Late Night Diner Environment modelling Part 9 – And Character Modelling

Hello,  as you can see, it is, well, not environment modelling, but, mainly character modelling and painting, I shall keep the name and just add some text to the post title because the work is the same project.

I am pretty chuffed with this post, not because it is error free of grammar or spelling mistakes, it was the character coming together. Anyway, enjoy the rambling.

9th May 2017 

Went from a closed mouth to open mouth, took me a bit to fix and do it, I had to create the inside of the mouth, I will need to create base teeth, gums and tongue to use for all the other characters. There is some bits of the mouth need to be cleaned up, however, I am happy with what I have done.

The shirt was remeshed, the collar gave me a bit of grief, one because of a bit of inexperience, two, the mesh of the collar was overlapping each other in a horrible way, it was a little frustrating, however, it was all sorted out.

Had to use the Zremesher guide tool brush and draw out guides for the remesher tool to follow, it helped with the collar and especially when doing the hands. I got to say the internet tutorials and guides helped.

I will have to retopology the shirt again, as the low polygon version is still too high for poly

Another turntable, sadly not much different.

Decided to give the texturing ago in Zbrush, I don’t think the zombie was going to be that green, I am going to play around with it more and see what I can come up with. Ultimately, I’m going to texture this in either Substance painter or Quixel.

I was hoping to finish the mesh today, however, it turned out not to be, I shall get the rest of them done tomorrow.

10th May 2017

A day of refining the sculpt and meshing and projecting the detail on to new mesh.


Had to redo the mesh to get the typology I need and optimised for the next step. The next was to project details from the old mesh to the new mesh and had moderate success with it, some parts worked and some did not, I tried to use the Zremesher guide and not successfully, as the loops I wanted was not there,  I’m going to manually retopology the mesh as some bits of the characters head was not great and is not animation friendly.

This may be a boring bit of not being creative, however, remeshing, I like it and to get it right and some learning too that has been added.

Also, after I had projected the details, I had to go back and refine the details of the characters hair and face, this was because I had a little extra resolution to work with and lost some in other areas. 

After that,  I’m going to paint the character to see how it looks like and to play around with the tools. Then,  I’m going to UV unwrap it….. this can be long and boring and none creative, however, I like it and see what is thrown at me. I may not be the greatest detective of fixing problems, but, I will do my uttermost best.

I really hope that the next model does not take this long. On the next character I want to spend a day or two sculpting, a day of projecting detail and sorting out UV’S, a half or a full day of fixing and refining detail.

Then texturing for a day or two. Actually, I want to spend a week of making a character.   Challenge accepted I trust myself.

11th May 2017 

Not being happy with the auto topology of yesterday as I was getting a high polycount when creating the low poly mesh and for games, high poly is not great, so, I decided to give it a try myself.

Started in this and well it was a bit of a false start.  I was kind of doing it wrong and spent more time fixing the mesh as loops and the topology was not correct.

So I cancelled, deleted and restarted from scratch, this time using mesh reference images and this time following the reference closely. I have never been the best at retopology and got a little rusty and I want to rectify that over the next few models I make for LND. This is the longest part I think, as I’ve never had used the manual topology tool in Zbrush and there is always the first time.

 This time I got somewhere, not fully finished and still also a few janky bits.

13th May 2017 

Out with the old and restart again, there is that fine line of shall I fix it and spend all day getting frustrated or restart and spend all day getting frustrated, but with a little more knowledge with topology and this time to do it better. I had to work smartly with loops and hide poles, them and make them properly so that the face would deform correctly.

Started with loops and sticking to quads

 Bit by bit I was getting there and perhaps getting better.

Ok, I think this is better, I am not going to start again from scratch again until a new model.

Mesh is a little dense, but the focus was getting the loops right and I am happier that they are better. Cleanup and optimisation can be done after I have got the ears to finished.

Then after that, I can move on and paint it, oh wait, I got to do the UV map.

The topology tool is either missing features or I have not found them. I have found it to be good, it just needs a couple more stuff when creating topology.

Some further work on the ear and finished, for now,  a few triangles have appeared, I wanted to avoid the, however,  a couple in the ear and the area behind the eye,  I will leave them and I do not need to worry about as they are in hidden areas, and will not deform for amination.

Next day is fixing and refining the mesh, some of the areas still need more resolution added, especially to the eyebrow as it looks sharp and needs a little gentle curve. Other areas need to be reduced like the back and top of the head.

14th May 2017 

Done some more retopology. happy with that now, I got my loops and hoops.  I have to do reduce some of the edge loops on the side of the side of the head, you can see a cluster of edge loops, going down the cheek oh head, you can see them on the profile view of the head.

This is the high poly version of the mesh.

Playing around with the tools has been fun, I have a better understanding of it now, not a master, but, you know, I’ve done well.  Today has been a slow day of learning and watching video tutorials on some of the tools and how to use them. I also ran out of steam on my work,  I just need a break from it today and do something else which will help me to recover, played Fallout 4. After the break, I will jump back on Monday morning.

15th May 2017

Today, I jumped into poly painting and made big strides.  Initially, it took a bit of momentum getting the hang of it

Shirt turntable

Looking good, that lighting is weird.


And full body turntable and sorted out the lighting.


Another head turntable. I have missed out on the spots, on the next pass I shall work to add them in, paint the teeth, tongue and buttons. I must do the buttons on the shirt.

A day’s worth of work, not bad, I’m sure I can do better when I do the next model, honestly, it was a process of learning the plot paint tool and its functions. Smartly using the cavity mask, along with the slopes and peaks mask to help paint the textures dark areas quickly and smartly.  Then I got to bake the textures of the character to the low poly and before that, I will need to do that UV map.

Once that is done, I shall move on to the next character.  Probably the vampire. My aim is to get that character done in a week, that is the modelling, poly painting, retopology.

I think the retopology will take no more than a day because the zombie head took three attempts spread over three days, three days of learning and messing up and restarting from scratch.


17th May 2017

Refined and painted the character today, And much happier with the second pass of the texture, especially on the face and shirt, additionally made some refinement on the eyes, I Redid the hair again, Not fully happy with it.

Next step is the buttons and the teeth. The teeth look pretty don’t they?

The teeth were done quick, I used JH toothbrush insert multi mesh, the low poly mesh was used as a base to sculpt new teeth and reshape the gums, then painted the teeth and gums. Again, they look pretty don’t they?

Time was I think this was about half hour of work or slightly less I would normally make the teeth from scratch, however, time is not on my side and I wanted to work smart to get the job done.

Here is the low poly mesh of the zombie, now, before you say anything it’s not low poly yet, yeah you’re right, it’s about 32,000 polys…. that is way too high for a game especially for a mobile, tablet device, will cause performance issues and it is a waste, I need to optimise down to 5,000, if not even less and without it losing its form. the plus side also is when it is a lower polycount per character, it can be shared with other characters models and assets in the game.

There is a significant amount of wasted polygons that are hidden in the parts of the mesh, the hair, the arms hiding under the shirt, belt and eyes.

Some visible areas of the mesh are dense that need to be optimised and cleaned up, like the hair, the end of the trousers, belt, belt loops, shoes, some detail on the face and especially the shirt, that is very dense. Also, not to forget, there is a tongue and currently, its polycount is a little high, so I need to optimise that and make it mobile and tablet device friendly.

What I have to keep in mind is that the characters back, legs and shoes are is not going to be seen as much in the game as the face, chest, arms and hands, so I will need to keep the poly count high for the face, chest, arms and hands as they are going to be seen a lot in the game and keep the other parts low as they will not be seen much seen in game.

He looks startled as I do that he is finished, I  redid the hair colour,  worked on the spots and  I’m much happier with it now,  the hair is still lumpy and the next hair I do  I am to make a better version. I worked on the eyes a little and made the pupil area concave and I need to add an outer eye with gloss, which it didn’t have before. I am in two minds if I should do eyelashes for the character, I am going to think about that, I don’t think he needs them.

Full body view, done some work on the trousers and shoes. I am still not sold on those shoes, however, I am going to leave them.  Worked more on the shirt, added buttons refined the stains and dirt, yeah, that is a bit of a gross shirt, I probably can add more stains.

Had some fun, manipulating the face around and sticking out the tongue, why not, I couldn’t resist.


Before the next render I increased the size of the teeth, now they fill the mouth better for the character. Then for fun, made a better render of the Zombie’s head. He looks a little scary with that expression.

A little creepy grin, smug,

For now, the character is finished and I am happy with it. I shall move onto the next character, I may end up coming back to this one later and tinker with the textures a little. I still got to retopologize the rest of his body, I will get around to that over the next couple days and when I have a break from sculpting.

From concept to 3d sculpt, I’m pretty chuffed how it has turned out, I look forward to the next character, the vampire. The challenge is to get the vampire sculpted and textured in a week. Two days of sculpting, a day and a half poly painting and a day of retopology.

Had a bit of a flashback to my honour project. Had I stuck to zbrush tutorials and not got scared off, I would have finished the project quite quickly rather than suffer hours on the project to my stupidity, however that was a learning curve,   ahh well. You know, sometime in future I will do the characters again and see how much I have gotten better.

Tata for now.

Late Night Diner Environment modelling Part 8 – Formally: Science Fiction Environment to

Hello all, you know, I do keep meaning to post at least once a week, however, I get focused on the work and need to it done,  I will keep trying post as often as possible and not I will end up doing big posts like this one.  Enjoy the ramblings.

12 April 2017 

Jumped into the kitchen and onto the textures for the Diner.

It was a day of making things dirtier and also breaking up the silver.

The kitchen wall was scuffed up with grime to the edges,  as I had a Normal map for the wall, damage marks, indents, just very light, simple wear and tear, I may do another session with the wall, as the grim looks too uniform.

Then went to work on the cupboards, when I went back to its textures, they were really ugly, glad I went back and reworked it. I went through a couple of colour tests, went with blue and red, I eventually chose red, as it worked better in the environment.

It’s working better now,  before when it was plain and it looked bad. Now, it’s working, it’s working!

My attention was next on the fridge and decided to add the red colour from the cupboards and I liked the result,  I did try blue and again, I stuck to red.

Looking better and better.

Made the work surfaces dirtier and added some grime and reduce the shine. I did like the shiny look.

The fridge now has an emissive map added to it and at the bottom of it too, just not visible in these shots. I’m thinking of adding stuff to the fridge door, like a note of some sorts.

The rest of kitchen have been made a little dirty, grimy, the Ladles need a second pass, they don’t look great.

The dishwasher and sink sorted out.

Expanded the props, actually just duplicated some, I may do another prop smaller bottle of soap.

Things look much better with the added colour of red, perhaps in a kitchen, it may be the wrong colour, or it probably is the right colour for this place.

I think I am going to make some more box packaging as I have the space on the texture for more weird supplies, going to think about it.

The Mop and bucket have been done and UV has been unwrapped, it should take me an hour or a bit to texture it in morning.

The next step is to redo some of the textures that I had an awful pixelation issue when imported from illustrator to photoshop and as that has been resolved, I can do that next.  I got spare space on some of the textures that need to be filled with more textures.

My aim for the project was to create a low poly modular game environment, both outside and inside, additionally, with props and all with textured materials for Late Night Diner game and in my style, I didn’t want to make it too realistic.  It has been a long process, I didn’t realise how much I had to do and it had been a lot if work… God knows how many props I have made, I actually need to count them. Counted them, about two hundred and sixty.

I did accomplish a greater understanding with texture maps, which was one of the things I wanted to achieve, still more to learn about them and I can progress confidently.

Going forward, I would like to do more environment, props modelling and texturing,  as I have enjoyed the process. I want to push my skill up with the texturing skills on the next project.  I want to do more with Normal maps, I want to to be smarter with them and try to use less of them while trying not to waste them as much I had done with some of the props.

Work more with high poly to low poly baking when creating certain props,  I had done some models to some success on the project and I want to do more.

My next step is to create the characters from the illustrations I have of them. Do this in Zbrush and keep to my illustrative style.

