Whack a Mole Alpha

Today we comfortably hit the Alpha stage with our group project.
I do have to say, it was a  little stressful  during the week and on hindsight I should have not been, we were on track with the Alpha and I seem to be ahead of schedule with the work, that should not be.
 The mechanics are working and all placeholder art has been replaced with first pass and second pass artwork with rough animations, it’s coming along together.  Our Mallet now is referred to as a mythical Mallet as it was not in the game yet. However, it is now in the game, albeit with a couple funny issues which was resolved. Somehow our Mallet was double the size of what it was supposed to be. That was my fault, that bit, as I did the animation in another package, I did check the canvas size in Flash….. Will not be making that mistake again. So to fast forward I shall leave you with another small piece of work. The font does not work, something I will later. Onwards to Beta.  

For some bizarre reason I like this

Next week for me with the project is to have done second pass of the background artwork and have a complete first pass of the animation.  This is the fun part,  I know I am clearly not an animator, however, I will have plenty of fun trying. 🙂

Will show the fruits of my labor next week and we will all have a laugh.


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