Z Brush WIP Update

Hello, hello

I said I would keep my promise and I have updates for you. Over the last few days, I have worked on, or with  Zbrush for the first few days. It was a fight, much like a boxing match. But  I am getting to understanding the tools, still more to learn :). 
The videos I have posted of the sculpts are in the order I have sculpted in.  I am really happy with the progress of improvement in the last few days with Zbrush. Once I gain a little more confidence with the tools, about a  couple of weeks, I am going to try and sculpt female heads and then the next step is to sculpt the bodies, perhaps hair too. I would like to say that the female models that I create are going to be bad. Drawing ugly, interesting faces seem to be easier and  interesting to draw. Hmm, I think I am making preemptive excuses. Anyway, let us get on.

The First model

The very first one, took a while, it was a few hours work, well about a day.  Most of it was, learning and trying to get to grips with the tools. That was most of the battle, trying to understand the tools. The ‘T’ key on the keyboard kept catching me out, it is a very rookie mistake that one. 

The next step was for me to practice a mouth and nose. It is not exciting. But you can see me trying to work out how to model the mouth.  I like the noses I have sculpted, even if they are not accurate. 

Second Model
The second time round I tried a new model, I believe I have posted up the images in my previous post. 


This was a tweak to the same model and an improvement. I may go back to it and work on it further once I have developed more.  The time for this was six hours, took way too long and was slow, I blame the learning curve. First time sculpting an ear, took me the most time to work it out. 

Third Model

The third attempt at model, getting into and feeling more confident. There are two turntables, slightly different. One has a little smirk.  This was about three hours worth of work, getting faster and happier. 

It has been a an incredible learning experience and I am still learning.  I have other models that, but there were given up and abandoned as they were not great. 

Fourth Model

Here is a time lapse of my work, yes, it is a start of a zombie. Come on, I had to do one, I could not resist it. 

The latest sculpt was done in an hour, I am happy about the speed I accomplished and  I am getting into a flow with the sculpting. With this model I am going  to work an hour per day on it and  stick up the new time lapse and turntable of the model. I am going to break this down into a weeks work, so for the next four days, I am going to do an hour per day. 

My aim is to do one of my zombie sketches and try new things by appending more to the face. The next part is to work on the head more, add teeth, hair sort out the ears. I want to actually colour this in and give it a hair.

As well as being busy, I have been gathering images on Pinterest for reference and that is a really good place. 

Pinterest Mesh Reference   

Pinterest Anatomy Reference 

Pinterest zbrush-nothing-but-zbrush 

I am off I have work to do and primarily I want to get rest. 🙂  I hope you like the post  and see the development of my skills and abilities. This time next year, I want to see how much I have improved and changed. I will  improve on the quality of the videos of the turntables and I shall stick up screen shots, still learning the software. 

In summery 

I dived in to Zbrush and found out that it is not as scary as I thought. Just the tools come across awkward. But that is not knowing how to use them. I have speed up my work flow, improved with Sculpting and I know I have a long way to go. Look at the reference and use them. Look at tutorials and how other artists work and I would like to say speak to other other artists and get feedback from them to help improve, because working and looking at other artists work is inspiring and I aspire to be as good as them. 

That ‘T’ Key! 


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