13 April 2017 

Mop and bucket and day,  sexy mop and bucket incoming pictures. Dirty, nasty and well, I do not want to touch the mop and bucket.

I may give the texture another pass, make it the edges dirtier.

 I like that.

Another mop and bucket, now a pipe, where is this pipe going? Not sure if I am going to keep it in.

HAM HAM HAM, PREMIUM FULLY COOKED HAM, I should add text saying;  Ready sliced.

Filling up those texture spaces.

Reused an image of a steak, changed some detail and adjusted the colour.


Dishwashing rack created some detail in the Normal map now the dishwasher rack, looks like a dishwasher rack.

There are days when I tear through work and get things done like the restroom that was a couple of days if work, today, not that day, it was a bit of a slow day, I think I lost a bit of steam for the day after I finished the Mop and bucket textures. The Mop and bucket textures were done quickly, an hour of texturing and another refining the textures.

I know I’m slowly getting to the finish line with the project and there are some days are leaps and bound of progress,  while other days, they are slow and painful, not actually painful, just urgh, come move. Ultimately, I know that I am getting closer to the end with the project.

I’m considering is export the textures out as PNG instead of TGA for memory size as some items don’t need to have large texture maps sizes and with the texture map sizes, they can be taken down from 1024 to 512, the next step I’m going to do a bit of testing of it,  now, I’m off to have a day off.

 16th April 2017 

Modelled a low poly skull, took me a bit of time, I honestly forgot how to model a low poly skull, my art skills decided to have some time off and glad that it came back

Then made the goblets for the blood shakes. Scaled them to the same size and dropped the props into the environment.

Unwrapped and added some base textures, blood shake glasses for the vampire. Some work on these will eventually make them look good.

Next time I come back to them I want to work on the skull texture and make the bone texture.

The kitchen fridge full of more stock

Now the dishwasher area looks much better and I am happier populated with the rest of the props.

The stock on top of the fridge, ready fried chicken in boxes, cheese slices, all ready for cooking.  I am sure it is health and safety problem with the fridge stacked up with boxes on top.

The texture for the boxes need a bit of on dirt and damage added to the box, also the books, I have really do need another pass, however, I am so nearly close to calling this done. I have a few more textures to rework and update on some of the meshes. The doorway mesh still does look great.

Nearly done.

22 April 2017

A bit of a week crazy week, with appointments and other personal matters, they had to be done additionally a little bit of a hiccup with software that needs to be fixed and once that is done,  I shall be back on the case with the Diner.


Jumped onto creating the characters orthographically, now as I’m going to create the characters in Zbrush I had to create 2D illustrations of them, mainly to figure them out of how they looked side on, also, I’ve never drawn the characters side on with a body. I wanted to get that out the way, especially with the alien single eye, that really did me in as I had to figure that out with reference images of cyclops.

Taken me a couple of days to get into the swing with Photoshop and character art.

Now, the characters look ok, however,  they will need iteration.

Those grey figures there, I put them there for this reason,  for the last half hour of work, I took a page out of Robotpencil work pipeline and created the silhouettes of the characters.


I normally would sketch out in line work, create a rough frame to work from, however, this would take a little longer and it would be messy. With the lasso tool, it’s much looser, quicker and cleaner. It is quicker to iterate and not worry about proper proportions and with those three grey sketches took me no time at all, twenty minutes and the other ten minutes was faffing around with the tool.

I may try a little more on Monday with the characters for the Diner.

After I I have all three drawn up, I’m going to sculpt them.

 24th April 2017

Illustrations were done, for now, I am happy with them, their side views look strange to me.

As I did each character I got faster making them, the lasso tool did the job much quicker.

I’m tempted to do one more character tomorrow.  See if I can do another one by lunch time.

These guys would be my first iteration, If I had time, I would iterate on the characters, as the first ones are a start. Each of them has a problem, the vampire does not biker enough to me, it’s the Fonz. The alien suit I don’t like very much, especially the vent on the side.  The zombie is a little plain, he needs stains.

However as I don’t have the luxury of time and I know what characters I want, I shall sculpt them and play around with them there.

You know,  I don’t think I’ll ever do orthographic like this again, I may do more quarter turns of characters instead, drawing them flat, does not work for me.

24th April 2017

Started on the Diner Owner artwork, as I I worked on the first character version I gave up and restarted the head, as it was not what was in my mind’s eye. Then, made the second version and was much happier with this iteration, I think the problem with the first one was that it was going towards realism and I am glad I restarted.

Today, I made sure I use the loop tool for practice and for fun, had a much better time making the character, quickly and cleanly.

Then eventually the Diner Owner was done, I like what I’ve done, although I am not happy with that Apron, however, overall I have the character out.

On the back of my mind and I think I may have mentioned this before, I could carry on and make concept iterations of the characters, however, I have a deadline to meet, that’s not the end of the world, I could do some improvements while sculpting the characters.

I think on the back of the diner owner character, needs a little bit of work,  I lost some steam while working and I blame a bit of fatigue… Tip; Make sure you get some rest and time away from work.  That apron is not good!  I am not happy with it, it looks janky and  I want to fix it. Perhaps I will sneak some sort of update to it and look at the character I may do something with his head in the profile, his chin and the back of his skull are flat.

Other things on my mind, I got to create the Diner staff member that is the player character.

I got one additional monster to create, well I got a whole batch of them. This one I will have to make time for the concept as I’ve not created it before.

26th April 2017

Started on the Female Mummy, had to collect some reference material for this.  I think this has been the toughest one.  Firstly, looking for reference images I two things crop up. One, generic looking mummy clip art, dear lord there is an overwhelming amount of them and secondly, sexy Halloween mummy costumes…. oh dear.

After looking high and low found some and collated them onto a reference board on Pinterest.  Then started to create the character, however, I encountered an issue this character didn’t sing to me as the others did, I think this is for a couple of reasons,  the previous characters concepts have been gestating for a long time on my mind. This one was new and as not singing to me yet, what a weird way to explain things. In other words and  not being arty about it, I was trying to work out the character,  took myself away from the PC to get away from any distractions, I  played some music on my headset and sketched the character out, from there once I had an image of the character forming and I was happy, I  moved onto PC to work on it further.

Dived into to creating a character with edge loop tools in Photoshop and started to get somewhere with it. At the moment it looks a little wrong to me, I need to check proportions and area on arm and shoulders, then fix.

Some more work and I have a face that I like and one eye is bigger, I may keep it or make it symmetrical.

Was not happy with the feet, so made changes to feet and now toes can be see.

The should and arms are wrong, I need to fix them. Just looked at the reference images and yep, need to fix the arms and shoulders.

The hands need a redo too, they are a bit wee too small and I should do them similar to the toes.

The headdress needs a bit of a rethink and some iterations, I’m not happy with it. Going to focus and fix this tomorrow and have the character done and dusted by the end of the day.

27th April 2017 

The work continues apace. Yesterday I got bogged down with the character concept, for now,  I am finished, well actually not a hundred percent finished. Fixed the propitiation of the characters arms and shoulders and happy to say a big improvement.

She got taller, I’m going to keep that,  I mean they seceded of God’s.

Fixed the eyes, I prefer them to be the same size.

Started to make variations to the headdress and I didn’t like what was being done and went back the original one, glad I did, played with scale, made it symmetrical.

Made another attempt with the hands, much better this time around. The waist cloth still needs work, I got stuck with it, back to look at some reference images for that, I may give her more of a dress from the wrapping cloth.


The character is better solidified in my mind’s eye. My next step is to refine her headdress, I may make it a little aged with the damaged areas with missing gems.

The side view of the headdress, that was a bit

I will need to make a better dress, work on the jewellery as she is royalty she needs the gold to show off.

Got additional information on the character, I have to make a human version of the Queen, this is because the Queen will turn from undead Queen to living Queen.  Totally forgot about that little detail for ages.

Once I finish the Mummy characters artwork, I’m going to sculpt one of them from start to finish and texture them too.

Another matter, I want to move stop doing line work when photoshopping the characters, it’s taking me longer than usual.

29th April 2017  

Fixed up the Mummy, created a human face and made a start on the back of the headdress, my time was short as I had to go out.

I got bogged down today with the character, I blame tiredness of a hectic weekend,  I started on the face again and reworked the eyes and lips, I was never happy with the result of the human face, by the time I got to the third one. Added more detail the character’s body. I was getting happier with it. My time was spent collecting reference material on Pinterest for the other characters in the game.

Spent my other time writing up new and updating character bios, building and a little world building of the Diner and its world, pretty happy with that. I won’t write about it here, now, perhaps in the future.

Still, on track with the work, I am going to start to sculpt the characters and I will start with the Zombie or the Diner owner have not fully made up my mind going to take me a short while to get back into the swing of things and on the side, clean up some environment textures.

1st May 2017 

A little bit of texturing I gave another iteration on some of the books as they need the work and some of the books need their emissive maps turned down. Going to go back on this at the end of the week.


Adding gold leaf strips, decals does help the books. Going to do a few more of them. But that will be at the end of the week.

Opened up Zbrush and this is where I left it with my own character.  Contract work really did take my time and the environment work I had done.


Nether the less I dived back in, it’s going to take me a day or two get back into with the tools and shortcuts, annoyingly I’ve forgotten where the shortcuts are, tip, don’t leave long gaps, very bad. Once the characters are done I’m going to finish the Baron.

Started on the head, as I always do when I blocked out the head and get some sort of form done.


Built the body with Zspheres, it’s how I started with the Baron a sculpt, it’s  so much easier and quicker workflow for me.

Once that was done, turned the Zspheres into a mesh for me to sculpt with. Afternoon bit of work, it’s OK.  Made a base short and trousers.

The morning and some of the afternoon was a  little texturing of props and relearning where the shortcut where for the software I’ll be back in the rhythm, hopefully by the end of the week, I shall have a zombie.


3rd May 2017

Progress on the Zombie worked on the head and still not finished with it, I think the next bit for me is to focus on the head and get it right and before I move onto the body of character as it is important, I really want to get it right.

The shape of the head is just not right, the jaw does not look like the illustration.


Checking and comparing with original head illustration, eyes and ears are lower, the nose is not the same place, I got time to sort those and a few other details out.

The next progress update should have the sculpt be closer to the illustration version if the head.

So, I didn’t stay away too long and edited the face closer to the illustration, better still needs more work on the eye sockets on with hair and mouth.

I got to say taking 2D art into 3D art is fun and tricky. Fun,  because I enjoy it, tricky because you think you have it, but bits of the face end up being off and to male sure that you check with the source image. One thing I must do is not do high detail to his skin. It’s supposed to be a little cartoon like and not realistic.

Some parts of the body done.  I really need to sort out his legs, they look wrong.  Going to be working on this further tomorrow

Get the head looking right and sort out the body of the character, even the posture, he’s  leaning forward.
4th May 2017 

Focused on the head today and really gave it a work over and I am happy with the result of work.  From yesterday to today,  I made it look better and closer to the original  2D artwork. I kept the eyebrows simple,  I may do something about them, as in add some detail to eyebrows, however, for now, I  shall leave it as it is.

The next step was to work on the hair, happy with the progress, I think I made two starts to it and I did not like them, I prefer this, but, it still needs work, as looks a little janky, a little lumpy,  got to make it smoothed out.

There is more to do with the head of the character,  I will have to redo the mesh the head to a higher resolution and polish and clean it to its final state, for now, I will move onto the other parts of the body and get them down.

Worked on the hands a little, not going to do the upper arm, as that is going to be hidden under the shirt. Woo, lookie here, Arms, with nobody. I did encounter a problem with the hands, I could not get the resolution higher, even when I applied it carefully. It turns out that the scale was wrong, the character was tiny, that was quickly fixed.

After the hands and arms,  I moved on to the shirt, got folds and the collar sorted,  it doesn’t look just quite right yet,  a bit more time to fix it should help to make it look more like a shirt.

The last thing I did was to amend the trousers, I have made them longer as the previous version was looking a little short, tomorrow I am going to focus on the trousers, shoes and then back to the shirt, I am going to block out a belt.

