Late Night Diner Environment modelling Part 12 – And Character Modelling

Hello, all, more ramblings, highs and lows of progress and happily, it is getting there, just had a learning curve with a few things and getting more confident. 

11th June 2017
More work on the alien,  little progress here and there of the character,  I need to rework the blue on the suit,  as the legs look patchy and some rework is needed.
I’m happy with it, going to be refining the characters textures, may create alphas for additional details. The back of the backpack is a little Nod to The Martian, a good book and film.
I’ve just realised that the back view of the character the helmet is not transparent.
If I can get the texturing finished, I can also retopologize the model and sort out the UV’s for it ASAP.
Then for fun, I decided to put the trio together, will get more characters together on the banner.
I’m really happy how these characters look and how well they work together. I’m going to keep working on them.
Today was more painting and used Alpha maps, added small details to the alien’s suit, which really does help. I think I am almost finished the character, I have a few fixes left to be done to characters vents. Refined the space suit and does not look as patchy as before.
Another perspective shot of the character, I like the backpack,  Alpha map details help a lot, the painting I think is done, still got a couple things left to do.
Decided to do a top down view and I’ve just noticed one of the corners of the backpack is curved, dammit, I will have to fix that, I have no idea how I missed that.
It has been a good amount of progression today with the character, I honestly cannot wait to get
them into the Diner environment and have up online, it shall be soon. My next step is to apologise the entire model, that is going to be my plan for my next day of work.
Mainly the body, arms, head and hair.
12th June 2017
A day of retopology, figured out why sometimes projection doesn’t work on the new mesh, I think nearly all of the retopology work will be finished tomorrow.
Heads can be tough with where the loops go and once figured it out, it’s pretty easy. However, doing a cyclops is tricky, the character does not have a nose bridge, challenge accepted.
Started retopologising the tentacles, that is going to take some time, yeah, there is a bit of detail on the suckers that need to be done.
Then I’m going to sort out the UV’S for alien all the other characters. I’m going to redo the low topology work for the characters, they need it and I have figured out a solution for why the mesh was not being projected onto, hopefully, it works for all of them.
14th June 2017 

A day of fixing and retopology, from all aspects of the character.

Tentacle low poly retopology.
High Poly Render before things get weird when baking.

15th June 2017


After a few days or retopology on multiple models, unwrapping, looking at tutorials on how to do some things. I was able to export the alien texture without any real major problems. Then today was unwrapping and sorting out the seams for the characters done in for now in Headus UV.
A bit of a milestone today for me, I was able to export low poly mesh and baked textures, what you see is a real game ready mesh, long time coming. Getting head in with the texture applied with hardly any issues was a big step.
Then added the rest of the parts for the head, hair is a little wavy.
Played more with the texture maps, spec, gloss, bringing the character to life, added subsurface scattering to give some warmth to the skin, it’s looking better with each step, now, it does not, look as dull as before.
A couple of caveats I got to sort out the funky ear problem,  I am going to try and sort out.
My next step is put all the textures onto one texture map for the character as currently they are all separate maps and that is not good for games. I will need to look up to resolve this issue.
In the future I am going to do two version of texture maps, one is a lower poly version with a one texture map. Do another with textures separated for head and body and a higher poly and higher texture budget.
I’m going to put the model with all its parts into Marmoset and see what problems that occur and find fixes for them to resolve. One thing that has occurred to me is that all the sub tools of the character are separate layers and separate textures, I have to figure how to put them all together, I’m sure I’ll get that figure out.
19th June 2017
Last week I experimented with unwrapping the head of the character and practising baking maps. Getting used to the pipeline relatively easy actually.
So this is how Zbrush automatically unwraps the UV,  it looks messy and seams are cut in the wrong places and things don’t make sense, I will have to manually have to relay them out. There is no priority for certain meshes.
If I can get the UV sorted out and working I will get the rest of the textures baked.
UV’s redone in Headus Uv Layout tool. I like that program, it’s quick and simple to use.
Also, there was Vertex colour on the low poly still.

21st June 2017
After a couple of days head of work and frustration, a few crashes, I was trying to bake the high detail to the game friend low poly mesh,  I was able to project the high poly detail on to the Low poly texture maps.
The next process was to get the character uploaded to a Sketchfab, do some testing and get used to Sketchfab.
Here is the turntable of the character almost done got a few things to fix, a couple of things, I really need to fix the backpack and the chest machine, the low poly mesh is a wrong shape to the high poly version and would need to adjusted, no bother, I will get it sorted. I’ve hit a small milestone personally, I thought I would not get here, however, it was done.
Decided to drop the alien in a familiar environment of the Diner to see how it fits. Liking how it looks,  look forward to getting more characters in there. 😃
Pretty chuffed how the character looks and fits with the environment
A few more shots, I got a little carried away with the screen shots.
The texture needs a little more refinement to it, some bits need tidying and tweaking, I may brighten the green of the character.
I need to reduce the polycount as it is still too high and some areas are too dense and hidden which is a waste, one area that is dense is of the teeth and gums.
However, I am overall satisfied with how it looks. I may add some decals to the suit and perhaps an emissive map to parts of the suit and that will come soon.
That was some learning experience and finally I know how to transfer detail with no crashing and bake those texture maps, I have some work ahead of me to get the other characters finished and uploaded to Sketchfab, then dropped into the Diner scene. I Environment, I look forward to doing the other characters as now I know the process and hopefully get them done quicker.
It has been a frustrating couple of days of success and failures, yeah, the grumpy face was activated. I didn’t give up as from those failures, I learned a few things and have been successful getting it done, phew.
I look forward to the next set of characters I eventually get to do, however more immediate is the rest of the cast appearing in the scene.

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