Judge Dredd birthday card

Hello all.

Another Illustration for a birthday card, this time a Judge Dredd inspired birthday card, well for an another Judge character, Judge Jup. A birthday card for a person who likes Judge Dredd comics, I’ve never drawn Judge Dredd characters at all and had fun with this one.

I’m on a roll with these cards and enjoying drawing other characters that I don’t usually draw ( which I should) and with deadlines that I need to hit, it’s also a good opportunity to practice and experiment with tools in illustrator and photoshop to push the illustration further and always getting better.

The initial idea I had to do a front cover of a Judge Dredd comic cover sitting on his bike and the city on fire behind him, I wanted to do this project in two to three days.

The first step was to doodle it out in a few doodles.

Then did a refined colour sketch of the cover to make it really clear to myself how I wanted the cover.

Happy with the image I gathered reference images and started to illustrate the judge.
From left to right, initial outlines drawing trying to find my way around the illustration, then iterating, resizing parts of the illustration and then I start to get somewhere with the judge, did the extra big front lights.

With a bit, more work and I got about to here with the Eagle and until I was happy with it. The chain and pouches are pattern brush tools, a lifesaver making belts and chains quickly and bendy, technical work…

The next step was to take the flat coloured illustration into photoshop and work on it there. I’ve never really done that much before and always had kept the work separate, so this time with this project, I wanted to give that a go and experiment with it,  also I do so many with gradients gaussian blurs that it becomes a system hog. in illustrator.

Played around with the filters to how I want the illustration to look like with the contrast, depth, lens flare and additionally painted in details to the metallic surfaces.
The fire was created with vector shapes and with the warp, twirl, pucker tools were used to distort the flames.


With a gradient overlay and masking layer,  the glowing edges were painted onto the character to look like the fire was closer.

I then had an idea to do a back cover, I wanted to add the Dark Judges onto, now I had a problem, I didn’t plan for it and in an afternoon I created. This is the danger of not planning ahead, it can work or not, stuck to it and created the illustration.  I quickly blocked out the illustration of the Dark Judges in vectors,  Nothing exciting, it was easier for me to block them out as vectors as I don’t get distracted.

As I had already created the fire background, I dropped the Judges into the fire and using the same technique that was used with the glowing effect on the previous illustration, I created the judges.
Played around with the judges further, warped them a little, added a little more detail to the silhouettes added some overlays to hide the feet as I didn’t draw and to make them look like they were coming out of the fire.

Then got here with the Dark Judges illustration.

Then created the final piece of artwork for printing, added a couple of Orange overlayer filters to deepen the fire and some more work with some gaussian blur here and there with the flames.

Here it is printed in its glory, looking at it printed I really do like it.  One thing I did was to leave the final artwork in RGB more to get printed and normally I would work in CMYK when I am printing. I was experimenting to see how much of the colour is kept in its vibrancy and see if it did print properly and this time I got away with.

There are a couple of things I wish I did correctly and had planned from the start, that was to have the Dark Judges and Judge Jup as one illustration. Perhaps if I had planned it from the start, it may have been a better illustration. The fire in both pictures and Judge Death pointing doesn’t help either, you live and learn and not do that next time. )

I think the Judges are too close together and could have put them further apart, there is an area of the fire I didn’t notice, it’s a swirl, it was not warped enough, just looks odd and  I didn’t notice that tiny white line on the front cover, boo.

But after that critic, I enjoyed doing the Judge Dredd inspired illustration,  it was a nice break to do this and I as I mentioned before, it was also a good chance to experiment with new tools and taking it into Photoshop.  I am going to do more of that in the future.
I may revisit doing a  Dredd illustration in the future and see how much I have progressed with my art.

Anyways tata for now.


Sumo WIP – Late Night Diner Artwork Part 35

Hello, it’s a been a busy month,  spread among various projects, doing a couple of illustrations and resorting out a book cover illustration and diagrams, also applying for work and so time has been a little tight, now, I got time to post this on Easter Sunday, then after post, jump back onto artwork.
Sometimes when you start to polypaint, you forget the resolution is not high enough, no? Well, I did and I messed up a little. Originally I was not going to share these images as it was bad and decided to share it as it is WIP and this is a blog of the highs and lows of artwork. Here are the Ramblings
Has the oddest look, blame me, I played with the lighting and I shouldn’t have done that.
Here it is without the messed up lighting.

