Baron Samedi Jr – Character Work – Zbrush Development

Started a Baron Samedi influenced soldier.
While working and doing portfolio work, I have this on the side been working on a character, I had a character I wanted to do stuck in my head and I got time I spend a bit of time on it.
I know exactly what to with the character. The character is a young male soldier, Influenced by Metal Gear solid child soldiers Beasts of no Nation and Baron Samedi.Took this head sculpt and wanted to create the rest of the character.

Used Zspheres to create the character and tried to sculpt the body to the clothes.

7th June 2016
Made a start on the Character, shaped the body, worked on his head, I have a lot more to do with the head. My focus was on the hands and arms, then worked on the t-shirt, start to create this character.

The next step is to create the toes and shape the feet, his t-shirt, and trousers.

8th June 2016
More work on character shirt and trousers.

Then I started on the feet, a little tough. A bit of a learning curve, as I had not really done feet in awhile.

9th June 2016
The following day did further work on the toes, still, have a way to go and an enjoyable learning curve.

A little more work on the feet, shaping and improving the form, I am still not happy with it, it looks a bit blocky, I will still l need to work on it further to improve it.

Currently, I go to this stage  with the sculpt and he is slowly coming together with his feet, I am actually enjoying sculpting feet. It does not look right and there is still  time to improve on it.

16th June
Got stuck with the characters look, went to Pinterest for reference and inspiration, I got to the stage I needed to concept out the character in 2D, because in sculpting in 3D I was forcing myself to create the character, it all in all that doesn’t work and  it becomes tougher and frustrating.
So a little more research was needed for inspiration, taking cues from Baron Samedi and Metal Gear Solid and conflict zones.
Quickly sketching out the character in 2d is easier for me and gives me more thought on the character and the character

I’m going to need to iterate on character a bit more as it needs it and not to look generic, need to give him a unique look…. no top hat. He may have one on his belt but never wears.
Next step is to work on the characters clothing and look. I got stuck on the vest, seriously, I sculpted it off and on all day, while trying to work out how to do bandages. I got that figured out My focus was a little lost. Hence back to the sketching.
More tomorrow and make a good head start on it.

17th June 2016
Played around with colour, still playing with the look.

23rd June 2016
More Doodle with concept

Added a couple of skulls and more bits of details to the character. He is getting there. I am liking the characters look and the direction it is going in. I am going to keep jumping back and forth with the characters conception and improving the anatomy on the character.

13th July 2016
I’ve been sculpting the character when I can, while I was happy with the concept artwork I did, I decided to take some parts of the concept image and started to sculpt them and blocking out parts of the characters assets in 3D. Slowly but surely, it is getting there and I am liking it more. Move development work is needed and I need to fix the back of the characters skull, it doesn’t look right, play around more with the trouser creases, however so far, so good.

Tata for now.


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