Sunday afternoon low poly texturing and modelling fun.

Hello, I took a break from sculpting and decided to play around with some low poly enviroment modelling and played around with UDK4. Warning the scene has no roof and no two small details I totally skipped by. but nethertheless, I can come back another time and iterate.

For fun and the time limit I had, I created the environment from one texture map, although there is repetition, something I learned and will try again.

512x512  texture.png


Screen capture of the assets, I didn’t realise how much I had done, need to tidy that lot up and remove the duplicates.
I had no end goal for this environment, it was just for kicks and practice, but perhaps, when I finish my other projects, I may come back to it in the future with a target goal and a brief. I got an idea something to do with Science fiction, I’ll figure something out….. and I still have modular pieces that I didn’t use.

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