Late Night Diner Environment modelling Part 7 – Formally: Science Fiction Environment to

More ramblings.
1st April 2017
Hello, back again, I made a list of things I had to be done and I ended up doing them. Lists are good to focus on things that need to get done.
3d model
  • Kitchen tools
    • Knife set – Done
    • Pots and Pans – Done
    • Ladles – Done
    • Chopping board – Done
    • Washing up liquid – Done
    • Veg Box – Done
  • Condiments area – done
  • Cash counter – Done
  • Entrance to sort out
  • Sandwiches  – Done
  • Sort out textures for props, plates, forks. Done
2nd April 2017
Sandwich day, honestly, I had an itch to make a sandwich for Sunday, got it modelled and textured, one texture map I added Bacon, Ham, Sausage, Cheese, Tomato, Gherkin, Lettuce and Bread all on the same texture sheet and I got space for a couple sandwich other fillers.
Pretty happy with the result, a couple of issue with the seems.
Then, I could not resist I added some mould to the bread. This Sandwich is definitely not good for human consumption.
The Sandwich on the counter looks deadly to eat, however, not for aliens, they eat almost anything
Side note, I had to fix the mesh colliding that was colliding into each other,  you can see the tomato sticking out of the bread.
Sandwich tower sorted, don’t eat anything bigger than your head.
That protector box is now full, it is done 😃
Out of the box view, there is some mesh clash with some of the sandwich props, I may fix that later, however, for now, I can get away with it and it is not important.
View from the other side of the sandwich.
The sandwich tower again, looking better after the clashing meshes were sorted out. I will come back and work a little more on the texture, may make the texture a little more cartoony.
Started on the chopping boards and delivery box, the chopping boards were done quickly, due to them being simple box shaped.  Made a start on the cardboard delivery box, need to add some further details to it, perhaps branding, however, I will have an update tomorrow.
Yeah, I’m  impressed with the chopping boards, I can do more with them, I may leave them like that.
There is something I got to be careful about going down the rabbit hole,  things never seem to end with the props and I got to stop, I should really focus,  I should really give the kitchen counter textures the second pass, as they need to be worked on and that will be on the next up. This time I am going to do the entrance area, I have to, it is way overdue.
3rd April 2017
Dammit, I didn’t do the entrance area again, I promised myself and forgot, I got stuck into the kitchen area on the project.
Full steam ahead. Made them knife sets for the kitchen. Simple mesh, they all share the same handle and three of the blade share the same texture space, not, exciting, however, if I can be smart about the textures use, I can reduce wasted textures and I’m happy about that as I still use the space for more items.
On a side note, the Ladles do not look quite right, I’m going to play around with the textures to fix them.
After working on Albedo, roughness and gloss map, knife set, looks like knives. There is a temptation to add a normal map, however, on second thoughts I am going to resist.
The reflection is doing that metal gear solid five flash thing, well sort of.
Made a start on the box.
The kitchen ovens, cookers, counters and sink really did need a revisit, pretty glad I did.
Cleaned up the textures and make them less busy. Much happier with the newer versions.
I may play around with textures for the sink as it needs a little bit of detail.
The sink area looks empty, I may need to build a drying rack, add clean and dirty dishes. I have space on the texture for some dirty and clean water texture.
Some of the texture props in the kitchen still look busy and messy, I will amend them on another visit and further them.
A little bit too reflective and may play around with the roughness to break the reflectivity.
Look much better as a kitchen.
Some moody shots, also I forgot to take a picture of the box branding.
Going to give the pumpkin head a second go over, I like what I have, just need a bit more fire to the pumpkin.
I like the bottom two images below. The kitchen is looking like a kitchen now, honestly, I do not know what the fuss was all about.  There are a couple of areas to work on, like the shelves and kitchen window frame.

Having props in the scene makes a difference to the environment, I think my problem when I first was building the environment that it looked empty and I had to try and fill it up with props.
I shouldn’t do that, I should focus building the environment, then once that is sorted out and it works, then move onto props and fill the space.