The zombie is still leaning forward and the centre balance is off,  I have to fix that soon, should be no problem.


The thing I noticed was the Zombie’s head in the illustration, the head was bigger than his body,  the sculpt did not reflect that, I will have to increase the size of the head a little.

So far I am happy with the progress as a whole, it would be good to have a fully finished first pass on the character before the end of the week and when I get back to it next week, I want to finish it in a day.


5th May 2017

Nearly finished, focused on the shirt, trousers and shoes.

Those shoes took a little too long, just forgot about a couple of tools and how to go about it, the tools I forgot about the crease tool, it helps to reinforce the corners on the mesh to keep the hard edges when smoothing. Finding it helped me to get the shoes done and sorted. There was another tool, I can’t  remember what it was called.

Worked on the trouser creases and avoid making it realistic, I think I avoided it,  there are some lumpy bits left, that I need to get polished, however, I am pretty happy either result.

The shirt and pocket are done, I’m happier with it.  The pocket was a challenge, after sculpting  I had to get the pocket onto the shirt. Problem was that the shirt surface was not flat, used a tool called Push to Form which shaped the pocket to the shirt, took a couple of tries, but now done, phew damn good tool


Just like the trousers, it needs more refinement and I need to look at some reference images.

A day or two of additional work is needed to sort out the belt and buckle and add the belt loops, then some cleaning and polishing.

Almost forgot, I got to roughen up the shirt with tears, cuts and holes.  especially one of the sleeves, that needs work.

I think the lumpy bits can be removed by redoing meshing the model at a higher resolution.

8th May 2017 

Progress today, After a frightful start, my PC was not working… it was left on all weekend and I swear I switched it off. After sorting it out, I sweat it was about an hour or so the fear of please work.

Head turntable, sorted out the hair further,

body turntable, The sleeve was sorted out and cleaning and refining the shirt and trousers.

I know you like hands, so here is a hand, a bit more detail work added to the hand, I may do some further work on the hands, age them a little.

Despite the fear from this morning with my PC,  things are kind of on track, I think. The next thing is to continue to sculpt the characters. I still got to do a couple of things to this character model mainly I have to add a cavity to the inside of the mouth, as well as teeth and gums. I’m also going to paint the zombie, to have a give it a look.  But first I must do the mouth.  Not to forget,  I got to sort out environment sometime this week or the end of the week.

Late Night Diner Environment modelling Part 7 – Formally: Science Fiction Environment to

More ramblings.
1st April 2017
Hello, back again, I made a list of things I had to be done and I ended up doing them. Lists are good to focus on things that need to get done.
3d model
  • Kitchen tools
    • Knife set – Done
    • Pots and Pans – Done
    • Ladles – Done
    • Chopping board – Done
    • Washing up liquid – Done
    • Veg Box – Done
  • Condiments area – done
  • Cash counter – Done
  • Entrance to sort out
  • Sandwiches  – Done
  • Sort out textures for props, plates, forks. Done
2nd April 2017
Sandwich day, honestly, I had an itch to make a sandwich for Sunday, got it modelled and textured, one texture map I added Bacon, Ham, Sausage, Cheese, Tomato, Gherkin, Lettuce and Bread all on the same texture sheet and I got space for a couple sandwich other fillers.
Pretty happy with the result, a couple of issue with the seems.
Then, I could not resist I added some mould to the bread. This Sandwich is definitely not good for human consumption.
The Sandwich on the counter looks deadly to eat, however, not for aliens, they eat almost anything
Side note, I had to fix the mesh colliding that was colliding into each other,  you can see the tomato sticking out of the bread.
Sandwich tower sorted, don’t eat anything bigger than your head.
That protector box is now full, it is done 😃
Out of the box view, there is some mesh clash with some of the sandwich props, I may fix that later, however, for now, I can get away with it and it is not important.
View from the other side of the sandwich.
The sandwich tower again, looking better after the clashing meshes were sorted out. I will come back and work a little more on the texture, may make the texture a little more cartoony.
Started on the chopping boards and delivery box, the chopping boards were done quickly, due to them being simple box shaped.  Made a start on the cardboard delivery box, need to add some further details to it, perhaps branding, however, I will have an update tomorrow.
Yeah, I’m  impressed with the chopping boards, I can do more with them, I may leave them like that.
There is something I got to be careful about going down the rabbit hole,  things never seem to end with the props and I got to stop, I should really focus,  I should really give the kitchen counter textures the second pass, as they need to be worked on and that will be on the next up. This time I am going to do the entrance area, I have to, it is way overdue.
3rd April 2017
Dammit, I didn’t do the entrance area again, I promised myself and forgot, I got stuck into the kitchen area on the project.
Full steam ahead. Made them knife sets for the kitchen. Simple mesh, they all share the same handle and three of the blade share the same texture space, not, exciting, however, if I can be smart about the textures use, I can reduce wasted textures and I’m happy about that as I still use the space for more items.
On a side note, the Ladles do not look quite right, I’m going to play around with the textures to fix them.
After working on Albedo, roughness and gloss map, knife set, looks like knives. There is a temptation to add a normal map, however, on second thoughts I am going to resist.
The reflection is doing that metal gear solid five flash thing, well sort of.
Made a start on the box.
The kitchen ovens, cookers, counters and sink really did need a revisit, pretty glad I did.
Cleaned up the textures and make them less busy. Much happier with the newer versions.
I may play around with textures for the sink as it needs a little bit of detail.
The sink area looks empty, I may need to build a drying rack, add clean and dirty dishes. I have space on the texture for some dirty and clean water texture.
Some of the texture props in the kitchen still look busy and messy, I will amend them on another visit and further them.
A little bit too reflective and may play around with the roughness to break the reflectivity.
Look much better as a kitchen.
Some moody shots, also I forgot to take a picture of the box branding.
Going to give the pumpkin head a second go over, I like what I have, just need a bit more fire to the pumpkin.
I like the bottom two images below. The kitchen is looking like a kitchen now, honestly, I do not know what the fuss was all about.  There are a couple of areas to work on, like the shelves and kitchen window frame.

Having props in the scene makes a difference to the environment, I think my problem when I first was building the environment that it looked empty and I had to try and fill it up with props.
I shouldn’t do that, I should focus building the environment, then once that is sorted out and it works, then move onto props and fill the space.

My next visit is to finish the kitchen, finish the refining of the textures. Work the corner of the sink and do some other props like a drying rack,  washing up liquid and a few other things that don’t spring to mind.  I still have texture space in a few texture maps that need optimising and filling like the plates.
Tata for now.
5th April 2017
Guess what, I didn’t do the front entrance to the Diner, I promised myself that and then I saw the sink,  I had to resume work on the kitchen. The sink in the corner of the kitchen annoyed me and I had to do something about it.
First was the dishwasher, the 3d model was already made and left a while back, originally, the corner space of the sink was for the dishwasher. As the project continued, the empty space stuck out in a bad way. Ideas floated to create a dryer rack with dishes, that didn’t work, it needed a dishwasher.
The dishwasher model was found and reworked to improve it, the previous version was not working anymore. This time the dishwasher door was left open to be able to see inside.  A dishwasher rack was modelled and plastic Jerry cans. I swear to you, I couldn’t resist it.
Dropped the dishwasher asset into the environment. Happy with the look, the only thing that had to be done was to bring the height down to fit in the space.
Added the textures to the dishwasher, now it looks like a Dishwasher….. with a strange glow beneath it.
The Sink surface just looked bland and flat. With the Normal map, a lot can be done.
Added a cleaning cloth and sponge, it looks so much better.
A close look at the sink, so much better and I am a happier about that, although it is a little shiny and I did check with commercial kitchen photo references, they are quite shiny. However, I may bring it down a notch with the settings.
A couple of issues on the mesh to fix at the corner of the sink edges on flat surfaces.
Looking more like a sink area now, the little bits of detail with Normal mapping helps break up the flat surface and make it work, always those little bit,  just help to make it a little more believable.
So more jerry plastic cans. Created one model, then from there, laid out the four UV’S on a single texture map.
Made four different coloured Jerry cans, then made four different brands, witches oil, sun bleach, incubus washing up liquid and star disinfection,  I should have taken a screenshot.
So much happier with the kitchen now. Looks and works like a kitchen to me.
Bejesus, this project has taken a lot of time to do,  it sounds negative, I assure you it is not, the positive far outweighs the negative. I have learned so much from this project and I’m proud of that.  What started out to be something of a small project grew into a larger one, I think secretly I wanted to do all the Diner environment, honestly, it was a challenge and still is, followed with a heck of a lot of problem-solving, which I enjoy. Getting to understand, use to and still learn more about PBR materials, especially going from associates to really getting to know more about Normals map and how well they work.
One thing I’ve figured out while working on the project,  I should be able to do is one material texture for all the kitchen counter tops and cookers, something to try, although not now.
A few of my personal deadlines have been missed due to the expansion of work on the project, other work and being well-being ill a few times… Still, no excuse, I blame myself,  I fix the larger noticeable problems which do need to be fixed, however, I keep seeing smaller things to fix and when will those small problems end and how much down the rabbit hole I must go to finish them, so I should stop as there is something always to fix, I don’t want good enough, what I would like is good.
I want to wrap this up as soon a possible and move on to next project,  when the next environment project starts, I want to take half the time making it, I should be able to. The work is character work. Quixel and substance painter, here I come in full force.
With renewed enthusiasm and focus, I will spend the next few days getting this project finished. Dammit, I’ve typed too much.
8th April 2017 
After a few days of working, done that doorway, I have no idea why in the world it took me that long to fix it, but it did.
The Diner on the outside had the roof texture iterated on,  It’s one of the earlier textures I had made on and as I’ve developed on my texturing skills with better knowledge, it needed a bit of tweaking with the shininess. Now it looks improved, I may add noise the Normal map as shinier to give the surface a rougher look.
I’ve also changed the neon lights, before they finished at the doorway, now they go around the building.
Problems with vestibule, the entrance of The Diner, the door frame had to be enlarged and had to redo the UV,  it was too small and gave me gaps between wall and frame, grr.
The other problem I had was the models,  the meshes stuck through each other in the wrong places and not big enough for others, they had to be fixed, for now, it is done.  I am not a hundred percent happy with it, but, I’m going to move on and scratch my head about it and maybe come back to it later.
A friend of mine saw the progress of the project and made a couple of suggestions, they said the tiled floor was too clean and they should be dirtier, grubby and cracked.  So, I worked on the floor of the Diner made it dirtier and broken.
I threw myself in and started to create the cracks in the Normal map, a bit of experimenting, I started to get somewhere after a few funny tries that looked bad. I actually took screenies of them and they have been lost…. grumpy face.
I went to this
Then to this, a bit of tweaking of the gloss map. Not going to touch any more of the floor, it is done.
A shot in the kitchen
Happy with that now.