Honestly, I couldn’t resist it, I wanted to do a test texture of the head to see how the character looked, it was rushed and it does need work. It will need a couple of days of polypainting and that should be a good starting point for the base colour,

1st March 2018

I had a think and made a decision to stop polypainting and get back to sculpting and fixing the model, this is because I still had problem areas that needed to be fixed, like hands and feet, they needed some attention, once they are done, I will then move onto texturing the character.First was to fix the feet, a choice I made was not to model the toes as individual ones, however, instead of combined them as they won’t be seen much, but, I’m going to sculpt as one part.

I will need to do another pass on it to clean up some odd bits like the toes, add veins and to get the shape right.  Next part was to rework the hands, much happier with the hand and fingers detail this time, still need more work to be done to it. I think I should not worry too much about the tiny details, as important as they are to get fixed, I want to have look at the bigger picture and not focus on a tiny detail and focus on the whole of the character.

The front apron/kilt needs a bit of work with the folds, as at the moment its mirrored and I don’t like that, I need to make it asymmetrical. I will need to some work on the beads, perhaps add a bit more wear and tear.

I thought I would give it a try and experiment with the kimono, I made some holes through freezing the model’s subdivisions and then working on the lowest poly version, then unfroze to see if it worked on the high poly version successfully.

I like it and it’s something to think I will do in the future with other characters when I do a Werewolf or another zombie, it is quick to and effective.

3rd March 2018 

A bit of a day of working on the masks, the skull was a low poly mesh, dirty is the word, and I was not worried about that as I could retopologise it later one the work is al done on it.

The two masks that look similar were made from the same sculpt, I cheated, well was smart about it and there are slight differences, once textured they will look even different from each other, they will need a bit more work around the eyes and wear and tear added to them. The Nioh mask looks odd around the eye socket and really need to be worked on.

The beads were reworked and look better, I think they still could do work done to them. I added the gems/beads to the forehead, I cannot remember mentioning them before in the previous post and they had been missing from the character sculpt, now they are there.
Additionally, some extra work was done on the ears, I keep seeing lumps, I need to get them fixed or I am focusing on them too much, I must stop doing that. I will end up doing that when I retopogise the character and take the resolution of the sculpt higher to clean it up.

Made some refinements to the kilt and broke the symmetry with it, I may have gone overboard with it, however, if it doesn’t bother me, I think I may keep it.

A tiny bit of work by adding veins. I think I need to work on the back, it just looks wrong, need to look at some reference.

Started to create the low poly mesh of the sumo for better game friendly topology and then bake the high poly detail from the dynamesh sculpt to Zremeshed model.

 One thing I did was to make some adjustment to the eyes, they have been pulled further them away from the nose, It was bugging me as when I looked at the character from the front, it just looked to close to the nose.

After the tweaking, I’m happier with the eyes wider apart. It may be a tiny thing, to me, it’s a big thing.
A day of retopologizing the sumo to a game friendly mesh and reprojected all the detail to the new mesh.  The Topology on the bottom of the feet is a little untidy with the gah! It may not be seen, however, I would like to try and clean it up.

 I’m not the best topologist, but I do my damn best, had a tough time with this, normally I’m cool and I get on with the work. It hasn’t helped that my mini keyboard died, then had to use my older one, trying to adopt from a mini keyboard to a larger one, with chunkier buttons, my word frustrating is not the word, I kept pressing the wrong buttons. Had to get a new mini keyboard and thankfully got a new keyboard on the way.

Have to do last minute checks and paint the character again, I got to retopologize the body and head together and make a good clean connection. At the moment the head polycount is high and a there is a few wasted faces on the back of the head which will never be seen because it will be covered in hair. I will need to get that all sorted.

Right, now, took a different approach, made sure the head mesh and the body mesh are one poly mesh and align nicely, still need to reduce polycount count on game mesh, however, that I can do at the end and after all that is done as it is easier to clean up after all the work has been done.
Right, now part two of polypainting, the first attempt was, well not great and thinking it about it, I got too excited. This one I am going to spend a day or two poly painting, then put the character into Substance painter to add materials to make skin look like skin and additionally add some surface texture noise to the make the fabric look like fabric.

A high quality rendered version screenshot.

And a standard render head turntable,  I am not sure of the blue, it’s too blue, I don’t like that blue.

I went back to the sumo to fix the colour, as I said it was too blue. I then I messed up the skin, I did a small error, I messed up the, I could not save it and paint over, I didn’t even notice them until I worked on other parts character parts.  The kimono has been painted, the pattern detail on kimono is going to be done in Substance Painter and additionally, I am going to add some surface noise.

