Late Night Diner Environment modelling Part 8 – Formally: Science Fiction Environment to

Hello all, you know, I do keep meaning to post at least once a week, however, I get focused on the work and need to it done,  I will keep trying post as often as possible and not I will end up doing big posts like this one.  Enjoy the ramblings.

12 April 2017 

Jumped into the kitchen and onto the textures for the Diner.

It was a day of making things dirtier and also breaking up the silver.

The kitchen wall was scuffed up with grime to the edges,  as I had a Normal map for the wall, damage marks, indents, just very light, simple wear and tear, I may do another session with the wall, as the grim looks too uniform.

Then went to work on the cupboards, when I went back to its textures, they were really ugly, glad I went back and reworked it. I went through a couple of colour tests, went with blue and red, I eventually chose red, as it worked better in the environment.

It’s working better now,  before when it was plain and it looked bad. Now, it’s working, it’s working!

My attention was next on the fridge and decided to add the red colour from the cupboards and I liked the result,  I did try blue and again, I stuck to red.

Looking better and better.

Made the work surfaces dirtier and added some grime and reduce the shine. I did like the shiny look.

The fridge now has an emissive map added to it and at the bottom of it too, just not visible in these shots. I’m thinking of adding stuff to the fridge door, like a note of some sorts.

The rest of kitchen have been made a little dirty, grimy, the Ladles need a second pass, they don’t look great.

The dishwasher and sink sorted out.

Expanded the props, actually just duplicated some, I may do another prop smaller bottle of soap.

Things look much better with the added colour of red, perhaps in a kitchen, it may be the wrong colour, or it probably is the right colour for this place.

I think I am going to make some more box packaging as I have the space on the texture for more weird supplies, going to think about it.

The Mop and bucket have been done and UV has been unwrapped, it should take me an hour or a bit to texture it in morning.

The next step is to redo some of the textures that I had an awful pixelation issue when imported from illustrator to photoshop and as that has been resolved, I can do that next.  I got spare space on some of the textures that need to be filled with more textures.

My aim for the project was to create a low poly modular game environment, both outside and inside, additionally, with props and all with textured materials for Late Night Diner game and in my style, I didn’t want to make it too realistic.  It has been a long process, I didn’t realise how much I had to do and it had been a lot if work… God knows how many props I have made, I actually need to count them. Counted them, about two hundred and sixty.

I did accomplish a greater understanding with texture maps, which was one of the things I wanted to achieve, still more to learn about them and I can progress confidently.

Going forward, I would like to do more environment, props modelling and texturing,  as I have enjoyed the process. I want to push my skill up with the texturing skills on the next project.  I want to do more with Normal maps, I want to to be smarter with them and try to use less of them while trying not to waste them as much I had done with some of the props.

Work more with high poly to low poly baking when creating certain props,  I had done some models to some success on the project and I want to do more.

My next step is to create the characters from the illustrations I have of them. Do this in Zbrush and keep to my illustrative style.

13 April 2017 

Mop and bucket and day,  sexy mop and bucket incoming pictures. Dirty, nasty and well, I do not want to touch the mop and bucket.

I may give the texture another pass, make it the edges dirtier.

 I like that.

Another mop and bucket, now a pipe, where is this pipe going? Not sure if I am going to keep it in.

HAM HAM HAM, PREMIUM FULLY COOKED HAM, I should add text saying;  Ready sliced.

Filling up those texture spaces.

Reused an image of a steak, changed some detail and adjusted the colour.


Dishwashing rack created some detail in the Normal map now the dishwasher rack, looks like a dishwasher rack.

There are days when I tear through work and get things done like the restroom that was a couple of days if work, today, not that day, it was a bit of a slow day, I think I lost a bit of steam for the day after I finished the Mop and bucket textures. The Mop and bucket textures were done quickly, an hour of texturing and another refining the textures.

I know I’m slowly getting to the finish line with the project and there are some days are leaps and bound of progress,  while other days, they are slow and painful, not actually painful, just urgh, come move. Ultimately, I know that I am getting closer to the end with the project.

I’m considering is export the textures out as PNG instead of TGA for memory size as some items don’t need to have large texture maps sizes and with the texture map sizes, they can be taken down from 1024 to 512, the next step I’m going to do a bit of testing of it,  now, I’m off to have a day off.