Played around with more signs.
I encountered a problem with importing vector art from illustrator into photoshop, the art would become terribly pixilated, I expect pixelated art, but, this was worse than my previous imported images, just looked really bad.
You see, my normal workflow is to work in illustrator, create packaging, signs and labels, as it’s vector based and  I’m quicker knocking out the flat coloured shapes. Then once I’m happy with the design, I drop the artwork into photoshop and work on it further by adding dirt, grime and rust.
So back to the problem, I had to resolve it, as it was messing up the workflow and if I couldn’t solve it I would have to change my process. The solution I found was to rasterize the final artwork in illustrator at 300ppi, then copy and paste that into photoshop, the result was a better looking imported image…. phew.
Bacon sign, keep calm and eat bacon, yep I was missing a bacon sign.
The empty restroom, I keep seeing this room and it keeps haunting me. I  think I must do something about it.
The team shot again, I really got to take a picture behind the counter.
More labels added.
After fixing and cleaning the textures in the kitchen, the kitchen looks way too clean and colour wise not much was happening. Need to make it a bit dirtier and used. This would be considered and looks unfinished. So my next step is to add a little dirt and grime to the kitchen surface textures.
And to add, it looks ok,  it looks a little boring because of the overabundance of metallic grey and the plain cupboards are not helping, they really need a texture overhaul and add some colour to break that metallic grey up. I also feel it needs some health and safety stickers.
10th April 2017 
This will not end, the Diner refuses to end. I’m at the point of thinking, this must finish, this is such a big project, lol, oh well, all I can do is work on it to finish the project. I cannot seem to go any faster on this project, perhaps, I will have to play some fast music.
Firstly the Diner seats,  I made some amendments to the texture, with the texture roughness and gloss maps, gave them another go over and they are better. Then the Normal maps were worked on. Again I think this was one of the first textures I worked on and it needed some bit of tweaking.
Without Normal map,
With work done on  Normal mapping.
Makes a huge difference to the look for it, gives it that extra the mesh for the model is the same.
If I had another chance, I would redo the seats differently from scratch, I would have wooden trim panels going around the base and around the top of the seat. Also, I would approach the mesh differently and have a better topology.
however, I am sticking to this one, as like it and  I am calling the seat model done.
Then I moved onto the Restroom, it has been bugging me since I had the space sitting there, I decided to go against what I would normally do and not do it and it would be dropped. But, I went back to it, I would never forgive myself
All the models were already modelled and unwrapped, The toilet model had to have the poly count reduced, it was a tad too high, after that, all I did was drop them into the environment.
Moved them around and added the textures.
For the toilet door sign, I may add a third figure, a monsters silhouette of some sort.
Dropped the walls, as these were already created, I just dropped them in and placed them.
Added the doors and frames, I this time redid the doors, as the previous cubicles doors were horrible, I got space on the texture to add door signs, not sure what I shall do, however, I will think of something.
Set up the textures maps for the Restroom set, they are all on the same text except for the basin and taps.

Texturing continues, things are a little too shiny for my liking.

I started to added dirt and grime to the basin and play around with that.
With further work on the grimed ended it started to get somewhere pleasant. I also experimented with cracks for the glass using normal maps, what I had done was cool Idea, but, I shrunk the cracked glass normal map I created and hey presto, it went all pixelated, I shall sort that out on my next visit.
Further, work on the grimy basins and was happier with it. Additionally, I added some cracks to the basin on the normal map, however, we can see as the image is compressed. Made the mirrors dirtier and less shiny, works much better.
Still, need to refine the paper towel and soap dispensers as the look non-shiny, I will double check that in the next session of work.
I redid the textures for the restroom entrance, it needs more work, I need to add some detail to it.
Going to work more on the toilet textures tomorrow,  use the texture base of the basin and work from there, scuff up the door and door frame then add the bins that I created, I will give another pass for the bin textures, I remember them being a bit too shiny.
There is the toilet in all its untextured glory, I am pretty proud of this model, yeah, I said that, because I remember doing a toilet for another project a few years ago, dear lord that was annoying, it looked awful and I gave up on it and modeled other stuff on the project, This one I like. 😃
The next session is to work on and clean up the textures in the restroom and add a couple more things to the room, as I write this I cannot remember it and I am not near my notes, I want to wrap up the majority of work for the Restroom in the early afternoon and then, move onto the kitchen.  I want to wrap up this project by the end of the week…. famous last words, then export all the meshes out and get them ready for Unity.
11th April 2017 
So today, did a little more work or the restroom, first I jumped onto the toilet….. wait, that sounds wrong, I started on the toilet. That one does not work, I created the texture for the toilet got that out of the way.
The toilet in the restaurant looks weird, I mean a toilet in the main restaurant looks odd, anyhow it will be put into its place.
Toilet added to the cubicle.
Now the sink and the toilet dirty, the rest of the restroom looked a little too clean and made the tiles dirty. It was nice to go back to one of the earliest texture I had done and play with that for a bit, added the grim and dirt to the textures. I was surprised that I managed to do it quickly and liked the first result of it.
Added the bins with the reworked textures, I wanted to get away from Silver and added a couple of framed images.
Over an abundance of images.
Now, as I the restroom was dirty, I had to do something about that and think of why it was dirty. The idea I went with was a sign notify customers why the restroom looks dirty and it is to calm the monsters down as they like dirt and it calms them down.
Will need to come back and sort out the sentence for it and fix it. I think I’ve got an odd sentence to fix.
On the other side of the door, I want to create a toilet sign, this was again I had a simple idea that took off on the first go and I was on a roll with these ideas working. Honestly, the door sign created itself. Pretty chuffed about this design, I really like this how this come to life, even the people looking at the monster.
There is it applied to the door, looks so much better than the previous one I did ages ago.
My stance is with the toilet in the Diner, that toilets are for everyone to use, even if they are a monster, we all need to go to the toilet.
I’ve just noticed that the Normal map on the door frame is inverted, I will need to fix that, damn, this fixing list is getting long, well, it’s not a big list just a few things. One plus side and the bins in the kitchen have turned to red and are slowly breaking up the silver.
The kitchen door I did not post any images of the update I had done to the door, added steel sheets to the lower parts and made it dirtier.

And I shall leave you with this view of the three dirty sinks and unclean mirrors, I got a few things left to do, I would like to sort out the cracks still.

I think most of all the restroom is done, I got a couple of things that I need to finish off for it and call that room finished.  I was asked to do a mop and a bucket, perhaps I may do that at the end of the day tomorrow, however, I got other textures to go over.
This evening I spotted a  problem with one of the meshes, the texture alignment is slightly off, I am annoyed with myself missing it, I am going to leave it as I have other stuff to finish off on my list and that has been added to the bottom of the list, like the entire Kitchen left to be done.
As said, I shall be working all on the kitchen stuff, that room only and nothing but that room for the next day or two. Going add some dirt and grime, to the walls and the props in there. Wish me luck,  we are almost there, so close to finishing.

Science Fiction Environment to Late Night Diner Part 6

Note: I need to fix the layout, I think there have been changes in WordPress and it has messed things, ahh well, I have to adjust and conform to new changes.

Enjoy my Ramblings. 🙂

16 March 2017

I have returned, getting back on track with the environment.

Getting back into the environment work is getting back into gear. Just been a little slow for a day, however, done a few things, Looked over some of the textures. As the game is supposed to be colourful, the environment had too much metallic grey, I decided to add colour to some areas to break up the metallic silver and make the environment, like making the kitchen door red.  Made variations to the cake and worked on the back wall. I prefer this look.

I shall be at top gear soon.
It has been a slow week for me and returning back to the project with fresh eyes and looking at some of the assets especially the counter, I think need some amendments, it looks a little flat, I may need to do more with the Normal map to add extra detail. For example the kitchen door I updated looks so much better and most definitely helps to break up the single colour of wall and door.
Most of today has been collecting more reference materials for specific parts of Dinersĺ. Fixed the size of kitchen service window with all the orders receipts.

As I get into the workflow, today has been creating more Diner assets of food signs, like Pancakes arrows and packaging for food, like boxes and lines for the kitchen and behind the counter. As currently, the kitchen looks empty.
What I’ve noticed in reference images of Diners is that they are cluttered with random restaurant related things, got to find picks. I got to be smart too and not go out of control with assets. I’m going to keep to square and cylinders for packaging for stock.

17th March 2017
So getting back to this, creating packaging for the props, as the diner looks empty. Packaging for supply boxes. Looked at some reference material of vintage boxes.

The counter scene, I still like this area, the colour works, with each update to it, it is looking better. I really want to make changes to the countertop texture.

Closer to the service window, better sized now order receipt, much happier with that and Lee’s Bake beans tin. 😃 Going to play around with little further.

The boxes on the fridge. Colour! Really does help to break up the monotonous metallic silver.
Ceiling needs a rework, it looks ugly and out of place. Going to refer to reference images.

Most definitely going to rework that ceiling and No smoking sign, I have not done that.
20th March 2017
New Ceiling and Trim are done, thank god, it is so much better, the old one did its job, but the more I made improvements ob the environment the less I like the old ceiling.
This was a job on Sunday or a pain day, this all started because somehow I  had moved the verts ever so slightly down, like by a milometer on the ceiling trim and this caused the modular model to drop on one side, could not see it as it was a tiny detail that could not be seen. When the modular parts were put together it slowly took the next piece a little down, so on and so forth, when the connection did its full loop and connected back on itself as a circuit, it was a big drop. What a headache trying to problem solve it, found it, I cursed myself for being an idiot, fixed it, finished creating the ceiling and moved on.

Obligatory shot of team. Those picture frames and food pics need repositioning and some scaling.


More view of the ceiling

Ceiling colour change, I went through a few variations of colours, originally, I was going to keep it grey, but, that looked boring, eventually, I settled for red. The ceiling is a nod to an environment from another game I like the look of, Overwatch. Has an awesome Diner.
Compared to the old ceiling this is so much better looking.



As the ceiling went higher due to ceiling trim, space opened up above the menu boards, normally it would be aww dang it moment and this needs to be fixed with problem-solving,  however, it was a bonus, as this time, I was able to increase the size of Menu boards and bring them down from four to two, now, they look better.

I think I may need to curve the sandwich board as there is a bit of space on the ends of the board, something I need to think about.
The counter has had some work done to it and I am really happy with it, it is nearly finished. The previews counter looked flimsy and dull, it had no weight to it…. really odd way of saying it looked bland. Chunkier works better in this regards with the environment, on my next visit to the counter, I should have it fully finished.

The pictures above and below of the Diner is closer to my mind’s image of it.


I got to say after that weekend of not giving up and sticking with the work, I am really liking the new version of ceiling and counter for Diner, I can finally think it is really is getting there and that it’s getting there.

After the counter is done, the next step is to work on the Diner wall, fix some of the detail and break up the flatness/blandness look of it.
While going over what needs to be done, I spotted a few things that need to have another pass and ideas that ran through my head.

  • There is no, No smoking sign and I need to get one done.
  • The normals for the floor tiles, they need to be sorted out, as there is an inconsistency, All white tiles go up and black tiles go down.
  • Need to fix toilet door, as door handle is off its target.
  • Salt and pepper shakers look a wee bit too small.
  • I got to sort out the entrance doorway to the Diner, as there as some issues with alignments and it needs a little refining.

Reviewing the environment, I got a couple of dead spaces in the Diner. The corner of the entrance to the Diner and the space below the chalkboard.

The temptation is to move the Diner and entrance along one modular wall and add another seating and table to fit in the corner or put a telephone call box.
The other is cash register checkout and waiting space.
The space below the chalkboard may need to have a condiments table as that space is driving me nuts.22nd March 2017

After a day off, I returned with a vengeance, well no, not really, just happy to be back after having an awesome day off, sometimes you need that.
A shot of the crew, again. Today work was on the Diner wall, the Normal map of the floor, created additional posters added to the environment and finishing the counter for now.
Today’s work had small changes, but, I promise, they do look different.
Pics are a little dark with today’s screen captures. The Diner is looking more like a Diner.

Ceiling lights need to be done, I did one, it’s waving at me, reminding me that I am not finished.

That corner space is killing me in the image above and below.


I really got to add lights on the centre ceiling panels. On another note, it so looking like a Diner.


The counter is looking better and I am going to leave it there. I can see a couple of spots that I have to come back to fix later when I’ve figured out how to fix them. I have space on the counter texture map for additional space for extra textures, thinking about it, I may add a different texture for the other side of the counter.


Added more posters to the wall of Diner. Remember what I said about the space next to the door, I need to fill that space, as that is dead space and I’ve not forgotten and today, I wanted to focus on the wall texture to amend and improve it, it’s better, just not fully happy with it. I will come back another time to visit, other parts of the environment need further work.


The posters done in Illustrator, I like them, I am tempted to do more, but I got to focus on kitchen environment and sort out the dead space, as I have the counter texture, I can use that.  It was good to add additional poster art by using up remaining space on the texture sheet.


Tomorrow, going to change a few colours and fix on the flavour dispenser and give another pass on the milkshake maker,
rework the plates.
Salt and pepper shaker resize.
Perhaps make the counter for the corner of the Diner and use the textures I already have.

