A Master Class

I forgot to mention, that is the image that Ian McQue painted on the Master Class.
I really enjoyed watching other artists work away and talk about their process and methodology.
He was very open about his process to talk about it and he gave a lot of insight. He did a couple of things that never really occurred to me to do in Photoshop and I’ve taken them on board.
His method is very smart and the most important aspect time saving. He was very humorous and  say lazy about the method. However, this is far from the truth, the actual word to use is, smart. A smart approach to work.

Ian Mcque 

The tones adjusted where adjusted on the fly as he worked away and went with the better variation. To confuse things, he used the variation plugin even to see which colour tone worked the best even towards the ends of the work.
The Lasso tool was used constantly to add and subtract from the work, I can see now how he has sharp edges in his work. The other aspect that he did was to duplicate the image and multiply the layer above and with the lasso tool, cut away to create shadows, again something so simple done and it did not occur to me.

I could not help but watch and listen as the image was painted from literally nothing. It was good to get inspired again.
For now, that is all I can remember for now. Anyway, I have to go, again.

His work and his links are below, go and enjoy his work.


I know I will have to come back and reedit this, For now, Back to work for me.


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