Baron Samedi Jr – Character Work – Zbrush Development Part 6

Another update, 

4th September 2016

Worked on Hand as the previous version of hand was getting out of…..hand. I made a bad joke, oh dear.

Going to do more to the hand as it needs work around the nails. The previous version was not looking right to me.  This is a better start to it and I am happier. Worked in more detail to the palms, the next updated  should have better definition.

The turntable of Baron

Spent time on the trousers, well the pocket anyway. It took some time  to get it right and it looks much better  than the previous version.  The model now is pushing about forty million points and I am glad that all of it has been Zremeshed from dynamesh and my machine is not struggling anymore and is working better.

5th Sept 2016

Tried to fix the top part of the glove and restarted from scratch, it looked a little terrible and it bugged me, I think this is a better version of it for now.  A close up of hand and pocket, I am going to get rid of the stitches on the pocket and apply the stitching in Substance Painter.  I am much happier with the result, but ultimately, there is a better and until I find it, I am going to leave it like that and also, I do like the pocket I worked on.

 An even closer shot of the glove, still not finished with, however, I am much happier now.

Over the few days, I am going to work on hands further and work on the details.

Another turntable of the baron.

The next session with work, I want to speed up my process of work, I’ve been a little slow in the last couple of days, as I have been a little distracted with external things and they have been sorted out, now I can focus on this.

 Now, I got to go, Tata for now.

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