3D Modelling Project Part Deux

Hello, you remember this guy, I working on him a while back. It was a long time coming and here is a little progress update.


This is where I had left him and had not been back since.


Once I managed to get back to the character,  I had to fix the the UV map as it was in a little bit of a mess and well broken, after having done that, the next part was to drop him into Substance Painter.

This is going to take me awhile to get something good out of it, as I shall be working out the program and learning how to use it properly as Physical Based Rendering is new to me and have to learn to use this. Surprisingly it is easy to get into and can get complex if you don’t keep track what you’re doing. Yer, I had made plenty of mistakes.  So here is a little spam post of WIP images.
pbr work p1

Most of the time was applying  the materials to the mesh and working out how the layering works.
pbr work p2 pbr work p4 pbr work p6It is getting there, however, I do have a way to go, as things don’t look right and they need to be iterated on and as I learn, I shall be adding and changing things. I’m not going to say when I am going to finish, as I am not sure. However the aim is to get as much done in the next week or two and I shall be posting progress
pbr work p7a0headshotA lot of work ahead and I look forward to seeing how this develops and as I have said, I shall be sharing progress. Tata


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