Character Iteration and the Art of Making Guacamelee

Last week, (GDC) Games Developer Conference 2014 happened in San Fransisco and every developer knows it and all students who are studying games related courses to get into the games industry should know it, if you don’t get on it.
I find it one of the best resources for first hand knowledge by developers of how they approached their projects with their development and methodology.
It is both insightful and helpful with, which can help you to think differently, it does help me.

A GDC2014 Preseation By Gavin Goulden about the importance of character iteration. A great artist, who work I would like to get to the level.
I’ve stuck his portfolio work.
Gavin Goulden 

The link to the PDF Presentation. It is worth a look and see the process.

Change Is Good: The Importance of Iteration Within a Character Art Pipeline

Another presentation and from a game that I like and that is visually appealing is Guacamelee!
This has pictures, loads of pictures and I do say, I do like pictures. I hope that they have videos of these presentations, which as I type this are not uploaded yet. However, you can see an iteration and the process of development.

Augusto Quijano

I have stuck a link to his page too.

The Art of Making Guacamelee! – From Folklore to Finish

I would recommend to have a look and read of the slides, something that they have mentioned have given me an idea to think about and try to approach the process to my work within Space Budgie.


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