 16th April 2017 

Modelled a low poly skull, took me a bit of time, I honestly forgot how to model a low poly skull, my art skills decided to have some time off and glad that it came back

Then made the goblets for the blood shakes. Scaled them to the same size and dropped the props into the environment.

Unwrapped and added some base textures, blood shake glasses for the vampire. Some work on these will eventually make them look good.

Next time I come back to them I want to work on the skull texture and make the bone texture.

The kitchen fridge full of more stock

Now the dishwasher area looks much better and I am happier populated with the rest of the props.

The stock on top of the fridge, ready fried chicken in boxes, cheese slices, all ready for cooking.  I am sure it is health and safety problem with the fridge stacked up with boxes on top.

The texture for the boxes need a bit of on dirt and damage added to the box, also the books, I have really do need another pass, however, I am so nearly close to calling this done. I have a few more textures to rework and update on some of the meshes. The doorway mesh still does look great.

Nearly done.

22 April 2017

A bit of a week crazy week, with appointments and other personal matters, they had to be done additionally a little bit of a hiccup with software that needs to be fixed and once that is done,  I shall be back on the case with the Diner.


Jumped onto creating the characters orthographically, now as I’m going to create the characters in Zbrush I had to create 2D illustrations of them, mainly to figure them out of how they looked side on, also, I’ve never drawn the characters side on with a body. I wanted to get that out the way, especially with the alien single eye, that really did me in as I had to figure that out with reference images of cyclops.

Taken me a couple of days to get into the swing with Photoshop and character art.

Now, the characters look ok, however,  they will need iteration.

Those grey figures there, I put them there for this reason,  for the last half hour of work, I took a page out of Robotpencil work pipeline and created the silhouettes of the characters.


I normally would sketch out in line work, create a rough frame to work from, however, this would take a little longer and it would be messy. With the lasso tool, it’s much looser, quicker and cleaner. It is quicker to iterate and not worry about proper proportions and with those three grey sketches took me no time at all, twenty minutes and the other ten minutes was faffing around with the tool.

I may try a little more on Monday with the characters for the Diner.

After I I have all three drawn up, I’m going to sculpt them.

 24th April 2017

Illustrations were done, for now, I am happy with them, their side views look strange to me.

As I did each character I got faster making them, the lasso tool did the job much quicker.

I’m tempted to do one more character tomorrow.  See if I can do another one by lunch time.

These guys would be my first iteration, If I had time, I would iterate on the characters, as the first ones are a start. Each of them has a problem, the vampire does not biker enough to me, it’s the Fonz. The alien suit I don’t like very much, especially the vent on the side.  The zombie is a little plain, he needs stains.

However as I don’t have the luxury of time and I know what characters I want, I shall sculpt them and play around with them there.

You know,  I don’t think I’ll ever do orthographic like this again, I may do more quarter turns of characters instead, drawing them flat, does not work for me.

24th April 2017

Started on the Diner Owner artwork, as I I worked on the first character version I gave up and restarted the head, as it was not what was in my mind’s eye. Then, made the second version and was much happier with this iteration, I think the problem with the first one was that it was going towards realism and I am glad I restarted.

Today, I made sure I use the loop tool for practice and for fun, had a much better time making the character, quickly and cleanly.

Then eventually the Diner Owner was done, I like what I’ve done, although I am not happy with that Apron, however, overall I have the character out.

On the back of my mind and I think I may have mentioned this before, I could carry on and make concept iterations of the characters, however, I have a deadline to meet, that’s not the end of the world, I could do some improvements while sculpting the characters.

I think on the back of the diner owner character, needs a little bit of work,  I lost some steam while working and I blame a bit of fatigue… Tip; Make sure you get some rest and time away from work.  That apron is not good!  I am not happy with it, it looks janky and  I want to fix it. Perhaps I will sneak some sort of update to it and look at the character I may do something with his head in the profile, his chin and the back of his skull are flat.

Other things on my mind, I got to create the Diner staff member that is the player character.

I got one additional monster to create, well I got a whole batch of them. This one I will have to make time for the concept as I’ve not created it before.

26th April 2017

Started on the Female Mummy, had to collect some reference material for this.  I think this has been the toughest one.  Firstly, looking for reference images I two things crop up. One, generic looking mummy clip art, dear lord there is an overwhelming amount of them and secondly, sexy Halloween mummy costumes…. oh dear.

