Low Poly Modelling – Metal Gear Solid Time – Part 2

I have not forgotten about this project, I have slowly in my spare time and worked on the project.
Most of the time, has been to modelling and deconstructing the modelling environment.

This is where I was when I last showed the environment, a block out and some other detail.


As the project progressed, I learned that I made horrendous mistake while taking screenshots of the game’s map. I was capturing the screenshots on a 16:9 widescreen tv, whereas the game originally  ran in 4:3 ratio tv.  So it got stretched into wide screen and threw the modelling off, for a little while I could not work why the enviroment was not matching the reference.  A stupid mistake, but rectified.

Here is the culprit

So  I went back and took new screenshots and got reference images and every nook and cranny, also this time I made sure that the screen was set to the proper ratio, like so. Took so many screen shots.

So many screenshots, this is just some

Below I’ve posted images at various stages of development of the Shadow Mosses helipad environment. One of the issues I had was with the Helipad, It was too small and the shape was wrong.

I added Orange textures to the mesh as grey was really driving me nuts, the orange texture  you can get here.  I am sure you recognise the orange texture.

Interior view

A few more picks of the enviroment.

I have also created a mini timelapse of the development.

I would like to say it has been a tough and rewarding replicating the enviroment models and textures. with a few hours of staring and replicating the model and texture.

So far,  I am currently here with the project, look at image below and I still have a way to go.  Still have more to model, texture and refine. The textures are no way the final ones.

Honestly, when I got to this point of the project I got a little excited and wanted to see it one of the game engines and see how it looked.

Checked in Marmoset

One problem between game engines is scale. Unity works in a completely different scale to Unreal.  So I had to resize the assets to be the right size for the engine.

Dropped it into Unity.
Dropped it into Unreal Engine

I had to run around in the game, no collision or anything. But as a test, I had fun.

And I ran around in it.

Just a side thing, with the top down view of the level I am working on there is a bit that leads off to the right and is something I am tempted to do,  it is the Shadow Moses from MGS 4 version.  I am thinking it about creating it in the style of MGS 1. But firstly, I wish to finish the main area and maybe perhaps doing additional version with the extra part from MGS 4.  This does throw up an issue of the project scope getting larger, which I do not want to do, I would rather spend the time refining and improve the area that I am currently working on.

I am so tempted to do. But as I said, I will work on the main area. . 🙂

Shadow Moses MGS 4

That truck has changed shape and size so many times not to mention the position.

For now, I shall stop here with the sharing and get back to work on the project as I am determine to get this finished and share again soon with you, tata for now. 🙂


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