Artwork Development WIP

I have been working away bit by bit on Glitchspace concept art, I like it for now.

The last two were little revisions made to the colour .

The original skyline I had in mind was of Hong Kong  but everything black.

Sort of like this, a city that you can see the bright glowing lights, but could not see the buildings on their silhouettes. The idea was to have to real world reflect the bright cyberspace the player was playing in.

One thing become clear by the end of the work, I could not get the art style and influence of  Romain Trystram, the stuff he created is awesome, go and look it up. The next step is to develop this more, as as the source is way too strong of an influence, I think a few iterations and development will help with that.
Below are some of the reference images that were part of my image collection on pinterest.

I think with the next update, the art is going to be a crazy one, adding different shapes and features to the silhouettes. I need to break it up and add larger colour neon signs and as I said, I’ll  play with those shapes, I will perhaps use the photos of the Barbican Centre in London, taken by my friend Mark Wyatt. 
The next is the gun redesign, there is one in the game already, but I want to redo a new one, as the old one was done very quickly and it really needs to be updated.   Done some concept art and variations of the ideas for the gun and then to model it. 
For now, I shall leave you alone. As I must go, my work needs me, be back soon with an update for this. 

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