Late Night Diner – Character Modelling Part 14 and Environment modelling

Holiday done, had a much needed time off from the portfolio work and it was nice to go North, suffice to say, I forgot how to do artwork. screenshot003.jpg

13th July 2017

Got back to work and it has been retopology and UV unwrapping of vampire body. It was a struggle to get into the rhythm of work for a couple of days, holiday really takes you out. The last couple of days it was re-topologizing the jacket and trousers as the previous low topology was not great.

The Image below is the low topology mesh ready for baking. Topologize the hand was a pain, I think I redid it three times and I still I think I messed ups somewhere, but, when I come for the next hand, I will do it better.

Over a couple of days I got into the swing of things, thankfully,  after the low poly mesh was created, the mesh was Unwrapped and laid out with HeadusUV layout, then baked the textures in xNormals. The first bake was done, actually not bad, nothing horrendous, just needs to work to sort out.

The head looks good, bits are missing, as I had to mirror and duplicate it. You can see the textures bleed especially around the collar.

On closer inspection on the eyeballs, sometimes when meshes are not spaced out enough for baking textures, you get contamination from other textures and models, the eye supposed to be black, but the head texture bled onto it, I do like it.


Close up of one eye, looks like a weird character, I like that. It’s so weird.

The rest of the day was to re-bake some of the texture and clean them up. The zipper and zip pull where baked from 3d models on the texture maps and reducing the poly count further. I think I am going to add the 3d model of a Zip Pull on the next pass. Here is the vampire low poly mesh.

The head shot looks like a cover to a band’s difficult second album. This head is not the same baked one, this is the second version, I had to start this one from scratch, this one shares the texture map with the rest of the body, unlike the previous head model which used one.

I am pretty chuffed how it’s turned out. I still have further work to do on it. My next step is to sort out the texture map with Ambient Occlusion bake. Add more texture detail, I want to add some more to the jacket, more like a Biker club member. My next step was to drop the character into Diner environment to see how he fits in and I dig it.

Once the Diner is populated, I think it’s going to look really good…. I think it would be good that the characters are posed in the final piece.

This shot I like a lot and will be a shared for screenshot Saturday

A bit of leg fixing today, I the legs from the front are still bothering me.

For now, it will be OK, going to refine textures and going to add some biker detail, it really needs it.

17th July 2017

A little bit of artwork today, started to work on the Decals for the jacket.

18th July 2017


More work on the patched for the jacket and stick sort of close to Biker Jackets, but not to be the same as them, just changed them. A bit of research of Biker club patches, that is a rabbit hole, there is so many to choose and use from, I honestly got carried away.

I just wanted to make vampire related patches and have fun, Here is the jacket with the patches, the jacket is looking a little more interesting.

Almost got the character wrapped up and happy about that, also,there is a noticeable seam on the Jeans, hmph, I really wish I that seam did not appear, I’ll try to fix that, I don’t know I do not know how that happened, I need to investigate and if I can fix it, I will. Need to make the jacket a little bit shiny. little dirtier and his jacket a little worn, I may need to jump into Substance Painter to do that bit of work or maybe Quixel. Additionally, I may do patches for the Alien space suit, it does need it, as it looks a little plain.

19th July 2017

More tweaking, today, I humped onto Substance Painter and I need to do a refresher course on that, the menu has changed a bit and I need a day to get back into it. I decided to use Quixel suite, I like it as the more I use it, it is a good program and I’ll keep playing around with it more.

This image was rendered in Quixel.

This was rendered in Marmoset, the view is slightly different as the cameras FOV was set up differently, however, the characters looking good.

I have to do the Zombie next and do him quick, it feels like I’m taking too long, let’s see with a bit of focus, I’m going to sort out the topology, unwrap, layout UV and bake. I may bake the head textures and get Zombie prepped for Saturday.

20th July 2017

Zombie time, had to make a start on the first character that was sculpted and is my favourite one out of the bunch.  Had to fix some areas of the mesh topology, I found a couple of triangles and had to to get them fixed.

Once the head was unwrapped, the UV layout tool crashed, I think I made that crash, somehow.. however, a second time around, I was quicker at the unwrapping and laying it out. Skin texture was baked onto the Low poly model version model for testing,  had a couple of areas have some artifacting of texture getting messed up.

Next step is to jump back into baking the head texture and have it side by side with the vampire. Then sort out the rest of mesh fully unwrap and bake. Have something ready for screenshot Saturday.

22nd July 2017

Got back to the head and further testing on the character, had a few bits artifacting, like on the lower part of the neck that looks like a birthmark.

Fixed and cleaned up the artifacting around the head, so far so good, the teeth look and this version I have spotted, janky eyes, it’s a technical term that refers to me making a mistake… which I need to rectify, the eyeball is oddly shaped, I need to sort it out to a sphere, it’s all wobbly.

Going from High poly sculpt to low-poly model, I am happy with the results, I think I’ve done well. There is something I have to remember that when I am baking the character to lower polygons and put into different engines, I have to remember that.

Brought the low-poly version of the shirt, looking ok, a little washed out due to the lighting. I will need to re-mesh the shirt properly and rebake the texture that is work for the next day. I really like this character.

Here is the final head texture bake turntable, for now, all in all, some good progress.

I’ve finally this time done the teeth, created a low poly mesh. I want to make a set of lowpoly teeth even lower with the poly count.

Additionally, had an odd morning with the mesh and program, I thought the mesh got corrupted and lost which turned out it didn’t, even the backup was not working, thankfully, I am glad I didn’t lose progress of the unwrapped UV. Then the program’s lighting was messed up, no matter what I did, I could not get it to reset, tried to find a solution, in the end, I exported the model out and imported it into a reset document and continued to work.

Next step is to bake all the textures for the character’s body after when the retopology has been and finish it as soon as possible. After that, do another pass with the Vampire and the alien especially, as good as it looks, the alien looks a little rougher compared to the other two. I can almost see the ending to the project.

Over the next couple of days, this character should be finished. 🙂

By the end of the month, I wish to have all the characters done and the zombie needs to have the UV unwrapped,  bake test and then do a final bake, with a push I should have the zombie character finished and would like to post the finished Zombie as soon as possible.

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