A visit back to Hong Kong and other info

Hello again, I have a few updates to tell you all and here we go. I shall be visiting Hong Kong again, well not physically, I shall be recreating it for one of my modules, I  decided to redo this environment  for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that I love Hong Kong and I wish to go back there, however at this moment I cannot go back there, so the modelling will do. The second reason is to have something to compare to and see if  have improved as an artist, this would be the perfect opportunity to try.

The second part will be to remodel a couple of the characters I had done for my honors project. Again this to compare to my old work and to see if as an artist I have improved. My mind at the moment  is set to Moby and Violette. 

I would like to improve typology and edgeflow modelling knowledge, as I know that the models I created were good, but not good enough and I would like to make them better. I want to improve and advance my texturing skill and knowledge further as I am aware that my skills are a little rusty. I have to make it clear they will be new models will additional details and accessories to the characters. I shall share the content of the work here and my development and we shall see if I have improved. 
It would be good to go modelling new characters and I am aware I am limiting myself by redoing the same models that I had done before. But I have thought about this and I believe this is one of the very few times I am able to do this.  The models that are created are to be used hypothetically in a game engine.  If I have the time I shall try to put all of them in a game engine and see how the look like. 
Good night people, I am off and shall be back later. 

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