My next visit is to finish the kitchen, finish the refining of the textures. Work the corner of the sink and do some other props like a drying rack,  washing up liquid and a few other things that don’t spring to mind.  I still have texture space in a few texture maps that need optimising and filling like the plates.
Tata for now.
5th April 2017
Guess what, I didn’t do the front entrance to the Diner, I promised myself that and then I saw the sink,  I had to resume work on the kitchen. The sink in the corner of the kitchen annoyed me and I had to do something about it.
First was the dishwasher, the 3d model was already made and left a while back, originally, the corner space of the sink was for the dishwasher. As the project continued, the empty space stuck out in a bad way. Ideas floated to create a dryer rack with dishes, that didn’t work, it needed a dishwasher.
The dishwasher model was found and reworked to improve it, the previous version was not working anymore. This time the dishwasher door was left open to be able to see inside.  A dishwasher rack was modelled and plastic Jerry cans. I swear to you, I couldn’t resist it.
Dropped the dishwasher asset into the environment. Happy with the look, the only thing that had to be done was to bring the height down to fit in the space.
Added the textures to the dishwasher, now it looks like a Dishwasher….. with a strange glow beneath it.
The Sink surface just looked bland and flat. With the Normal map, a lot can be done.
Added a cleaning cloth and sponge, it looks so much better.
A close look at the sink, so much better and I am a happier about that, although it is a little shiny and I did check with commercial kitchen photo references, they are quite shiny. However, I may bring it down a notch with the settings.
A couple of issues on the mesh to fix at the corner of the sink edges on flat surfaces.
Looking more like a sink area now, the little bits of detail with Normal mapping helps break up the flat surface and make it work, always those little bit,  just help to make it a little more believable.
So more jerry plastic cans. Created one model, then from there, laid out the four UV’S on a single texture map.
Made four different coloured Jerry cans, then made four different brands, witches oil, sun bleach, incubus washing up liquid and star disinfection,  I should have taken a screenshot.
So much happier with the kitchen now. Looks and works like a kitchen to me.
Bejesus, this project has taken a lot of time to do,  it sounds negative, I assure you it is not, the positive far outweighs the negative. I have learned so much from this project and I’m proud of that.  What started out to be something of a small project grew into a larger one, I think secretly I wanted to do all the Diner environment, honestly, it was a challenge and still is, followed with a heck of a lot of problem-solving, which I enjoy. Getting to understand, use to and still learn more about PBR materials, especially going from associates to really getting to know more about Normals map and how well they work.
One thing I’ve figured out while working on the project,  I should be able to do is one material texture for all the kitchen counter tops and cookers, something to try, although not now.
A few of my personal deadlines have been missed due to the expansion of work on the project, other work and being well-being ill a few times… Still, no excuse, I blame myself,  I fix the larger noticeable problems which do need to be fixed, however, I keep seeing smaller things to fix and when will those small problems end and how much down the rabbit hole I must go to finish them, so I should stop as there is something always to fix, I don’t want good enough, what I would like is good.
I want to wrap this up as soon a possible and move on to next project,  when the next environment project starts, I want to take half the time making it, I should be able to. The work is character work. Quixel and substance painter, here I come in full force.
With renewed enthusiasm and focus, I will spend the next few days getting this project finished. Dammit, I’ve typed too much.
8th April 2017 
After a few days of working, done that doorway, I have no idea why in the world it took me that long to fix it, but it did.
The Diner on the outside had the roof texture iterated on,  It’s one of the earlier textures I had made on and as I’ve developed on my texturing skills with better knowledge, it needed a bit of tweaking with the shininess. Now it looks improved, I may add noise the Normal map as shinier to give the surface a rougher look.
I’ve also changed the neon lights, before they finished at the doorway, now they go around the building.
Problems with vestibule, the entrance of The Diner, the door frame had to be enlarged and had to redo the UV,  it was too small and gave me gaps between wall and frame, grr.
The other problem I had was the models,  the meshes stuck through each other in the wrong places and not big enough for others, they had to be fixed, for now, it is done.  I am not a hundred percent happy with it, but, I’m going to move on and scratch my head about it and maybe come back to it later.
A friend of mine saw the progress of the project and made a couple of suggestions, they said the tiled floor was too clean and they should be dirtier, grubby and cracked.  So, I worked on the floor of the Diner made it dirtier and broken.
I threw myself in and started to create the cracks in the Normal map, a bit of experimenting, I started to get somewhere after a few funny tries that looked bad. I actually took screenies of them and they have been lost…. grumpy face.
I went to this
Then to this, a bit of tweaking of the gloss map. Not going to touch any more of the floor, it is done.
A shot in the kitchen
Happy with that now.

