News That Cheered Me Up

I made a post on Facebook and I should post it here to share as it was something that cheered me up:

Yesterday, I got a message that cheered me up, my day and maybe my week. While I was at University, I won a ‪#‎Wacom‬ ‪#‎Bamboo‬ ‪#‎Tablet‬ and never used it, as I already had one, I kept it and then I gave it to a fellow student friend who needed one and I had forgotten about it.

Now what he told me next got me, he said he had got himself a new tablet and he had passed on the Bamboo Tablet I gave to him to a girl he met at work who wanted to improve her skills. After a while, she passed the tablet on to a high school Art student who had never tried digital painting, the student who is using it now, knows that when he does not need it anymore, he has to pass it along to someone who needs it with the story and message of where the tablet came from. I never was expecting to be told about the tablet again and what I was told was awesome. I like that, because a small goodwill gesture done a few years ago has helped a few people. A nice belated birthday gift I say.


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