Group Project – Whack A Mole

The group projects are in full swing. A small project for the semeseter, with three man team, A Game Design, A Programer and Artist, the artist is myself, I must not forget our Audio guy, he is a busy chap.  The game the is doing a Whack a Mole for the hand devices.  Artwork is being created with illustrator and animated in Flash.
The Menu Screen for the game has reused assets that have been created and this second version mock-up I do like, I need to be smart with the reusable assets as time is not my friend.

2nd version of menu screen

In this blogpost I’ll share some images form the project. I have to say, drawing moles now my forte, The look a little like Chewbaca’s. However I got  When trying to design characters and create characters, I have to get away form the pc and draw, as I get distracted. 
Cute Chewbacca’s

The next step was to create the artwork assets. This is really the first pass with the artwork and I have a lot to go. However time and workload will dictate that I cannot really polish the artwork much, however, I will try my darnest to do that. Speed is of the essence here. 
Mallets Mallet

 After the charactger was created, I cut them down in to small movable bits for the animation in flash.

Character broken down

Emergence day?

With some of the artwork created, I used it to  mock up for the ingame  would look like and what we would like to aim for. Now to be clear alot of the art you see is the first pass and I how improve and amd the artwork as we go.

slight variations

The background is going to go through changes as I am not happy with it and want to imrpove it.  However for now it will di its job. The below image has had the green toned down a little as the green lawn above is really garish and I think I will tone it down further and will do a few variations of the background.

After all that, seeing it on the handset it looks good. I like the Mockup. The next step is to work on the UI and have something to show next week, maybe, perhaps.

The target 
I shall post more work up next week and hopefully you will see it evolve. Anyways, I have go, I got to get back to work. 

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