Played around with more signs.
I encountered a problem with importing vector art from illustrator into photoshop, the art would become terribly pixilated, I expect pixelated art, but, this was worse than my previous imported images, just looked really bad.
You see, my normal workflow is to work in illustrator, create packaging, signs and labels, as it’s vector based and  I’m quicker knocking out the flat coloured shapes. Then once I’m happy with the design, I drop the artwork into photoshop and work on it further by adding dirt, grime and rust.
So back to the problem, I had to resolve it, as it was messing up the workflow and if I couldn’t solve it I would have to change my process. The solution I found was to rasterize the final artwork in illustrator at 300ppi, then copy and paste that into photoshop, the result was a better looking imported image…. phew.
Bacon sign, keep calm and eat bacon, yep I was missing a bacon sign.
The empty restroom, I keep seeing this room and it keeps haunting me. I  think I must do something about it.
The team shot again, I really got to take a picture behind the counter.
More labels added.
After fixing and cleaning the textures in the kitchen, the kitchen looks way too clean and colour wise not much was happening. Need to make it a bit dirtier and used. This would be considered and looks unfinished. So my next step is to add a little dirt and grime to the kitchen surface textures.
And to add, it looks ok,  it looks a little boring because of the overabundance of metallic grey and the plain cupboards are not helping, they really need a texture overhaul and add some colour to break that metallic grey up. I also feel it needs some health and safety stickers.
10th April 2017 
This will not end, the Diner refuses to end. I’m at the point of thinking, this must finish, this is such a big project, lol, oh well, all I can do is work on it to finish the project. I cannot seem to go any faster on this project, perhaps, I will have to play some fast music.
Firstly the Diner seats,  I made some amendments to the texture, with the texture roughness and gloss maps, gave them another go over and they are better. Then the Normal maps were worked on. Again I think this was one of the first textures I worked on and it needed some bit of tweaking.
Without Normal map,
With work done on  Normal mapping.
Makes a huge difference to the look for it, gives it that extra the mesh for the model is the same.
If I had another chance, I would redo the seats differently from scratch, I would have wooden trim panels going around the base and around the top of the seat. Also, I would approach the mesh differently and have a better topology.
however, I am sticking to this one, as like it and  I am calling the seat model done.
Then I moved onto the Restroom, it has been bugging me since I had the space sitting there, I decided to go against what I would normally do and not do it and it would be dropped. But, I went back to it, I would never forgive myself
All the models were already modelled and unwrapped, The toilet model had to have the poly count reduced, it was a tad too high, after that, all I did was drop them into the environment.
Moved them around and added the textures.
For the toilet door sign, I may add a third figure, a monsters silhouette of some sort.
Dropped the walls, as these were already created, I just dropped them in and placed them.
Added the doors and frames, I this time redid the doors, as the previous cubicles doors were horrible, I got space on the texture to add door signs, not sure what I shall do, however, I will think of something.
Set up the textures maps for the Restroom set, they are all on the same text except for the basin and taps.

Texturing continues, things are a little too shiny for my liking.

