it.

Game box Art – Metal Gear Dan

I had one last thing to do before I moved on from  Metal Gear Dan illustration.  I wanted to create the box art covers for the MSX 2 and Nintendo boxes.

Metal Gear game cover - Mus Cetiner

Had fun with these images,  I was going to do the back covers of game boxes, however,  I decided against it as it was going to take longer to do and I wanted to move on from the project as I got other stuff to do. Enjoy,
Tata for now.