Science Fiction Environment to Late Night Diner Part 5

Here is Part Five,  have been away from the Diner due to book covers and other artwork, now here is last month’s update that I did not post.

10th February 2017 

More work, took a little bit of day off today, had some other work to do. Worked on the branding and a little more for the interior of the Diner.

Happy with labels and branding. I am liking the brand stuff I am creating with the drinks and the evolution of the face, and logo. The face didn’t change much, just evolved. I must not touch that any further, I got two images on the sides of the drinks machine to produce,

Liking the devil look.

Added the posters into the Diner environment.  Screenshots are a little too dark, next batch on another day, I will get sorted.

Looking a little moody, I still see those placeholders on the side of the drinks machine, I really need to get on top of them.

The Specials board with pictures, it’s starting to look a little more interesting. Spelt Frank wrong, oh well.

Happy with the look of getting there.

I really got to fill up that drinks fridge up, also sort out the labels as they have not been created.

One thing that is pestering me is that the Diner counter and part above the counter, really does need another go over, the texture is annoying me and the same as the seats. Not go overboard, just add some little detail.

Ignore the floating bottles, I just noticed them.

Not to forget the view of the customers with the picture frames the background makes a difference to the diner, It doesn’t look empty and boring.

The whole thing is coming together and I am happy about that, I am at the last few hurdles and it just needs a little bit more work to finish the project, and that last bit of work is always the hardest. The artwork needs tweaking and little touches to make it look really good.  I hope that the time I spent on it shows in the final piece through the modelling, texturing and building the environment. Having it look just good is not good enough, I really would like it to look good and be proud of it and that last ten percent is to make the difference.

16 February 2017

Back on the case with work again 😃 This time has been a day of labels.  Going from poster adverts to menus, menu boards and bottle labels, yeah going to rework those milkshakes images. Actually, it was nice being back on Illustrator for a bit, I like doing clean images. I prefer working in illustrator than Photoshop, I think it is the toolset and the vector work I do which makes me like it more.

Right, I have more labels to do the next couple of days, a couple of food posters, Bottle designs.

food labels.jpeg

Today, I also manage to work a few textures, I mainly tried to touch them up or redo them.  Started on the seat textures, the counter and floor, much happier with these versions.

The Diner wall has more stuff on it, I even though it looks crowded, I am liking it and it is coming together.

The Diner Menu has been added to the counter top and  it’s looking really nice,

The Diner menu on the other end of the counter. Looking like Diner more and more.

I really need to fill the fridge selves up.

All the bells and whistles switched on,  like the distant blur, reflections, high-quality shadows.

The chilli sauce branding on the bottle.

 I have to make cake model and sandwich models, the cake protector looks empty and I am going to sort out the drinks machine art, I still have that placeholder art, however, your time is near, I have the doodles for the artwork and I am going to get them sorted.

17 February 2017  

Right, that drinks machine images are being changed.

Sketched out the character doodles and took it into illustrator to start building the characters ups. At the moment they don’t look that, just need some time to iterate and refining a little, they’ll get there.

Testing and checking the image on drinks machine, I think about a day’s worth of work creating the images, working in illustrator and then dropping it into photoshop for final touches.

It looking good and further work is needed, the size of the character proportions need to change a little and need to make the head a little more central.

Finally got rid of the placeholder artwork, I can see the images working on the drinks machine. I got to do the skeleton artwork onto the character using the roughness map, to make it look creepy.

Also, I really need to drop this into a game engine, first Unity and then UDK with those lightmaps!. But that is down the roadway and after everything is finished.

Tomorrow is a day off for me and then back on the job on Saturday with a blog post on Monday.

19th February 2017

Right, it’s official, all placeholder artwork replaced. Took longer than I thought and annoyed me. I will not leave that long again

Happy with what I’ve got now, I am going to leave it for now, I can keep working on them  until I am happy, but, I spent a little too long on them, I blame my ability not to be able to draw faces and lips today, honestly, it was a perpetual day of circling around the undo buttons for errors while I worked on the lips and eyes.  There is some more work to be done on them, again, for now, I must move on.

There is one snag, where the drink machine currently fits, next to the fridge, you cannot see the female illustration, it would be a waste of art if I cannot show it.  so, I am going to reshuffle things around, perhaps swap around with the coffee machine, I’ll figure it out.

One thing is that has played on my mind is that all the kitchen assets look a little plan and in the last few days, I’ve had a chance to look at real kitchen appliances in coffee shops,  bakeries and similar places they have a little extra detail on them. It’s like the coffee machine I made, it has those small bits that make it look a little believable, like the warning stickers and display buttons, I don’t think I am making sense with this, I will do and then share 😃

A bit of a bonus with the images I have created and that it I have three more images for posters for the Diner, the male and female images drinking Quench and then the branding itself.

