Late Night Diner Character Modelling Part 15 – And Environment modelling

Hello all, the next batch of updates and speeding a long with progress.

27th July 2017

Right back into work, started to with the retopology work for the low poly version of the character, started on the shirt, it took a little time and a couple of restarts on it.

Here is the finished retopology of the low poly model, as his arms, eyes, eyebrow and shoes the same texture, I only did one side. There was a problem with the high poly version of the eye, it was misshaped and just looked bad, had to be put back into a sphere shape. Projected the detail on to new mesh, firstly had to reshape and push the high poly version faces to match the new low poly sphere to minimise distortion.

The next step was to unwrap and lay it out the UV, this time I made sure that I did the eyeball larger, as the previous ones have been smaller. I think I could do better with the spacing and I will need to invest in a UV packer for better results and help me to speed up my pipeline. Something for the future when retopologising a mesh, I’m going to make sure that it is cleaner and better.

After that, there was a small process of test bakes on the shirt and trousers, as last time, I had a couple of problems. However, this time, had a better result.

After a little baking with the textures, the first pass of character is done, going to need to do some touch ups with the trousers and additionally, I need to sort out the belt loops.

A little more tweaking, the head on the right was the first model done and I had forgotten to duplicate the eyebrow. 😃 below the collar region looked rough as there was a seam, that had to be moved, which is better. I’m going to need to add a couple of creases to the mesh around the collar.

I still got some more to play with, I need to work further on the textures, I am going to use Quixel to progress. I need to work on the skin, it’s not shiny enough and clothing, needs some surface noise and sort out the ambient occlusion, as the character just looks a little flat.

29th July 2017

Hello, I have finished the zombie for now., I was hoping to have this finished by a day earlier, however, I had a scare and complications, for now, I am cool.

Here is a turntable of the zombie.

Applied some noise of fabric little to his normal map for his trousers and shirt, for his head I added some skin detail.

Not the same pic as before, textures are slightly different. Just tweaked the roughness and gloss map.

I like this display of the character, reminds me of hear no evil see no evil, but just looking silly. First shot of the zombie in the Diner

A few thoughts for next time, I’m going to take a different approach to shirts with collars, this time I am going to low poly model the shirt with collar, project detail onto that and rework detail. Some bits have not worked very well, the mesh loops are not the greatest and would like to follow the contours of the fabric folds better. On the next mesh would need to refine them on the next model, like extra loops for support with baking. Not be scared to re-layout the UV map for a character, try to minimise the normal map mismatched edges, I think that is everyone’s bane, I would like to find a solution for that.For now, the Zombie is done, will go back and polish him, my next step is to give the alien another pass, as he was the first character that was topologized and textured I really want to improve him further, some parts are a little rough and plain. I need to jazz up the suit and fix areas.

Back to work , Tata for now.


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