Group Project – Whack a Mole

Whack a Mole is coming along, slowly and is getting there. It has been tough for me for a couple of weeks getting back to animation and trying to get the work done for the Alpha version. I think I am ahead of schedule.
For the first time, I have used the Symbol option in Illustrator and it makes sense to me to use and why have I not used this thing before. My second and third year group projects would have gone so much quicker and easier had I implemented that method. Now, I have used it, I feel I cannot go back and feel a little bit of an idiot. If my friend Jamie finds out about this, I would never live it down.
Then the last few days I have been getting back into using Flash for the animations and Considering it has been about a year since I last used it, I have done well not to forget too much. However those animations are not ready to show.

 A second pass of the Mallet, the team preferred the first version of the mallet shape and I stuck with it. It looks better than the previous version.

The Juggernaut mole armor, this was a little headache to do, as after creating the armor, it was too big for the sprite sheet, however it has been rectified. Reminds me of Battle Armor He-Man and Battle Armor. Skeletor. At the start, I thought this was going to be difficult to implement into the game and animation. However, I think it is going to be done.

A few menu buttons and signs. May need to think about it a little more about. I must change that font, however for the time being, I shall leave it.

Still not a hundred percent happy. But I shall work on the game background and implement that in the next version and improve on them. I think the blue is too strong and there is no proper background, I think that is what I will have to do, yer, I think the blue is killing it. The image on the far right, is just not right, the heads just floating there.

I still like the silhouette of the Moles, I may do a couple of variations of that.

The animation below is a rough draft animation for the programmer to implement and to get him off my back, too right he was nagging me, he needs to see how it works. It spins my head a little watching this.  I take no responsibilities if you feel a little sick after watching this. Hopefully, the next animations you will see are smoother in animation and they stay in one spot. 

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