On hindsight, I really need to build more if environment narrative. There are things missing. As much as it is a working Diner, there is not much sinister to it.

It should be a Diner, but, below the mirage of an

20th February 2017

Worked on the Juke box today. You know,  I’m annoyed. This is my first moan, I want this to finish and edit does not want to finish.  Spent a long day in the Juke box. A day of faffing around with it. Shouldn’t have done that and will not do that, the moan over.

I’m annoyed with the real world, the waste pipe for the sink and dishwasher became loose and there was a slow leak and god knows for how long.

Rant bit over.

Here are pics of Juke box.

Some bits still need refinement and finishing.

21st February 2017

A slow day with a trip to the dentist for check up and plumber came around and fixed the waste pipe swiftly. Still, that in all took fives hours of my day. Now, things are sorted, I can have a day off tomorrow and get back to work.  Got a couple if things, that need to be finished for March. Need to get them out of the way.

23rd February 2017

Small changes, fixes and little details.

Today was to get things done, made some more labels, not happy with the labels as the look, however, it is tempting to go back and rework them. But I must move on.

Drink bottles have been added to the fridge, although, I got to admit, I am not a hundred percent happy with them, the labels don’t work for me.

Created wash your hand’s sign, all done in illustrator,  actually, I like this one, again I may go back to touch things up, however, I shall leave it. 🙂

Started on the rest of the kitchen and to give it an overhaul, I needed to add small details of caution, warning notice signs, plus other details.  It was to help break up the silver in the kitchen, as the kitchen is so overwhelmed by silver and needs work.

It is looking better with the detailing added and it helps so much to break up the silver.  I will have to back over the assets textures as they look a little rough.  The kitchen itself needs more detail and work done to it, I shall get to that after I have finished the rest of environment…. I need to move the vent.

The service window looks better now, filled with tickets, the tickets need to be shrunk down, as they are way too big and move down a shelf as currently, they are too high for the staff.

Close up, I’m happy with that, again, it needs to be tinkered, But so much happier with it, as it looks like it is being used.

Finally, I have made that cake, something that was quick to do, I wish I can do that with the rest of the assets.

 I would like to do more to the cake, I may create a slice taken out of it and I may add another cake that is similar shape but using another colour.

 A few more days on this and I shall be finished. There are things I want to tweak and improve as some older things still look a little rough for me. But, I must resist or otherwise, I’ll go around in a circle and never finish it.

I counted how many 3d assets I’ve created and exported for the project and it is one hundred and seventy…… yep, for me that is a massive amount and that is just the models, not to forget a few of them have not made it into the environment. There is an additional ten that has been dropped, there is perhaps another twenty to be exported and probably another ten waiting to surprise me to create. Sheesh, next time I’m giving myself on the next project a maximum of a hundred assets for the environment and props.

24 February 2017

Had to do some other work for the book cover, however, I forgot to share this with you all 😃 This is the Juke box back door mural.

Had fun doing the concept for these.

My captain inferno poster still needs some work. It’s part of a book cover and going to use it as a poster in my Diner environment.

Even though I have not done Diner stuff, I snuck the poster in. Going to do more to it, for now for something quick, I am happy.

VR Zombie on the side, not for the game, however, this is one of the characters for the book cover that is being finished. Since this is the newest one out of eight and best looking I’m going to spend this weekend tweaking and iterating on the other characters.

I’d like to think I’ve come far with my artwork as this character looks better than the rest. I’m going to make all the others just as good as this one, then will post before and after images of zombies.

I really want to do a good job of the cover over the weekend and once that is done jump back into Diner mode later.

14th March 2017 

Update and I have finished the book cover, it was a while because the projected stopped and I returned to finish it, it is all finished, the amendments have been done, well the ones I spotted and double check everything, I would not be surprised if I add more stuff to it. I will share in the future, perhaps at the end of this month or next month as I will need to put that post together.

Here some of the artwork used in the background as posters and game box covers on the book cover, they are nods to classic games, I am sure you will get them, I shall tell you when I do an update for the book cover.

The artwork above I think it took me a couple of days,  I am sure a couple of them will change a little as the client may say that some bits may look too close to their original counterpart.  Strangely I like them and if I had more time and they were the main focus I would work on them, however, I shall leave them.

For now, I have returned back on to Late Night Diner work, so I shall be posting soon.


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