After looking high and low found some and collated them onto a reference board on Pinterest.  Then started to create the character, however, I encountered an issue this character didn’t sing to me as the others did, I think this is for a couple of reasons,  the previous characters concepts have been gestating for a long time on my mind. This one was new and as not singing to me yet, what a weird way to explain things. In other words and  not being arty about it, I was trying to work out the character,  took myself away from the PC to get away from any distractions, I  played some music on my headset and sketched the character out, from there once I had an image of the character forming and I was happy, I  moved onto PC to work on it further.

Dived into to creating a character with edge loop tools in Photoshop and started to get somewhere with it. At the moment it looks a little wrong to me, I need to check proportions and area on arm and shoulders, then fix.

Some more work and I have a face that I like and one eye is bigger, I may keep it or make it symmetrical.

Was not happy with the feet, so made changes to feet and now toes can be see.

The should and arms are wrong, I need to fix them. Just looked at the reference images and yep, need to fix the arms and shoulders.

The hands need a redo too, they are a bit wee too small and I should do them similar to the toes.

The headdress needs a bit of a rethink and some iterations, I’m not happy with it. Going to focus and fix this tomorrow and have the character done and dusted by the end of the day.

27th April 2017 

The work continues apace. Yesterday I got bogged down with the character concept, for now,  I am finished, well actually not a hundred percent finished. Fixed the propitiation of the characters arms and shoulders and happy to say a big improvement.

She got taller, I’m going to keep that,  I mean they seceded of God’s.

Fixed the eyes, I prefer them to be the same size.

Started to make variations to the headdress and I didn’t like what was being done and went back the original one, glad I did, played with scale, made it symmetrical.

Made another attempt with the hands, much better this time around. The waist cloth still needs work, I got stuck with it, back to look at some reference images for that, I may give her more of a dress from the wrapping cloth.


The character is better solidified in my mind’s eye. My next step is to refine her headdress, I may make it a little aged with the damaged areas with missing gems.

The side view of the headdress, that was a bit

I will need to make a better dress, work on the jewellery as she is royalty she needs the gold to show off.

Got additional information on the character, I have to make a human version of the Queen, this is because the Queen will turn from undead Queen to living Queen.  Totally forgot about that little detail for ages.

Once I finish the Mummy characters artwork, I’m going to sculpt one of them from start to finish and texture them too.

Another matter, I want to move stop doing line work when photoshopping the characters, it’s taking me longer than usual.

29th April 2017  

Fixed up the Mummy, created a human face and made a start on the back of the headdress, my time was short as I had to go out.

I got bogged down today with the character, I blame tiredness of a hectic weekend,  I started on the face again and reworked the eyes and lips, I was never happy with the result of the human face, by the time I got to the third one. Added more detail the character’s body. I was getting happier with it. My time was spent collecting reference material on Pinterest for the other characters in the game.

Spent my other time writing up new and updating character bios, building and a little world building of the Diner and its world, pretty happy with that. I won’t write about it here, now, perhaps in the future.

Still, on track with the work, I am going to start to sculpt the characters and I will start with the Zombie or the Diner owner have not fully made up my mind going to take me a short while to get back into the swing of things and on the side, clean up some environment textures.

1st May 2017 

A little bit of texturing I gave another iteration on some of the books as they need the work and some of the books need their emissive maps turned down. Going to go back on this at the end of the week.


Adding gold leaf strips, decals does help the books. Going to do a few more of them. But that will be at the end of the week.

Opened up Zbrush and this is where I left it with my own character.  Contract work really did take my time and the environment work I had done.


Nether the less I dived back in, it’s going to take me a day or two get back into with the tools and shortcuts, annoyingly I’ve forgotten where the shortcuts are, tip, don’t leave long gaps, very bad. Once the characters are done I’m going to finish the Baron.

Started on the head, as I always do when I blocked out the head and get some sort of form done.


Built the body with Zspheres, it’s how I started with the Baron a sculpt, it’s  so much easier and quicker workflow for me.

Once that was done, turned the Zspheres into a mesh for me to sculpt with. Afternoon bit of work, it’s OK.  Made a base short and trousers.

The morning and some of the afternoon was a  little texturing of props and relearning where the shortcut where for the software I’ll be back in the rhythm, hopefully by the end of the week, I shall have a zombie.


3rd May 2017

Progress on the Zombie worked on the head and still not finished with it, I think the next bit for me is to focus on the head and get it right and before I move onto the body of character as it is important, I really want to get it right.

The shape of the head is just not right, the jaw does not look like the illustration.


