Game Dev – Late Night Diner – Part 2

A little bit of Development progress update post, enjoy the ramblings 🙂
19th May 2016
Sketches of my thought process while creating an idea for the front end of the game in my sketchbook. One idea that has stuck with me, is to start telling the story with environment storytelling, it lets the player see the world that they are stepping into.
As I said, in the original version of the game, actually there was no diner,  there was no outside view of the diner and I was gutted as I never had a chance to create it and this was down to time restrictions,  this time around I have the time and I am a little more determined to have one done. On the bottom right is the doodle of the  diner image in my head.   The next step is to go into concept mode and concept in colour and refine it. Before I do that, I should create a quick floor plan for reference……
Something like this. 
The next step is to expand the plan to the exterior of the building for placement for the car park, trees, main road and sign posts which in turn helps to keep stuff coherent. I may do a 3D block out of the environment to help speed up the process perspective and concepting.
 With the Front end menu what I would like to do is different areas so the camera goes from one part of the diner to the other.
I am going to play around with this further, and then start a little concepting of the environment.
The Vampire, this is really early stuff, I wanted to get something like a Nosferatu, I have lost a lot from the sketch to the vector outline. I am going to go back over it iterate on the character as I do not like the result the vampire. I still like the sketch. However, it is iteration time with him. He is a biker vampire.
Moved around, removed, shrunk lines, then changed the ears and lips. Much happier with this.
Here is the zombie in the game and still with old artwork i there, over time that will change, especially those black silhouettes.
I’m happy that he’s happy. If you are wondering that blue square thing in the corner, is a cleaning cloth, to help clean vomit.
Not exciting, but currently placeholder art for money, tips jar and cloth.

20th May 2016
An update and an expansion of the plan for the environment, added the carpark  the sign, just more of a plan.  The player is not going to see all of it, however, the plan helps me to figure out where things are.
Next update of the vampire. Still basic with the colours at the moment, this is how it is with all artwork, it just needs some time and work on it.  I played around the nose placement, so it I can still play round it, the head needs to be scaled up as it’s smaller than the zombie and previous vampire.

24th May 2016
A tiny update. However, I think the vampire does look promising. 😃
Colin the Undead salesmen and Franz – biker

29th May 2016
The slow evolution of change and improvement on the vampire. Still umming and arring about the red collar, as the red collar for me was a little overpowering, I’ll probably make it as a red shirt and keep the leather jacket black and add a bit more biker logos to the leather jacket,  however it is getting there and it is looking  good.

1st June 2016
Took the vampires old hair and turned into a beard, I kind of do this when I do art sometimes, I use it as a base and  it helps to get a quick idea of how it looks and I work from there. There is many iterations and changes from the original. I don’t feel comfortable using old artwork as is. It needs to be updated and if not iterated or changed it feels cheap.
Old version on the left and on the right is Captain Ahab. I took the hair and turned it into a beard and goatee.
Done some mouth shapes from neutral, sad, smile with closed and open eyes, the next process is to add more mouth variations to the head and have larger heads for when the month opens wide. There has also some work done to the hair and come back to it later as I need to work on the other parts for the vampire, for now I am happy.
Other than the hair and teeth,  I do want to go back and do some work on the jacket. I want to add a bit of detail to it to make it more like a biker jacket.
The next step I want to redo the hands, the hand for the vampire although good, we didn’t have the iteration time to improve upon  I want to make the nails more like claws, with black nails.
To me the character is looking much better and closer to what I had in my mind, with a tiny bit more work and tweaking but it’s getting there.
And bonuses grumpy with glasses and bearded ahab.
Another one and who is bald. I played a little bit with the collar of the jacket, as it was too sharp. This version doesn’t look as scary as he once did.

Vampire Moby

The next step is to spend some more time adding additional facial features to the vampire for animations, then soon, I am going to animate him.

Yeah, so far, so good and I am getting happier with what I’m producing,  Just a thought, as one thing has been missing from the characters is a female monster and when I get round to it, I will create one while avoiding the crass.




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