Close up of the Masks in the process polypainting, I need to make low-poly versions of them, going to work on further them and the skull. and then take them into substance painter and add materials to the makes. Need to add some surface detail.

Close up of the head for character and looking better than the blue, I am going to spend another day working on the ski and adding veins and details.

 Worked on teeth and tongue, now he has teeth. 🙂 He needed teeth, I decided to do a low poly version of the of the shape and then sculpted the teeth and tongue.
Now with teeth. 🙂 Looking do much better, the low-poly teeth are a step up from the previous version.
The facepaint needs to be added to the character in the next update I will have done that

Had to make a silly face, again.

The turntable of the character now with everything painted for now.

Close up of the painted masks. Had to retopologize the skull mask, I still need to retopogise the Demon masks, either with zremesher or Zsphere retopology.

The masks currently sit at five hundred thousand polygons each, that is not game friendly, they all need to be reduced and made game friendly and make them low as possible and using the texture making them still look good.

Started on the first mask and got that retopologised, I still need to fix some bits of the topology, as the low topology has wasted faces that I can reduce and I some can be used elsewhere.

The skull retopology has been done, I am sure I can lose a little more from the mesh to make it a lower resolution.
 The next one was  Nioh Mask low poly version with the high poly version on the right. The eyes need to be finished, as they are way too high.

I got one mask left and then the kimono to sort out. there are still parts left to retopologise and once they are done, move onto unwrapping the UV’S and texturing the extra detail on Substance Painter, I really want to get a move on with this.

Anyways, tata for now.

Daily Sketches 2018 – Part 15

A couple more sketches.

Ok, this one was a bit of a mess, I like it, but a messy day of work, in both with the pose, hands and grey tones, oh well it happens.

I will make some time to take pictures of sketches, crop compress and upload them.

Aliens Birthday Card

I started on the Aliens illustration birthday card, had this one planned ahead of time and on my mind as I knew what I wanted to do. SThe card is going to be based on the original Aliens film poster. My partner is a big fan of Ripley and Aliens, also dressed as her at a fancy dress party.

So there was only one choice to do. I was going to do another Star Wars card like the ones I did before, but I decided to change it up and do something different and unexpected.
Then took the doodle from the sketchbook and painted over it.

A bit more sketching and it looks like the original cover. I was going to do add another character resembling Newt, but for the birthday card, it didn’t make sense and I dropped it, I prefer the build-up of Ripley looking for Newt and the full focus is on the main character.

I may add Bollards from the City of London, this is a personal thing to my partner and have to the city of London in trouble from the Alien invasion.
Made a start with the vector art and started to block it out, it’s not something I want to show you, as it’s so rough, however, I will share it.Worked further on Ripley, more work is needed, but it’s better than the previous version, I started to block out the Alien Queen.

It looks rough at the moment, the gun does not look great, the position and angle look wrong,  the Alien Queen is getting there, along with the eggs. oh ye, h and the City of London Bollards.
At the moment it needs more work, I have three days to get this finished, A bit of a challenge as this is the shortest time as the deadlines are Thursday. This is going to be a video cover too.

Greater detail added to the Queen and added the tail.

The harness was redone to make it look closer to the original one from the films, looks so much better than the previous version of the harness and reference images help a lot.

So more work, made a new hand and the rifle, the rifle still needs more work.

The artwork is getting there, happier with the face and I need it to make it look like the person is based on. The artwork still needs to be refined, like the rifle, not happy with that, I am going to redo it, it just looks flat and dull.  The colour of the artwork is slowly resembling the film poster version.

Made some amendments to the t-shirt, actually redid it, still need to fix the t-shirt a little more, however, it’s better than the previous one. Worked on a new harness belt around the waist, you can see much of it, but better than the previous one.

The arm was sorted out, it looked odd when it when it met the t-shirt sleeve and it looks too long, need to shorten it.  Really need to work on the weapons and get them finished, they need the most work done to them. Not to forget the bollards need some work.

Timewise, I think it’s going to be close, doing this in a period of a few days is too tight with the vector. I’m going to need to find an alternative, the smarter way with my pipeline.Worked on the pulse rifle and it looks better, again reference helped a lot with this one, glad I reworked it.

Took the original illustration and skewed and pulled it into the final view, then added some bits to back and especially to the front, like the nozzle, then did some extra detail to it.

Added the rifle to the illustration and had to resize the rifle. comically it was a little too big for the character and I think I call it here with the pulse rifle.

