Late Night Diner Environment modelling Part 13 – And Character Modelling

Hello, all, more rambling and what not. 🙂 I am slowly and surely getting almost done with the project and I hope I have not cursed myself. It has been a long project with a learning curve, teaching myself stuff and with trials errors. I still have a way to go, however, seeing the characters in 3d in the Diner environment really is making me happy and look forward to it being shared when fully finished.

24th  June 201

Here is the Alien, a real time render turntable of the Alien, still have a couple of janky bits. However, more importantly, I like it. Added more colour to the suit. From the baking I did of the textures I would never do again that process again, I baked a lot of assets too close together which led to indirect transfers and cleaning was needed. Also, I need to add a bit more support loops to edges to low poly meshes,  as when baked got bad transfers.


I would like to add some decal to the suit.
I couldn’t resist doing another shot in the diner with an update version of alien.
I really would like to do a few poses.
Started on the Vampire head, unwrapped the 3d model in Headus UVlayout, then used XNormals to bake the texture maps,  a few problem did occur with bad transfers, I will need to work a solution out, however, for now, it was easier to clean it up and small detail in Photoshop.
On the left is the bake with artefacts on his ears and chin, on the right, it’s cleaned up.  Some of the baked e darker areas for the eye sockets, nostrils and lips didn’t have a proper transfer of the darker colour. Those need to be fixed.
vampire head_vcols fixing.jpg
Flattening the head really does look weird, it’s not the best-unwrapped head, it works. I had problems with the model being unwrapped, the mesh was overlapping itself in the UV, some funky stuff was happening.
After it was unwrapped and textured baked, I dropped the low poly model into Marmoset Viewer and applied the texture, so far so good.  I have a wavy bit at the edge of the red shirt, I would like it to be straight, I will fix in photoshop and find a better solution for the future.
The mesh itself is a nice low poly, looking at it, it may need a loop or two added around the face, there is a wide bit of the mesh.
I’m  happy with the overall progress, although I spent a bit too much time on the chest machine, wish I never did that, I was trying to make amendments to it and improve it.  I added orange on the white parts to break it up and the chest machine still needs work.
I am going to have to redo the eyeball mesh as the low poly mesh is not really that great and the shape of it is a little odd.
The other things I am thinking about redoing are the teeth and gums, the polycount is about 1,500 and way too high for a mobile and tablet game.
26th June 2017
Hair and eyebrows day today. A short day as it was Eid and had to wait for visitors.
In the time I had re-did the mesh of the low poly version of the hair, I was not happy with the original polycount and wonkiness, so redid a new low poly mesh.
There is a bit I need to fix on the hair as there is stretching in an area of the texture, I may need to re-flatten the mesh and bake the texture, it shouldn’t take that long, it’s about a five to ten minutes of work.
Added an emissive texture map for the eyes.  One more thing to do with the model is to sort out teeth and reduce polycount for that.  On the next project, I’m going to do proper hair, like hair strands.
26th June 2017 
With the short time I had between Eid and packing for a short holiday, I fixed the hair and removed the stretching in the mesh, added an extra loop and flattened the low poly mesh.
Vampire head hair fix.jpg
Much happy with the look of low poly count head, it’s coming together nicely. 🙂
Here is turntable video.
I am taking a much needed small break and I cannot ignore, I have to go to my friends birthday party…. wait that’s not it, I mean, Wedding, I am doing a small tour up North to Scotland, will be drawing and doodling and will be back in working on to finish the project.
tata for now.

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