Just quick doodles

While working away on projects,  I took some time out through the day to do short sketches sketches to keep myself sane and to be loose and quick. There was no planning involved, I just drew, first two were ten minutes the last one was about twenty minutes. I like far left something to do as a proper color sketch sometime , however the red one is appealing too.

I think the plan with this is to sneak in small sketches throughout the day with the aim to be quick and practice. The next phase of sketching is to reduce the vibrancy of the colour strength, I seem to have an attraction to bright colours and whilst they are pretty, they are tireing on the eyes. I blame comics, Wait! That is a terrible excuse, I need to do further research with colour. And to keep back grounds clean, really clean. 🙂

Anyways, I’m back off to some work and a little work.


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