The next step was to work in the M240 incinerator, it needed refining as it looked flat. One thing is that I am glad it did not need rotating, that would have been some extra work.

After some work, it M240 looks so much better and I now call that done.   Added glasses to make it look like the person and with tiny adjustments to the face.
Additionally,  still did some tweaks to the Queen. Added the missing title to the artwork, not aliens, BOLLARDS. 🙂

I got still parts to fix, like the incinerator, it needs a strap, as it’s missing. Need to fix the shadow on character t-shirt. Both the hand that’s holding the gun, they need a bit more refinement.

Finally done.

The back cover was done quickly, as the assets were already there and all it need was dropping them in and arranging them.

With the next vector illustrations, I am going to use more instances with my artwork,  I realised that I could have done that with the columns and made my job quicker by making amendments to one of them and applied to all of them, instead of working on them individually, oh well.
A few things to think about after doing the artwork, the main thing was that I did not give myself enough time to refine the artwork and fix areas. I’m glad I know I can produce sometime like this in about three days, if I had one more day I think it would have done more refinements and a bit more work on the bollards.
The illustration turned out pretty well, It does have its faults, but I don’t mind.  Anyways, over three days of work and finishing on time, I am happy with what I have and had fun doing it, now, it’s time to print it, put it into an envelope and give the card to my partner.

Tata for now.

Rogue One Star Wars Canvas Print

Hello, started the next Star Wars canvas art.

12th February 2018 

Birthday time again and another star wars canvas, I decided to do Rogue one as the next canvas print, I’m not ready for the Prequels.  This time I want to get all the characters onto the canvas,  it also helps to have original assets from the previous artworks of Starwars to use them as a base to start with and to keep the style consistent throughout the canvas artwork.

Made a start on the characters below and they will need a second pass to tweak them and get them to look good. the plan is to do one character per hour,  to the level of detail like the ones in the image below. Then, spend another hour or so additionally on each of them and hopefully over two evenings to get the artwork close as finished.

I really thought I was going to have problems working on K-2SO and surprisingly the process went well. I am going to avoid doing the lower half of K-2SO as I will not need it for the print and this will save me time.

An additional piece of artwork that is to be done is the Aliens 1986, poster, that artwork is going to be like the VHS Big trouble in little Woolwich VHS birthday card, that is if I have the time, if not I shall make it as a comic book cover.  I have about four weeks to do it in, Eeep.

13th February 2018 

A little progress on the Rogue One Artwork got rest of the characters; Bodhi Rook, Baze Malbus and Chirrut Îmwe while doing some further work Jyn, K-2SO and Cassian. I still would like to refine Cassian, as he does not look right, he looks odd. He reminds me of someone not happy taking a group photo.

Just in case you wondered,  here it is the image uncropped to show you the bits that over the edge, I sometimes do a little bit more to the characters to give me a little manoeuvring with them.

Ok,  I am ahead of schedule with the characters and I am happy with the results of them, going to spend a couple of hours tweaking them as some bits look a little plain and missing some detail.

14th February 2018

Further progress with the artwork, I’ve added simple background detail,  I would like to do a bit more to the Death Star, not too much and fall into the hole of detail.

On the next update, I should have some of the characters tweaked, I would like to fix areas of stubble and beards. Jyn hair needs a bit of tweaking. Two of the characters look a little similar to each other, main reason is the beard used, one of them need adjusting

The background needs some adjustments, the Deathstar needs its colour amended. I got to move the Xwings as they are disappearing. Add some tiny highlights to a couple of ships in the background.

While I worked on the characters, I couldn’t notice Snake. Had about five minutes and added an eyepatch and bandana, perhaps I may make something of this image with a bit more work.

A bit of refining the artwork and cleaning edges up of the artwork I think I’m done.
Added extra detail and iterated on Jyn’s jacket, the sorted out tiny details on other characters clothing, Chiruts forearm has a little more detail and added the Imperial logo, little detail to help.

I am happy with the look of the final piece. Time-wise, I think it was about four evenings worth of work, the background was not as detailed as the previous images and I am glad, as that would have added extra work and I think it would have been a bit of tighter deadline.

I had fun doing this as I did with the others and I know I will probably end up doing more of these star wars artwork down the line.
I may have mentioned this, I really want to do the lower half of the characters and more of their limbs, as I want to expand the poses of the characters and I may experiment with them, adding limbs, really bring the characters to life and makes the illustrations interesting.
Anyways I hope you like, I’m off tata for now.