I started to added dirt and grime to the basin and play around with that.
With further work on the grimed ended it started to get somewhere pleasant. I also experimented with cracks for the glass using normal maps, what I had done was cool Idea, but, I shrunk the cracked glass normal map I created and hey presto, it went all pixelated, I shall sort that out on my next visit.
Further, work on the grimy basins and was happier with it. Additionally, I added some cracks to the basin on the normal map, however, we can see as the image is compressed. Made the mirrors dirtier and less shiny, works much better.
Still, need to refine the paper towel and soap dispensers as the look non-shiny, I will double check that in the next session of work.
I redid the textures for the restroom entrance, it needs more work, I need to add some detail to it.
Going to work more on the toilet textures tomorrow,  use the texture base of the basin and work from there, scuff up the door and door frame then add the bins that I created, I will give another pass for the bin textures, I remember them being a bit too shiny.
There is the toilet in all its untextured glory, I am pretty proud of this model, yeah, I said that, because I remember doing a toilet for another project a few years ago, dear lord that was annoying, it looked awful and I gave up on it and modeled other stuff on the project, This one I like. 😃
The next session is to work on and clean up the textures in the restroom and add a couple more things to the room, as I write this I cannot remember it and I am not near my notes, I want to wrap up the majority of work for the Restroom in the early afternoon and then, move onto the kitchen.  I want to wrap up this project by the end of the week…. famous last words, then export all the meshes out and get them ready for Unity.
11th April 2017 
So today, did a little more work or the restroom, first I jumped onto the toilet….. wait, that sounds wrong, I started on the toilet. That one does not work, I created the texture for the toilet got that out of the way.
The toilet in the restaurant looks weird, I mean a toilet in the main restaurant looks odd, anyhow it will be put into its place.
Toilet added to the cubicle.
Now the sink and the toilet dirty, the rest of the restroom looked a little too clean and made the tiles dirty. It was nice to go back to one of the earliest texture I had done and play with that for a bit, added the grim and dirt to the textures. I was surprised that I managed to do it quickly and liked the first result of it.
Added the bins with the reworked textures, I wanted to get away from Silver and added a couple of framed images.
Over an abundance of images.
Now, as I the restroom was dirty, I had to do something about that and think of why it was dirty. The idea I went with was a sign notify customers why the restroom looks dirty and it is to calm the monsters down as they like dirt and it calms them down.
Will need to come back and sort out the sentence for it and fix it. I think I’ve got an odd sentence to fix.
On the other side of the door, I want to create a toilet sign, this was again I had a simple idea that took off on the first go and I was on a roll with these ideas working. Honestly, the door sign created itself. Pretty chuffed about this design, I really like this how this come to life, even the people looking at the monster.
There is it applied to the door, looks so much better than the previous one I did ages ago.
My stance is with the toilet in the Diner, that toilets are for everyone to use, even if they are a monster, we all need to go to the toilet.
I’ve just noticed that the Normal map on the door frame is inverted, I will need to fix that, damn, this fixing list is getting long, well, it’s not a big list just a few things. One plus side and the bins in the kitchen have turned to red and are slowly breaking up the silver.
The kitchen door I did not post any images of the update I had done to the door, added steel sheets to the lower parts and made it dirtier.

And I shall leave you with this view of the three dirty sinks and unclean mirrors, I got a few things left to do, I would like to sort out the cracks still.

I think most of all the restroom is done, I got a couple of things that I need to finish off for it and call that room finished.  I was asked to do a mop and a bucket, perhaps I may do that at the end of the day tomorrow, however, I got other textures to go over.
This evening I spotted a  problem with one of the meshes, the texture alignment is slightly off, I am annoyed with myself missing it, I am going to leave it as I have other stuff to finish off on my list and that has been added to the bottom of the list, like the entire Kitchen left to be done.
As said, I shall be working all on the kitchen stuff, that room only and nothing but that room for the next day or two. Going add some dirt and grime, to the walls and the props in there. Wish me luck,  we are almost there, so close to finishing.

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