Late Night Diner Environment modelling Part 11 – And Character Modelling

Hello all, I presume you were not expecting an update this quick, After last nights blog post I started to paint the character and decided to share a quick update with a mini post today.

9th June 2017

I started on the first pass paint over to see how the alien looks, overall I do like it.

Pulled some expressions for fun. Happy how the alien is looking.
 Made a second pass on to the head texture and still a bit more to do. The lighting is off, still have not got the hang of it, really got to figure that out.
10th June 2017 
Today painted the head and started on the body, I want to spend a day or two painting the character. Also was able to have a painted image ready for Screenshot Saturday on Twitter.
Worked further on painting the base of the character, once the base colours are done, will make sure that I will stick close to the alien concept art I did.
I have gotten into the perspective shot too and I will do more in the future.
I don’t like those knee pads, they are too small and looked odd, I’ll probably fix them or do new variations.
Pulled more expressions, the character reminds me of Blofeld from James Bond Diamonds are forever.
Going to work further on the characters eye, not a hundred percent happy with it, I will give it another go. All in all, it has been a good start with the character. I cannot wait to get all the characters into the environment and finally into my portfolio.
 Made some expressions for the vampire, I had to do it, it’s fun. 🙂
Tata for now, I should be back with another post soon….. I think.

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