Checking and comparing with original head illustration, eyes and ears are lower, the nose is not the same place, I got time to sort those and a few other details out.

The next progress update should have the sculpt be closer to the illustration version if the head.

So, I didn’t stay away too long and edited the face closer to the illustration, better still needs more work on the eye sockets on with hair and mouth.

I got to say taking 2D art into 3D art is fun and tricky. Fun,  because I enjoy it, tricky because you think you have it, but bits of the face end up being off and to male sure that you check with the source image. One thing I must do is not do high detail to his skin. It’s supposed to be a little cartoon like and not realistic.

Some parts of the body done.  I really need to sort out his legs, they look wrong.  Going to be working on this further tomorrow

Get the head looking right and sort out the body of the character, even the posture, he’s  leaning forward.
4th May 2017 

Focused on the head today and really gave it a work over and I am happy with the result of work.  From yesterday to today,  I made it look better and closer to the original  2D artwork. I kept the eyebrows simple,  I may do something about them, as in add some detail to eyebrows, however, for now, I  shall leave it as it is.

The next step was to work on the hair, happy with the progress, I think I made two starts to it and I did not like them, I prefer this, but, it still needs work, as looks a little janky, a little lumpy,  got to make it smoothed out.

There is more to do with the head of the character,  I will have to redo the mesh the head to a higher resolution and polish and clean it to its final state, for now, I will move onto the other parts of the body and get them down.

Worked on the hands a little, not going to do the upper arm, as that is going to be hidden under the shirt. Woo, lookie here, Arms, with nobody. I did encounter a problem with the hands, I could not get the resolution higher, even when I applied it carefully. It turns out that the scale was wrong, the character was tiny, that was quickly fixed.

After the hands and arms,  I moved on to the shirt, got folds and the collar sorted,  it doesn’t look just quite right yet,  a bit more time to fix it should help to make it look more like a shirt.

The last thing I did was to amend the trousers, I have made them longer as the previous version was looking a little short, tomorrow I am going to focus on the trousers, shoes and then back to the shirt, I am going to block out a belt.

The zombie is still leaning forward and the centre balance is off,  I have to fix that soon, should be no problem.


The thing I noticed was the Zombie’s head in the illustration, the head was bigger than his body,  the sculpt did not reflect that, I will have to increase the size of the head a little.

So far I am happy with the progress as a whole, it would be good to have a fully finished first pass on the character before the end of the week and when I get back to it next week, I want to finish it in a day.


5th May 2017

Nearly finished, focused on the shirt, trousers and shoes.

Those shoes took a little too long, just forgot about a couple of tools and how to go about it, the tools I forgot about the crease tool, it helps to reinforce the corners on the mesh to keep the hard edges when smoothing. Finding it helped me to get the shoes done and sorted. There was another tool, I can’t  remember what it was called.

Worked on the trouser creases and avoid making it realistic, I think I avoided it,  there are some lumpy bits left, that I need to get polished, however, I am pretty happy either result.

The shirt and pocket are done, I’m happier with it.  The pocket was a challenge, after sculpting  I had to get the pocket onto the shirt. Problem was that the shirt surface was not flat, used a tool called Push to Form which shaped the pocket to the shirt, took a couple of tries, but now done, phew damn good tool


Just like the trousers, it needs more refinement and I need to look at some reference images.

A day or two of additional work is needed to sort out the belt and buckle and add the belt loops, then some cleaning and polishing.

Almost forgot, I got to roughen up the shirt with tears, cuts and holes.  especially one of the sleeves, that needs work.

I think the lumpy bits can be removed by redoing meshing the model at a higher resolution.

8th May 2017 

Progress today, After a frightful start, my PC was not working… it was left on all weekend and I swear I switched it off. After sorting it out, I sweat it was about an hour or so the fear of please work.

Head turntable, sorted out the hair further,

body turntable, The sleeve was sorted out and cleaning and refining the shirt and trousers.

I know you like hands, so here is a hand, a bit more detail work added to the hand, I may do some further work on the hands, age them a little.

Despite the fear from this morning with my PC,  things are kind of on track, I think. The next thing is to continue to sculpt the characters. I still got to do a couple of things to this character model mainly I have to add a cavity to the inside of the mouth, as well as teeth and gums. I’m also going to paint the zombie, to have a give it a look.  But first I must do the mouth.  Not to forget,  I got to sort out environment sometime this week or the end of the week.


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