23rd March 2017

More fixing and sorting.

Firstly something I can do about, that corner piece has been annoying me, you can see the join, so easiest step I could find to do is to look at the normal map and add a fake edge trim, look better in the third one.

Sadly, I can’t keep it, as now on the rest of them models, it repeats too much and it looks bad on the rest, however, I have a way out, I have enough space on the texture map to reposition the corner mesh in the space of texture map or flip it, back of my mind it may not work. But I will still give a try.

The kitchen ceiling looks better in new updated version, it was totally worth redoing it, This time it doesn’t stick out like a saw thumb.

Just a reminder, this is how it looked like.

I must move that picture on the wall it looks lost behind the boxes. 😃

Another obligatory shot of the team.

Took me a long time to get around to it and I have finally done some window blinds, strangely I like this view, I just was doing test shots of the broken blinds.

First, pass on blinds, I got to add some colour and play a little with the blade of the blinds, they are too close together, it just like like a wall, going to try to do something about it.

I have ceiling lights sorted out now, I was going to use the red lamps, but they got a little packed for my liking and I didn’t like that so I stuck in the ceiling lights.

Yeah, I am liking this more and more.

Another view. There is a space on the counter next to the fridge,  it is sticking out to me, I may fill it up with some, or change it, it looks empty. What would a Diner owner do with that empty space? Time to look at some reference material.

This was the start of trying to figure to fill the space. I got a good idea, just need to figure it out, I did not get that far. But I am determined to get something there.

For the condiment and the cashier counters, I reused one of the counter meshes that made earlier and created a few new variations of them. By using the meshes that already have been made the job for this bit was much quicker and easier, it saved the time of redoing and fixing the UV mapping from scratch.

Looks exciting, doesn’t it?
They didn’t work and I am still not a hundred percent happy when they are put into to space, they look clunky and look awkward, space does not want to work, I think it’s the corners, they are too round, I blame them. I am going to look at some reference images for condiments and cashier counters and solve the problem.

24th March 2017

The condiments counter, I do have an awkward space between counters, I think I have the solution for that. I am going add the curved part of from yesterday’s mesh I created. It needs the condiments on there. I’m not sure about the doors in the front, they look a little wide to me.

Another exciting view of the prop, I’m making it exciting for all.

The Welcome counter, it’s one of the meshes from yesterday. I cut into the back of the counter to give more space for someone sitting there. to give space for stool and person to sit at.  As I’m happier with this counter. I’m going to add a cash register, perhaps with a sign saying something, plus a couple of other stuff that does not come to my mind.

There is a temptation to add a divider between the counter and the Diner seat. However, I shall give it a review when done the whole thing.

Can’t help myself and create the rules for the Diner. Places have rules, especially this place, the Diner needs it,.
I have a further list of rules to add to that needs to be a wall poster.

May need to play with the texture size and the text on texture has gotten a squished…. it’s a technical term 🙂  Today was a slow day of work, as I had visitors, a nice welcome break.

27th March 2017

Stuck into the condiments area of the Created the corner part,

Started populated the area with sauces and stuff, although, the cutlery is a little too big.

and created a base for the mayonnaise bottles, need to create the branding and texture it,  these are big bottles, monsters seem to love mayonnaise, don’t you.

Fixed and reduced the size of the giant cutlery, blimey a bit too big. For now, the cutlery looks good and for now,  I shall return to them later to give another pass over. At the moment it is using a texture from another set.

It is getting there and I am much happier with the space being used it is using I may add a bit more to it.

Something I have been thinking about and this is after I have finished the environment,  I’m going to have a look at the texture props for plates, cups and cutlery, I think I have been wasteful with them, I got a few too many, I’m going to combine them into one texture map and optimise them.

27 March 2017

Today has been a weird day for work, I was spaced out and tired, I blame the clocks going forward.
Over the weekend I spoke with my partner and we talked about the 3d versions of the characters for the Diner and was asked why should I not make 3d models of them. Come to think of it, I should do that.

Time for cash Registers, built the model of a cash register, using reference images of course. I wanted to do a retro cash register, with big chunky buttons.

The reference I looked was the  NCR Class 51, I like the colour of the cash register. I start with base colour.

Started on the Normal map, wait, wait it will get better.

I still have space on texture map and I will probably add a bit more detail to the cash register texture and mesh, there is a bit too much space on the mesh, looks a Fisher price toy, this one looks worse.

At the moment, it does not look great, however, I got two options, start a new one and forgot this one, or spend more time on this one and improve it, I may change the shape of the buttons, as they look odd, perhaps make them all square shaped and  it needs more buttons with a branded logo. Still thinking about it, I honestly think I should do another one, this does not look good, it looks weird.
More labels added I got one more sheet of labels to create and still have another one to fill up, I just like these images.

28th March 2017

I went back to the cash register mesh and reworked it, I couldn’t let it go as it was, I really did not like it. The mesh had additional buttons and reshaped, pulled and moved the main body of the cash register and suffice to say, I am happier with it. However, I am glad I did not start from scratch.

Further work was done on the texture and now, it looks better.

The back needs more work, may need to add credit card sign on the back of the cash register.

The keylock front of the cash register keylock is not finished, it makes it look janky. However, that aside, it looks better, much better than yesterday versions.

A couple of fixes and additional work on the normal map is needed, especially on the side parts, there is an edge trim that goes nowhere….. Need to fix that.
Also, I need to add a brand logo on the model, I think this should be finished tomorrow morning.
Close up of the buttons, you can never have too many buttons for refunding and help. The button text would still need another pass, as some are hard to see, I also need to do some work on the receipt.

A little bit more fixing and tweaking to this tomorrow morning and then I shall move on to the next thing in the Diner, maybe something else for the cashier desk or work on the condiments station, maybe even the kitchen.
Made a little moody shot of the Diner with the new item, the picture was not necessary, I just wanted to do it.

28th March 2017

Cleaned it up, fixed some UV, resized the keylock added some extra detail and made the side of the till rounder. Much happier with that. Onto the next thing.

The credit card icons have been added to the Till, yeah much better.

Shrunk the credit card notice, now it fits better with the Till.

Then made a horror film title cover for a bit of a laugh.


Redid the kitchen extractor, much happier with it this time as the previous one was really janky and was sticking out.

Started to model books, why books, recipe books from hell, who’s not going to keep their books of recipes for all tastes.

Dropped the 3d models with a simple texture into the environment, errr, it looks a little garish.

A little bit of work and the books added above the cupboards and iterated on the textures of the books, some more work is need on them.

A higher view of the kitchen with all the books in place, I think. I moved around the cooker and chip fryer, looked like a fire hazard before, now, it’s less of a fire hazard.
The books, I reckon will still need to be moved around and placed.
I’ve started to really enjoy working in Normal maps, that sounds silly I know, it is a powerful texture map to work with and I am probably going to experiment more with it, you can see some results on the kitchen extractor, that little detail makes a lot of difference.

Emissive map added to the book covers, now the gems glow, I may add text add via the emissive map. I still have a normal map to add to to the book covers and that is depending on memory budget, I may or may not that.  I am going to reduce some texture map size to help with the memory.

Not the most exciting shot to leave with, however there it is in all its glory and it is getting there.
Honestly, it is nice to go back and rework and improve some of the assets that really did need to be improved on, as the previous models looked distracting in a bad way. Also, my focus was to be the main entrance of the Diner, well, I will have to do that for next time and stay on focused on that.

I lied, here it is…… It does not look any different, actually, it does, well a little all the salt and pepper shakers were changed, made them chunkier and bigger.

See you next time.


Science Fiction Environment to Late Night Diner Part 5

Here is Part Five,  have been away from the Diner due to book covers and other artwork, now here is last month’s update that I did not post.

10th February 2017 

More work, took a little bit of day off today, had some other work to do. Worked on the branding and a little more for the interior of the Diner.

Happy with labels and branding. I am liking the brand stuff I am creating with the drinks and the evolution of the face, and logo. The face didn’t change much, just evolved. I must not touch that any further, I got two images on the sides of the drinks machine to produce,

Liking the devil look.

Added the posters into the Diner environment.  Screenshots are a little too dark, next batch on another day, I will get sorted.

Looking a little moody, I still see those placeholders on the side of the drinks machine, I really need to get on top of them.

The Specials board with pictures, it’s starting to look a little more interesting. Spelt Frank wrong, oh well.

Happy with the look of getting there.

I really got to fill up that drinks fridge up, also sort out the labels as they have not been created.

One thing that is pestering me is that the Diner counter and part above the counter, really does need another go over, the texture is annoying me and the same as the seats. Not go overboard, just add some little detail.

Ignore the floating bottles, I just noticed them.

Not to forget the view of the customers with the picture frames the background makes a difference to the diner, It doesn’t look empty and boring.

The whole thing is coming together and I am happy about that, I am at the last few hurdles and it just needs a little bit more work to finish the project, and that last bit of work is always the hardest. The artwork needs tweaking and little touches to make it look really good.  I hope that the time I spent on it shows in the final piece through the modelling, texturing and building the environment. Having it look just good is not good enough, I really would like it to look good and be proud of it and that last ten percent is to make the difference.

16 February 2017

Back on the case with work again 😃 This time has been a day of labels.  Going from poster adverts to menus, menu boards and bottle labels, yeah going to rework those milkshakes images. Actually, it was nice being back on Illustrator for a bit, I like doing clean images. I prefer working in illustrator than Photoshop, I think it is the toolset and the vector work I do which makes me like it more.

Right, I have more labels to do the next couple of days, a couple of food posters, Bottle designs.

food labels.jpeg

Today, I also manage to work a few textures, I mainly tried to touch them up or redo them.  Started on the seat textures, the counter and floor, much happier with these versions.

The Diner wall has more stuff on it, I even though it looks crowded, I am liking it and it is coming together.

The Diner Menu has been added to the counter top and  it’s looking really nice,

The Diner menu on the other end of the counter. Looking like Diner more and more.

I really need to fill the fridge selves up.

All the bells and whistles switched on,  like the distant blur, reflections, high-quality shadows.

The chilli sauce branding on the bottle.

 I have to make cake model and sandwich models, the cake protector looks empty and I am going to sort out the drinks machine art, I still have that placeholder art, however, your time is near, I have the doodles for the artwork and I am going to get them sorted.

17 February 2017  

Right, that drinks machine images are being changed.

Sketched out the character doodles and took it into illustrator to start building the characters ups. At the moment they don’t look that, just need some time to iterate and refining a little, they’ll get there.

Testing and checking the image on drinks machine, I think about a day’s worth of work creating the images, working in illustrator and then dropping it into photoshop for final touches.

It looking good and further work is needed, the size of the character proportions need to change a little and need to make the head a little more central.

Finally got rid of the placeholder artwork, I can see the images working on the drinks machine. I got to do the skeleton artwork onto the character using the roughness map, to make it look creepy.

Also, I really need to drop this into a game engine, first Unity and then UDK with those lightmaps!. But that is down the roadway and after everything is finished.

Tomorrow is a day off for me and then back on the job on Saturday with a blog post on Monday.

19th February 2017

Right, it’s official, all placeholder artwork replaced. Took longer than I thought and annoyed me. I will not leave that long again

Happy with what I’ve got now, I am going to leave it for now, I can keep working on them  until I am happy, but, I spent a little too long on them, I blame my ability not to be able to draw faces and lips today, honestly, it was a perpetual day of circling around the undo buttons for errors while I worked on the lips and eyes.  There is some more work to be done on them, again, for now, I must move on.

There is one snag, where the drink machine currently fits, next to the fridge, you cannot see the female illustration, it would be a waste of art if I cannot show it.  so, I am going to reshuffle things around, perhaps swap around with the coffee machine, I’ll figure it out.

One thing is that has played on my mind is that all the kitchen assets look a little plan and in the last few days, I’ve had a chance to look at real kitchen appliances in coffee shops,  bakeries and similar places they have a little extra detail on them. It’s like the coffee machine I made, it has those small bits that make it look a little believable, like the warning stickers and display buttons, I don’t think I am making sense with this, I will do and then share 😃

A bit of a bonus with the images I have created and that it I have three more images for posters for the Diner, the male and female images drinking Quench and then the branding itself.

