Low Poly Modelling – Metal Gear Solid Time – Post Fixed

Hello all, I hope all is well with you. I am just posting a blog that is work related post and not a daily sketch… I will post them soon, I promise.  A few months ago, well, technically the end of last year, I started a 3D project, it was on hiatus for a while and now I have managed to get back to it, also  it was a good time to start sharing the progress of the project, so enjoy the work looking janky at the start and then by the end looking the project looking hopefully less janky. 🙂
“What’s a Russian Gunship doing here?!”

At The Beginning
I wanted to do some Low Poly modelling for a while and I did not know what project to do,  it took me awhile to figure out and it should have been an easy process to figure that out, Metal Gear Solid is a series I really like and admire and I should have done something sooner. What sparked it off was when I saw the old model of Solid Snake running around in the Deja Vu Mission from MGS5 Ground Zeros.

Here’s the video of gameplay below.

I liked what I saw and I wanted to create the Shadow Mosses Helipad scene from Metal Gear Solid (MGS) on the PlayStation 1 (PS1). Then, once I have modelled and textured,  I would then set it  up as a diorama using Marmoset, Unity 5 and perhaps Unreal 4. If the project goes really well, it would be nice to have it as a little playable version. Just Snake running around the level and nothing more, again that’s more work, as that will need animation to be done gameplay implementation and little logic. I shall stay away from that, as the project scope would get to big and would never finish. I shall focus on creating the assets.

Back to reality and first thing first, I started the research, collecting useful images, videos, artwork mainly from Metal Gear Solid on PS1 / PC, also for additional content and layout l would get from Metal Gear Twin Snake and Metal Gear Solid 4.

While I researched, I did come across various naughty ripped models from the game, if I had said I did not know about them, I would be lying. I just stayed well clear of them, it would be cheating myself and everyone else, and I would not develop as an artist. It’s also stealing other people’s work, so, I stayed well clear of them and avoided them.

Here are some of the few collections of images I had collected for reference and laid some them out.

Other thumbnails of the images that I have collected, the originals are higher res.
Some more thumbnails.
Yeah, a little bit of research helps a lot and it needed to be done.
A few development videos of MGS.
Some videos I have managed to find while researching. I’m sure there are further hidden gems out there and sadly, these are not the greatest of qualities.
 I have to keep in mind that when this game was made, it had technical limitations and I don’t have the limitations of the original PS1 development team. I will keep in my mind the Two Meg main memory, the polycount of 180,000 per second (textured) and 360,000 per second (Flat shaded) PSX wiki . Even though they are going to be lit up well in modern game engine, I will aim to stick to the limitations with models and textures.
The Characters
Friendly chap.

 Genome Soldier
The friendly soldier
Hind D
Our friendly Helicopter.


The Friendly Pad

The next step after collecting the images was to try and work out what the mesh, the edge loops and faces, So I doodled lines on them. I got to say even though it was tough, the Snake model was a little tiny bit easier to work out.

Character Modelling
Having some ideas of the mesh, I then started to model the characters and I got to get more of the WIP pictures up, once I find them and sort them out, I will post them on the next WIP update. It does not look exciting, I know, looks boring, trust me it’s not.

On the next post I am going to try to have one of them textured.

Hind D Modelling
The next step was to model the Hind D, found a few good reference images both from MGS, real life and how others had modelled it. The main focus was from MGS game. Twin Snake, MGS4  and other references used as back up.

You can see the Hind D is taking shape as and I am happy, not a hundred percent happy with the model…. well about a ninety eight percent, as I can see a few  differences that I want to amend and fix, I know I will not get all of them. Some of the loops are wrong, I also found an Ngon face…… I will fix that too  >:(.

The Block out
The other step was to block out of the level environment as this was to get the placement of things correct. Looking at it, it does not look really correct, the landing pad is not wide enough and after playing the game again, there are a few other discrepancies, they will need to be addressed with iterations. Fixes and more fixes to come. Thinking about it, I will need to further back and draw out the layout of the level.

Some Fun
Even when I work and when I do have the time, I have a little fun, I couldn’t resist it.

A quick stop with the other aspect of the project was to look at the colour theme from MGS and get an idea with the colour palette.  So I used to a colour picker tool, formerly known as Kuler and now known as Adobe Colour CC. I Used it to look at MGS1 and Twin Snakes colour palettes, I will stick with the MGS1 version, as I prefer the blue tone over then green tone and again remain faithful to the original game.

MGS 1 colour palette

MGS Twin Snakes colour palette

Awww, the end, for the moment.

This is going to be a bit of a long project and for now I am going to stop here with the post as I am tired. Once I have made some progress and have content to show, I will post updates.

*Update, if you’ve already seen this post,  I had to turn it back to draft as I had to fix a and add a couple of things on the post.

Tata for now.


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