Book cover and Masks

The work on the book cover has continued…….. if I have mentioned this fabled book cover before, it is that one, yes, it is the one and the same. I got word from the author that the book is going to be finished soon and it was time to revisit it.

The book cover has been finished almost a year, however, I thought it was a good time to go back and iterate on it with some touch ups, a good amount of cleaning and much-needed fixing, along with some additional artwork added to the cover.  I shall share the finished cover next month.
When I worked on the cover I ended creating a face for the t-shirt as the empty space on the t-shirt was annoying me. Here is one of the many works in progress zombies that are on the book cover, VR Zombie.

The image on the t-shirt that led me to create more face masks for fun. I am tempted to do more on the side on the downtime, while on down time I will do more makes. Never have done anything like this and I’m happy with the result.  I got to say, Guacamelee’s game art is influencing me.

I shall be able to post some more Diner stuff up soon and I’m editing that, I’m done with long massive posts and headaches.  Something for the Diner.

Hopefully some of the samurai robot sketches, man, I am so behind posting that, I got so much work, it’s not funny, However, I am happy with the increased output of work I am doing.

Anyway Tata for now.


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