On hindsight, I really need to build more if environment narrative. There are things missing. As much as it is a working Diner, there is not much sinister to it.

It should be a Diner, but, below the mirage of an

20th February 2017

Worked on the Juke box today. You know,  I’m annoyed. This is my first moan, I want this to finish and edit does not want to finish.  Spent a long day in the Juke box. A day of faffing around with it. Shouldn’t have done that and will not do that, the moan over.

I’m annoyed with the real world, the waste pipe for the sink and dishwasher became loose and there was a slow leak and god knows for how long.

Rant bit over.

Here are pics of Juke box.

Some bits still need refinement and finishing.

21st February 2017

A slow day with a trip to the dentist for check up and plumber came around and fixed the waste pipe swiftly. Still, that in all took fives hours of my day. Now, things are sorted, I can have a day off tomorrow and get back to work.  Got a couple if things, that need to be finished for March. Need to get them out of the way.

23rd February 2017

Small changes, fixes and little details.

Today was to get things done, made some more labels, not happy with the labels as the look, however, it is tempting to go back and rework them. But I must move on.

Drink bottles have been added to the fridge, although, I got to admit, I am not a hundred percent happy with them, the labels don’t work for me.

Created wash your hand’s sign, all done in illustrator,  actually, I like this one, again I may go back to touch things up, however, I shall leave it. 🙂

Started on the rest of the kitchen and to give it an overhaul, I needed to add small details of caution, warning notice signs, plus other details.  It was to help break up the silver in the kitchen, as the kitchen is so overwhelmed by silver and needs work.

It is looking better with the detailing added and it helps so much to break up the silver.  I will have to back over the assets textures as they look a little rough.  The kitchen itself needs more detail and work done to it, I shall get to that after I have finished the rest of environment…. I need to move the vent.

The service window looks better now, filled with tickets, the tickets need to be shrunk down, as they are way too big and move down a shelf as currently, they are too high for the staff.

Close up, I’m happy with that, again, it needs to be tinkered, But so much happier with it, as it looks like it is being used.

Finally, I have made that cake, something that was quick to do, I wish I can do that with the rest of the assets.

 I would like to do more to the cake, I may create a slice taken out of it and I may add another cake that is similar shape but using another colour.

 A few more days on this and I shall be finished. There are things I want to tweak and improve as some older things still look a little rough for me. But, I must resist or otherwise, I’ll go around in a circle and never finish it.

I counted how many 3d assets I’ve created and exported for the project and it is one hundred and seventy…… yep, for me that is a massive amount and that is just the models, not to forget a few of them have not made it into the environment. There is an additional ten that has been dropped, there is perhaps another twenty to be exported and probably another ten waiting to surprise me to create. Sheesh, next time I’m giving myself on the next project a maximum of a hundred assets for the environment and props.

24 February 2017

Had to do some other work for the book cover, however, I forgot to share this with you all 😃 This is the Juke box back door mural.

Had fun doing the concept for these.

My captain inferno poster still needs some work. It’s part of a book cover and going to use it as a poster in my Diner environment.

Even though I have not done Diner stuff, I snuck the poster in. Going to do more to it, for now for something quick, I am happy.

VR Zombie on the side, not for the game, however, this is one of the characters for the book cover that is being finished. Since this is the newest one out of eight and best looking I’m going to spend this weekend tweaking and iterating on the other characters.

I’d like to think I’ve come far with my artwork as this character looks better than the rest. I’m going to make all the others just as good as this one, then will post before and after images of zombies.

I really want to do a good job of the cover over the weekend and once that is done jump back into Diner mode later.

14th March 2017 

Update and I have finished the book cover, it was a while because the projected stopped and I returned to finish it, it is all finished, the amendments have been done, well the ones I spotted and double check everything, I would not be surprised if I add more stuff to it. I will share in the future, perhaps at the end of this month or next month as I will need to put that post together.

Here some of the artwork used in the background as posters and game box covers on the book cover, they are nods to classic games, I am sure you will get them, I shall tell you when I do an update for the book cover.

The artwork above I think it took me a couple of days,  I am sure a couple of them will change a little as the client may say that some bits may look too close to their original counterpart.  Strangely I like them and if I had more time and they were the main focus I would work on them, however, I shall leave them.

For now, I have returned back on to Late Night Diner work, so I shall be posting soon.

Science Fiction Environment to Late Night Diner Part 4

Your eyes don’t deceive you, I had to split the third part into a fourth part, as part three was and still too long, still is too long.

2nd January 2017

Texturing is going full steam ahead,  I don’t like showing half textured stuff early, it looks out of context and it looks sort of wrong, I will hold off from showing stuff yet until I have more of it to show.

Over the next few days of texturing and loads of texturing with more stuff will be textured, and I am finally happy to see that it’s coming together. however, I know that it will be a couple of iterations, I will go back over as some of the metal parts may be a little shiny so I may need to tone it down a little. Also, after the first pass will texturing, I will go back to the ones I started first and improve them.

3rd January 2017

More texturing, started on the clock part over the counter.

Outside view from Diner, not happy with the window frame, however, for now, I shall leave it and get back to it later as I should texture everything. Testing the wall and making sure it aligns correctly.

Looking closer at the window frame, it looks bad, I don’t like it, I have to go back. the colour is off too. I may add some trim to the frame.

The clock and counter top area with the menus, speedily getting there.

Slowly a Diner of some sorts is forming with all these assets, well, sort of, as all the assets are just in the environment and nothing special, I really need to up the game with modelling and texturing I am sure I will get there.
As the Colours in texture map are on separate layers, I can switch colour quickly.

Next day is going to sort out the interior wall of the diner texture and some alignment issues.

4th Jan 2017

Today was a day of trouble and problem solving, you see after I had fixed the alignment of the textures on the UVs of the meshed, a method I do not want to go through again and I would  just start from scratch, it took some time to fix and it didn’t help in any way when the meshes were exported, annoyingly  every time I exported the mesh, some of UV’s on mesh would jump back and had to fix again a couple of times. I was baffled and I had to get around the problem of UV’s moving, a bit of research and found the same problem others had, it was a bug when exporting the meshes as FBX format and the option: triangulate mesh option was ticked. So much grief with something so small, however, it was solved and fixed, I must I have never encountered that problem before, now I know it, I shall be aware of it.

The door frame needs another iteration, as this one looks a bit small and not bulky of the door frame, however, for now, I shall leave it and come back to it later.

Outside view and inside view, it is hard to see the seams and it is looking better now, more work to be done on it,  for now, I shall leave it and more on. The Window frame sizes have been reduced and that looks better, it also needs another iteration, but, I will come back to that later again like the door frame.

More to be done, it does look repetitive, however, it is the basic building block and once I have the other assets built, that repetitiveness will disappear.

A little disorientating to look at and it is a little plain. Next day of texturing should sort that out and needs a little more trim. I had to fix the size, as this one got away from the grid, a bit of amending and it was sorted out. A little bit more of texturing of the ceiling and messing around with lighting, kind of liking how it’s looking, still more to do, however seeing it makes me feel like it’s going to work.

Played around with the lighting to see how it looked, it’s getting there, I am happy, just more work on the project and it will get there.

Waaaay too much bloom on the bottom, I used too much bloom with the emissive map.

After fixing the meshes and doing more texturing, I am glad that the UV’s have been fixed and I can move on. My next step is to continue to texture tone done the realistic look to a cartoon look and go through some reference. I am going to try and steer clear of props and just focus one the building itself as there is much to do and doing props is just faffing around.


5th January 2016 

Doors and door frames, that was the focus of today, sadly my time was a little short due to other commitments. I wanted to get all three done, just got half done, grrr.

Doors shiny, yes, yes in know. I was getting annoyed with sharp edges on my models and wanted to keep the poly low for environment models. So I decided to use normal maps for edge trim and well, it has improved the model’s look considerably, giving it a bit of a nice fake edge. I will try and do that for all the environment assets and props.

There is something I have to be careful of and that is texture map space wastage, I need to make sure that I’m using the lowest amount of texture maps. All the textures are 1024 x1024 there are some at 512×512 and of push comes to shove, I can bring 1024×1024 down to 512×512. My main fear is big texture memory size, so I’m going to size try and keep to a texture memory budget no more than 150 meg, smaller would be good and be smart with my texture maps, I’m going to a try the RGB colour channels for materials.

Currently my 3d asset scene is sitting at 35 meg, some assets are duplicates there at some that are yet to be created mainly the outside red rocks mountains, I’m going to try and cheat with that and use one or two pieces that look different when rotated at different angles and as they will be distant in the scene I hope to get away with it and get away using with low-resolution textures.

So this is it, I have given myself a deadline, I have to finish texturing the environment at the end of January, that is my personal deadline and it has to be done, the core building has to be done inside and out.

All the assets will at least have one art pass over and some refine. I want to get everything textured. I must do three texture assets per day, that sounds a lot, however, my aim is to do the hard one first and leave the easier ones later, then in ten days time I should have at least thirty or more textured and done.

A nice little bloom effect with the emissive map combo.

7th January 2016

The first pass of doors and frames done and with Normal map trim, makes a difference.

Add trim to the Entrance door, and it makes a big improvement to the look.
Door one does not have the trim and the edges of doorframe look flat and sharp. Door two has the normal map trim added and gives the edges fake bevel and looking, the window frame now has trim and looks not as flat. Some of the UV’s are distorted on the windows. Fix later, as I got more work to do.

More work to be done,
Coffee mugs, exciting, isn’t it?. I had to start small and work my way up, build up the base colours of the mug. Then add the logo on top, for now, I shall move on to texturing other assets.

Sorted out the metal support struts for the sign that sits on the tower, I must word it more interestingly.

Side view of the tower and with the emissive side view glowing.

Front view of the building assets. Chunk by chunk the assets are being built and the props are getting there.

I am pretty happy how far it has come with the texturing and it is not complete yet. I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel with this project and I am happy with the progress of it now.

More texture, texture, texture tomorrow.

8th January 2016

Sunday my slow day and a day of rest, I didn’t do much, just textured Diners plates, saucers and cups, all first pass, I wanted to design labels. But I held off, I instead created the block out areas for the labels and placeholder text, with a bit of iteration I will hopefully have something interesting and good looking designs, that will be done after all the other stuff has been finished.

I think I need to do a triage list for which assets to textured first.

For the coming week I want to have fifteen textured objects, twelve would be good, and nine would be last resort. I want to meet my deadline for the end of the month. I really gotta stop with the smaller objects. I am going to finish all the roof objects,

Air vents variations, I think about four variations and the units they are attached too.

Extractor fans.

Electric Pole, that would be a bonus as the others electric poles would be done too.

Then next stuff to do is the kitchen and cookers,

The stuff behind the counter, like drinks freezer, milkshake maker, coffee maker. The cars, OMG, the cars, I got to about ten vehicles. I think I can cheat with them, as they share a lot of parts. So I may get away with that.

There are a few tweaks I want to do, like the Diner entrance doors, they are missing a couple of things, like handles and open and close sign, The toilet door having the toilet logo.

Anything I have to remember, I got loads of UV space that needs to be filled on some texture sheets, I do not want to waste them, so I got to use all the available space.

I can do this.

9th Jan 2016

Finished the last bit of texturing on plates and glass, well, the first part, finished off the milkshake glass.

Extractor fan / Exhaust fan

Ventilation system

Textured with Albedo, Roughness, Normal, Gloss, Still got a few more things to do with the surface of the models, however, I am happy with this, I should experiment with the surface of if the model and make it rough, it’s too smooth for me. There are a couple of areas of the props have stretched in some of the UV’s, for now, they are fine and I can get away with them and I am not going to worry about that as I have so much other stuff to texture.

Side not, I am getting faster and confident with texturing and understanding it more.

Next step, telephone pole and they are done. I think they are slightly too tall.

