3D Modelling – Samurai Robots

Hello all, I think between all these mass daily sketches posts I have done for 2015, I thought it I would post up other work that I have been working on and off.

Between work and a few other things, I have been doing some 3d Modelling.  I am not a fan of showing work early however this is all Work in Progress and I did promise to share development work  on my blog.

With all the daily sketches and a lot of Samurai Robot doodles I wanted to start modelling one of the character’s. I started work on the fancy modeling of character.

I eventually got somewhere happy with the modelling of character, there are a few problems with the typology and the legs which at a later date will fix.

Then I decided to give Marvelous Designer a try and after using it, I really enjoyed it.

It took me a bit to get use to Marvelous Designer, but it is a pretty useful tool and easy to learn.

Then onto more 3d modelling , The shoulder pads I saw where from A1 Legion figures and I really liked the look of the shoulder pads.

With the modelling,  armor, cloth, sword, I eventually got to a happy place with the character.

Worked on some detail  on the Chest Plate ( Do)  and Leg protectors (Haidate) then did a little head swapping.

A bit of a twirl of the character

Closer shots of the heads, I have a few other variations for the head,  which I will post up, at a later date.

After I have got back into the swing of work, I shall be working on this and I will be post more work in progress with updates of this project. Tata for now. ct.


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