A street in Hong Kong Blocked out

I had to do a quick block out of the environment I wanted to model and  first detail that had to be done was to find the layout of the road by using google maps for the road reference. This is to quickly establish and  help focus on the area that has been chosen to be modelled and to maintain control If this is not done, the project can quickly go out of control. 
The best approach to take is to use the modular method of building the environment,  it will help me to break down a large complex building into smaller parts and reuse them on other objects. This helps to increase the pipeline speed of rapid prototyping environments and seeing results quickly and if it is not linked it can be rearranged into a different building.  As previously stated in a previous post, I have used the old environment models of Hong Kong to help me Block out the environment and establish the layout and use the map as a guide. 

A few aerial shots of the environment models that have been used to block out the area.  It does look like a lot of work, however, by breaking down the buildings into smaller modular chunks I shall be able to create them quickly. I will keep my mind open if I need to bring the scale of the environment down. 

Close up screen captures of blocked out the street view of the environment. 

A comparison between street model and real life area. I will try and match up the modelled environment to the real one. However, I know that I will not be able to get exactly the same and there will be artist license use to create the environment.

If you want to have a better look at the environment in Hong Kong  have stuck a google map link of the area for you to explore.

Google Maps Ashley Road


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