Just keep texturing, keep going.

I may end the week start building the environment in Marmoset. but I got that quota to fill up.

Here we go, imported another mesh and building aspects building part by part and checking them assets.

Moving around and placing objects is nice and fun, however, I have to resist the urge building and faffing around. My focus is to stay on the texturing and get it done.

Next to get textured are the assets in the Diner customer service area……oh dear, something went wrong and well, it seems I made a boo, boo, the air vent fans textures have been lost, well, I did it by copying from backup folder to the main folder, so I lost the textures for the air vents, normally I would be fuming and pretty pissed off, I could have lost more and maybe I have, I will do damage control on that, by the looks of it, I lost a little time, I’m just glad I didn’t lose the textures for the Telephone pole, I like what I’ve done so far with that one. Been a day three steps forward and one step forward.

For now, I am going to have tomorrow off and have a break, I don’t want to burn myself out, then resume the work on Wednesday.

12 Jan 2016

After a bit of a day off and a my machine not working properly, then again it was playing up today, I had to get it resolved and sorted, now, it has put me back a day……. dammit, losing a couple of textures didn’t help either , I got to get back on track.

Right, let’s see how we got ourselves back on track with the work.

Those air vents are done, again. They look plain and not shiny, I can assure you, it does have a shiny surface.

see, shiny, shiny. It didn’t take long to sort out the vents, I fixed the UV by reducing the stretching of the textures, that has made me happy.

These textured new ones look better, I want to tweak them further, however, for now, they are done and I can come back to them another time, right now, I got more texturing to do, time to move on.
Started on the drinks dispenser, the images are not mine and just wanted use placeholder art for the time being to help build the dispenser. As I was worked on I experimented with the textures, on the face of the male character in the background you can see his face a little too pale, on the roughness map, I painted a skull and skeleton, so when the light hits it you can see a glint., got me thinking.
If this diner is serving monsters and humans at the same time, why not have some monster things hidden among the ordinary stuff.

Quinch your thirst, I did, for now, it is just a placeholder, dammit!, I spelt quench wrong, I need to sort that out.

To me, it has slowly started to look like a game.These shots were at different intervals in the day, and I like the composition and lighting of them. Want to get the drink dispenser finished by creating my own art for it, to replace the images on the side, more monster cartoons.

Todays texturing was the Air vents redone, the chest of draws, preparation area and the wall vent. Which both are hidden, I will have to take a snapshot of those.

Ok, so I got two days left for to hit my quota, I’ve done nine in total, I have not counted the air vents twice, if I had not had the problem with PC, I probably would be on twelve. I got two days left, so I wish to produce eight textured items.

I want to work on the milkshake machine, coffee machine, coffee jug, drinks fridge, finish the drinks dispenser.

I got five there, it would be good to get them done by the end of tomorrow.

13th January 2016

Made a good start and here is the work in progress of the assets, from the Milkshake maker, the blood flavour dispenser and the coffee maker.

Here are the finished assets, pretty happy with them, got carried away with the milkshake maker.

Created placeholder labels for the drinks dispense machine. It was a cool start, Need to go somewhere with these drink labels perhaps make them scary sounding names, or monster related names. I will have to do some work on that and for now and replace the images on the side of the drinks dispenser.

I think creating the labels and other 2d artwork for games menus, framed pictures, diners branding, I am going to be able to bring the feel of my strong art style into the game and make it feel closer to the original game.

A total of twelve models have been textured, Past my minimum of nine and past twelve textured model, it looks like my target of fifteen is going to be doable by Saturday evening, I am not taking into account of my day off, as that was my rest day, however, if on the following day my PC behaved and threw my off that day, I think I would’ve hit fifteen today and with a day in hand I would have reached seventeen, however, I am going to achieve tomorrow’s target.

Tomorrow, I dive into finish more texturing and get three more models done, I am going to do the Drinks fridge, Diner shelves, tissue dispenser, any other stuff in the counter area that has to be done.  The, check the kitchen wall and perhaps change the colour of the kitchen floor. Right, let us get some rest and we shall be back the project tomorrow.

14th January 2016

Hit fifteen textured objects. Done the shelf the pot and the paper dispenser. A bit of scrappy day, started late, you know as it was Saturday, shopping was required, needed provisions and a walk. Checked the kitchen wall, I don’t need to do anything to it for now.

The paper dispenser is done. However, I’m not 100% happy with it, as the paper part of it looks bland, I will have to go back and do something, perhaps do the texture again or add a sheet of paper to it that’s hanging out. The shelf was quick texturing as I used up a bit of space left on the cabinet texture map.

The pot was not really finished, it was textured quickly and some of the materials was not fully set up. The model did not behave when exported as a Fbx model, the UV’s were messed up. Exported in Obj format, then imported it back into Maya, re-exported again as FBX and that resolved the UV issue. I would need to go back and work on it further, however, for now, I shall move on.

I did not do the drink fridge as there was an issue, the UV had not been finished, so on Monday, the first thing I’m going to do is finish the UV and texture that.

16th January 2017

I only have two weeks left to texture all of the environment eep!

Priority is Diner main area,


Outside environment and vehicles.


touch ups

My day full of fun actually had a good day, drinks fridge has been done. Had to sort out the UV and that is done and got the texturing started, all sorted now. I am happy with the fridge, that placeholder art is going to evolve into something.

Simple branding, watch this space and see this develop, I am going to have to fit this in while doing some down time from 3d modelling.

Vents, cake protector, cookie jar done. they are ok, however, I really do have to go back it to and rework them, as they do not seem to work, need to investigate a solution for better glass, it just looks way too transparent.


A view of the customers, just having a little fun with this shot.

Customers in the seating area test. I like.

  • Fridge freezer
  • Cake protector
  • Ceiling light
  • Air vent
  • Kitchen vent
  • Bottle smelly pop

Got through a good amount today, next on the list is that the Diner interior wall to do another pass over it. Going to do the pavement and exterior wall. I may do a rock. and Start texturing the Juke Box and a car

Now to some rest and some other bits to do.

17th January 2017

Here we go

Decided to start with the duke box, no the Juke box. I keep doing that. The jukebox needed more work on the UV. Now that’s done, base texturing has started. I want to get the texture for it done by tomorrow and start on one of the cars or interior diner wall updates.

18th December 2017

Redoing the UV Map forJukebox, I really didn’t like the first attempt.  The first image on left is where I left the Juke Box with the base colour.

Wanted to go back refine and especially fix the UV for the asset as it still annoyed me. After sorting out UV in image 2 I’m happier about that now.

When I was sorting out the emissive map the colour did not work for me. I experimented and inverted the colours. The result surprised me and I liked it and kept it.

Jukebox Looks lonely, now all I need it to do is to rain. Switching all the bloom effects and bells.

A couple of issues has crept in. One example is the inside of the Jukebox UV size is small and they won’t be much detail. Gutted about that, although as plain as it looks I can’t leave it like that, so its gradient time and try to make it look interesting.

I haven’t mentioned what software I have been using.

Maya 3d modelling

Photoshop textures

Quixel Ndo textures

Illustrator decals and logo

Marmoset viewer real-time preview

Xnormals baking maps

Next is the car tomorrow, I’m sure I can get that done by tomorrow. A morning sorting out the UV.

Once all has been textured, the next step is to pack them into channels and reduce memory size of the textures. It’s worth reading:

Easy Way to Pack Textures into RGB Channels

Worth reading for artists or anyone else is interested in.

19th Jan 2016

A bit of stressful day, I thought I had some sort of

Most of the morning was unwrapping the car. I totally forgot I had headus UV, what a silly plonker.

Started the base texture of car. Green or brown sir.

Then the stressful bit hit. My software detected a malware on my pc and it was emergency stations to get this resolved. After three hours and a few scans with different scanners and nothing was found. The initial detection found it and got rid of it, but, didn’t help me not freak out. Lol.

21 January 2017

Took a day off and fed squirrels in the park.

Now, back to texturing, worked on first saloon car and suitcases done, now onto the second car, got the station waggon textured and done another one in a different colour. Added some detail with Normal maps for, dents. I can see things I am not happy about, however, I have to remember that these cars are outside and not hero objects, just background objects.

Got the next car done, Unwrapping again, I forgot to use Headus UV….. I am really a silly chap.

The next car was unwrapped and kept the texture simple.

A bit of a moody shot, playing with Marmosets camera settings of focal and bloom effects and adding light.

Pretty happy I sorted out a couple of cars, the suitcases and the road barrier, which you can barely see, at the bottom o the last image. I think the first thing I am going to do tomorrow is external environment floor, the tarmac and pavement. I want to work on them. I have ten days to get all the textures done and some amendments….. This is going to be pretty tight.

What I got left are these.

  • Eleven pavement assets, that share one texture map. That would awesome to get all out the way and done in a couple of hours.
  • Two tarmac assets that share one texture. Be nice if I can get that done in less than an hour.
  • Twenty-one interior assets, ten of them share the same type of texture. If I can just bake the AO maps and just use the same texture maps already in use that would cut out a lot of time down.
  • Seven are the restroom assets. if time is running out, I will drop them, however, I shall endeavour to get them finished and will be done last out of all the objects.
  • Eight vehicles, sheesh. I got to do three vehicles per day. I may drop one or two to help me finish on time.

I have a tall order to finish this on time, the first thought is, I got to do five textured objects per day. If I can get the kitchen and pavement done in two days and if (I can finish them in a day, that would be a bonus) the asset count drops to twenty-eight. I then have to do three and a half textured asset per day, three hours per texture…Ok, let us do this.

22nd January 2016

Some news, the pavement textures have been done, asphalt has been done (minus one texture) and the grill and oven were done. Reds a bit too strong on the pavement texture, I need to tone it down. The asphalt is done, I may need to play around with it and break the repetitiveness and I think other assets and props will hide some of it, I may make additional asphalt textures.

The truck has been done, all those sorting out the UV and this time I used Headus. Still had to lay it out the UV for the truck and sorting out the UV took about an hour to cut and a flatten. When it comes to the next truck, I may have an easier time, as I need to change the top half and just focus texturing that part, as the bottom half of trucks are shared, some bits will be needed to be moved around and amended, that’s cool, because that will save time with unwrapping, laying-out and texturing.

The texture of the American truck, going to as much texturing done and normal map for a little more detail of bolts. I am going to stop here with it tonight, I have run out of steam tonight.

Today was eleven pavements one asphalt, one grill and oven combo and over half done truck of textures, that is about fourteen textures, well actually it’s four in total, as the pavement share one. together. I am happy about that. I have nine kitchen textures the end of tomorrow. I should have a chance to get them done by the end of tomorrow almost all bar one, the UV as not fully finished. I did a boo boo, it’s not nine, it’s ten!!

Ok, I can this, ten kitchen assets done by tomorrow and fully focus on interiors.

First of February is when I build the environment in Marmoset and I may need to re-export the models as grouped make my life easier and the pivot point is in the centre. Until then, I have so much to do.

23 Jan 2017

Ok, I didn’t hit ten, I did seven and fixed a texture of a previous one. The half has done truck, a car and leftover kitchen assets will be finished. Had I not done the truck, all the kitchen assets would have been done.

One of the textures of the kitchen assets screwed up when exporting as FBX. Had to do the Obj method. I need to read up about this, it’s odd that the UV gets corrupted, only happened to me twice.

I think I need to make the surfaces shinier, they don’t shiny, I think I’m being misled.

One thing I ran into was the kitchen assets colour changed from one object to another, to work around that, I reused the Photoshop file that was for all the kitchen assets as a template and it helps minimise colour changes. It was a bit of a pain at first, however, problems cropping up are not good, but, I see it as to keep you alert and aware when they creep up again and help find solutions quicker.

25th January 2017
Done the kitchen Assets, all sorted, except for the dishwasher, I modelled a dishwasher a while ago and it has disappeared, going to need to go back to the old save files to find it, or maybe not. Commercial kitchen stuff sometimes do not have any nice looking kitchen designs, well I am sure there are but I kept it simple. I am happy with the result of it.

