Glitchspace – 9.03m

Hello to all,  these last couple of months have been very busy for the entire team and there is news, Three good things happened this month and I am still reeling from it, still in shock and surprised.  Especially they happened in the last few days.


My colleagues Karl and Albert from SpaceBudgie have gone to San Francisco for the GDC 2014 to do a talk at the Experimental Gameplay Workshop and talk about Glitchspace. Once the video gets put up, I shall most definitely sharing it here, even if they object and protest.


9.03m has been Nominated for a Scottish Bafta in the Game Category.

March the 19th Glitchspace has been Greenlit on Steam, we are pretty happy about that and we’re still in Alpha.


It has been really awesome news for the entire team, seriously, things are going really well. We’ve been around officially less than a year, we were turned down a couple times for funding, yet as stubborn and diligent as we are, our persistence has been rewarded.

All in all I am pretty chuffed and excited by all this news, I am totally buzzing and humming, things are moving really fast and I got to slow down a little, just a little. Two games that I’ve worked on with the rest of SpaceBudgie are on Steam, and I have not even finished my Masters.

Now a reality check, it’s time to get back to work as we got work to do.
However, I shall leave this post with some happy music, I do love this track.


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