Blog Update News.

Hello all.

A couple of things to mention with the update, firstly the housekeeping stuff.  I have decided to use a new place to blog progress of my projects, artwork and other stuff, as I have found that I prefer WordPress settings  as there are more control with images and layout.  I shall eventually move from Blogger to WordPress and for the time being I will post on both websites, after that I may move on to WordPress fully from next year in January onwards.  Recently I have transferred all my old posts to WordPress, which surprisingly was easily to do, it was one of the few things holding me back and I am glad it work. I am sure there a few issues that will crop up.

The second part of the post is about  Portfolio work, I will be working to an create a long overdue portfolio website, so over the next couple of months I shall be work on sorting that out and getting one done. I won’t post anything up of that as it’s not ready and I would like show when it’s done.

Tata for now


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