The trucks first pass done and then the second truck was quicker to unwrap and get ready, as the base of the truck was shared between them. The trucks need to be shinier, more metalness needed, may play around with that later.

Back view of the trucks, there are details missing from them, that I wish I could do, however, it does not need to be high detail for this game, as the cars will be far away shots, I will need to add normal maps to them, to add bolts, seams, and dents.
Going to leave them for now as I have other assets to texture, I am happy with them, but for now, time is not my friend. Later on, I would like to come back to one of them as work on the model further and increase the poly count.

Currently, I have six cars, One bin, cake protector tray and lid, toilet room left to texture. the temptation is to do them in the next few days. I have five days left in total to texture the lot. I am going to spend a couple of days more finishing all the texturing and see where I am with it.

There definitely needs to be a second pass on the textures to add details and improve the quality.
Not to forget on the day off did some label design doodles. Next step is to choose a few and take them from doodles to illustrations.  I can say that I am happy with how it is looking.
Thirty-eight days spent on this so far, that is a long time. A few of those days were probably spent unwrapping, hehe, so much unwrapping.I think the environment took about five to seven days to build, props took ten to twelve days. Unwrapping another five to six days, texturing fourteen days, not bad.
One thing I should do is break my process down to environment modelling, build, texture at the same time. Then prop model after the environment has been built.
I seem to have mixed them up and flowed between them while doing LND, next time I build something, I need to keep track how long some of them take and work on one area at a time and not mix up props or environment modelling.
My previous sci-fi environment took five days to build, that was smaller and no props.

26th January 2017
I like the chalkboard, just having fun, still need to change the drink image placeholder to something of mine as that image is not mine.

Minor assets have been done today. I think I may need to make 3d models of cakes and sandwiches.  Chalkboard, sandwich box and something else. Hmmm, İ cannot remember what it was, ah, that was it, car parking bollards and a bin.

Look at the bin in all its glory, it’s lovely, sorted out the kitchen bin, a little bit shiny, shiny. I may have to reduce the roughness of the other textures for the kitchen assets as they are not really shiny.

Started work on one of the pickup trucks, I had to unwrap this properly as it was not done in the first place. Took a couple of hours sorting it out and laying it out while trying to maximise the space on UV.

Base texturing tonight on the truck, the aim is to get this finished by tomorrow late morning. I’m going to play smart with the second pickup truck, I’ll unwrap the bonnet and some parts of and reuse the first pickup truck mesh I modelled.

All the kitchen elements are done, they better be, so it’s full steam ahead to get the other assets textured and finished. I feel that I will have to go back over some of the textures of the models as the really will need a bit of final polish.

I want to give the counter another pass because I have improved and it was one of the first things I think I textured, plus also its right in the centre of the game.

I’ve lost an extractor fan model in my scene, how I’ve lost it, I have no idea. Going to have to get that back, thank me for gold practice for making iterative saves, I think these models like to run away sometimes. I must press on and do more work on this, but first, I must rest.

27th January 2017

It was a day of vehicles, trucks are and a mystery van mostly, my experiment with swapping parts of the truck and minimising extra UV work, actually worked, glad about that. Spent the day texturing and playing around with normal maps to give the vehicles extra detail that helps to bring the flat vehicles to life.

Truck with the Normal map, and without, It does make a difference in a tiny way.

Went into illustrator opened the texture for the truck, I drew vector white lines, I am quicker in illustrator with vectors then photoshop, dropped the created lines into photoshop and then in the Normal map texture use Quixel to create the indents. A bit of an odd way, won’t want to do that experiment again.

After doing the work, I made some mood shots, I couldn’t resist it.

This was the first one I did with the mood shots, honestly, I was playing around with settings in Marmoset and got a look going and decided to stick with it.
The next image is waaaay to pink overload. But I still like it.

I have to say, gloss, roughness and Normals map, make the simple models capture the light look real good.

A bit of wireframe in the shot, just testing and messing around with Marmoset, even at this stage it started to look really good.

And another moody shot, looking good.

After today’s session of work, I have three cars left, actually, I have two cars and a van left, I may drop on of them and spend the last of remaining time to work on the current models. The mystery waggon needs a bit more work on the texture. The good thing about the textures is that I can change the colour and got another colour for a car.

A slight thought I got a couple props that I may need to make and texture, firstly street light and the desert rocks and floor, also plant life.

Looking at what I’ve done and it’s not finished yet makes me feel good, I like what I’ve done and I’m impressed with myself, had a good start to the year and now I got to keep this momentum up and get my work finished and up for portfolio work, as I’ve said, this year I finish things.

30th January 2017

More modelling and texturing, some outside stuff. Cactus, looking flat I know, however, they will be distant objects, I got to create a few more outside stuff, like mountains, rocks and bushes. I may need to reduce the polycount further on the models and also make the bushes a plain instead of a model to further reduce polycount. At a distance they look ok, just at close up the don’t have the detail.

View of the road, some more work for the exterior, along with parking street lights and an extra car. For now, I must stop doing exterior and focus on the interior of the Diner.

Almost all the assets all done and laid out in the scene. Well not really a scene, however, a scene of assets. Some more view of the exterior, without the fog and playing around with the blur.

Ominous shot, playing around with the lighting, a little fun.

Last day of texturing tomorrow, so I got to get my textures in tomorrow and build on Wednesday. I fear I will not finish on time, I underestimated the time for the amount of work I had to do. Had too much for the amount of time I had and also lost a few days to my PC not working properly. However, I will build on Wednesday and evaluate from when I’ve built the set.

31st January 2017

The Grand Canyon rocks, a little bit erm, janky, they were all done in about a couple hours from texture to meshes, not exciting, the texture was created, then box modelled and then, shaped the rocks. need more hours of work so I can get them to look good. I have to remember that they are in the distance and I cannot over work them, also the game takes place mostly at night, there will also be daytime shots. I got to keep that in mind, not overwork, clean and looking good for distant objects.

Rocks 1

I am hoping that I can get away with the detail and that it does not look poor quality.

Rocks 2

Even more rocks, well same rocks in a different angle.

Today, had a little trouble, with some of the alignments of the verts on the assets, they were not aligned and left tiny gaps, troubleshot and tweaked the models took a bit of my day out, such a small thing can give you a headache…. just to keep this in mind, Stick to the grid when building.
Tomorrow I am going to fully rebuild the game environment and then after that is complete, assess what I need to work on to finish the environment off entirely, I love this project, but I do not want another month on this, if need to, then I will.

Made a moody shot, I got to stop doing these, as tempting as they are, I got work to do.

I am a little annoyed with myself, I was hoping this would be finished today, however, it is not, I know it is not the end of the world and cannot hold onto annoyance with myself about it. What I must do is press on forward to get the environment done.

As a mini post-mortem, it has been a learning curve, I know my limitations, I underestimated the texturing and unwrapping, the start of last week on the back of my mind was thinking I m not going to make this in time, even a couple of weeks ago, I thought, it was going to be tight, I should have gone with my gut instinct and,,, ahh, oh well, will avoid that mistake next time, I think with personal projects, you take too much care and trying to make it perfect, which is good, but counter-productive, as you get stuck faffing around and trying to make one little element good, when you should be looking at the whole environment and see how good it looks.

I am going to give myself this week to finish all of the work that I have left, I am dropping the toilet room and two cars as I do not have the time for them and I have other assets to finish off. This should be finished by Sunday evening, here we go.

A blast from the past, some things are the same some things are different.

1st February 2017 

Sick day, started to feel ill, I am ill, blugh. I started to build the environment and had to stop,

One tip, I should adhere to next time is to build and texture as I go, I have to rebuild the environment again…. Going to take a bit of time. I don’t like the ceiling colour, however, I will have to reassess after I have built the whole environment.

The Diner building is done, the next part is to place all the assets, in the scene, so tomorrow, that’s going to be the next thing to do, if I am better, I will do a full day tomorrow. However, I do not feel good, dammit, this may set me back a little I will try to power through.

February 7th 2016

Six days of sickness, still recovering. That good me good, what I thought was a cold, turned out to be the flu and I was down for the count, getting better, and I have returned to work and to get this finished, it shouldn’t have long, got slowed down by my software crashing, grrr, it looked like it was not ready to return back to work. More to be done tomorrow.

Sorted out the air vents on the roof of the building.

I’m happy with the look of the Diner, I still have my apprehensions with the interior, as the environment looked empty and bland, it felt like it was not going to work, I have to remember that I just started on the  interior, then after I added some props, it has started to work, It needs more tat to be added to the environment.

The next day or so is to keep building the environment up and have something I can share on the blog, still got a lot of stuff to sort out.

8th February 2017 

More work done, The diner looks considerably interesting. The counter is looking a little interesting. Still need to create cakes 😃 and clutter, that is a running theme. This shot is my favourite shot.

The friendly faces, again

It is starting to look like a Diner, it still needs more stuff, I think there are too many ceiling lights and perhaps a bit too low, still time to do more work.

The right part of the image below, the kitchen window area looks a little plan, I need to add stuff to the area, it needs diner related glowing stuff….. No idea what. The kitchen service needs some work and refinement, just looks empty.

The kitchen looks big and empty, however, a little bland, Thinking about it, it needs personality, I think it needs to be a library for all the recipe books from this world and beyond in space and dimension. Going to give a think about it.

Started to create posters and branding for the Diner, Got a few images to do, I wonder if I can get ten done tomorrow, they are small sizes, so nothing to big, going to try and spend thirty minutes to forty-five minutes on each one. I may need to do so some refinements on them, so its full focus this week.

I like to create some monster products for the game world, although, secretly, I am designing characters. 😃

9th February 2017

Pretty happy, done my poster run and labels run, I have twelve in total done and I like all. I was not expecting to have a fun day, I was expecting some frustration, however, it was a nice surprise with the logos. I sure I can do more work to them, if I had time, like a couple of days, I would.I got a few more images to do, about a two more, I would like to do, also, I wish to get the Quench drinks branding and Diner Branding done by the weekend.
The artwork shapes and labels created in illustrator. like illustrator, as I am quicker with the and it’s cleaner. Annoyingly, I also did a burger and drinks ad, I will need to refine some of it. 

Ok, we roll onwards with the next lot and I wish to get them into the game environment. I still need to do some generic artwork.


The whole thing is coming together and I am happy about that, I am at the last few hurdles and it just needs a little bit more work to finish the project, and that last bit of work is always the hardest. The artwork needs tweaking and little touches to make it look really good. I hope that the time I spent on it shows in the final piece through the modelling, texturing and building the environment. Having it look just good is not good enough, I really would like it to look good and be proud of it and that last ten percent is to make the difference.
I got to say, I  thought this project would be small and finished by now, man,  that is some understatement.  So much has been done on this and still more to do, I didn’t anticipate how much there is stuff to do. However, it does look better each passing day and it will look good when fully finished soon.
Will post again soon and not leave these stupid gaps.

Birthday Card – Starwars

Hello,  I have continued the tradition the artwork of Starwars, I’ve jumped onto and done Empire Strikes Back for my lovely lady’s birthday, she is a big Star Wars fan, especially Leia and faces Han. So I created the next step of artwork for Star Wars.  I didn’t have much time, a few days between other stuff.

The front of the card: I had fun creating Lando, his moustache gave me trouble, as I couldn’t get it right, however, I am happy with this iteration.

For the back of the card, I put R2 again…. One day R2, you shall be on the front, one day.
I know this scene did not happen in the film, however, I would like to think that in my mind this happened. My original Idea was to do the scene when Luke sees Leia shouting it’s  trap, however, I didn’t have time for the amount of work I had to do, as there was going to be a lot of new assets created for it.

If I had more time, I would redo the floor on the back of the card.

Had fun doing this one, a few recycled assets and created the artwork. I choose the Carbonite Chamber as it one of my scenes, as it’s a sad scene and the scene colour is heavy with blue and orange.  I’ll do more of images in the future as I really enjoying doing them, I  hope that with each new one it is better than the last.

Anyways, tata for now.