Back to Uni Again?! Oh Wait, it is the Masters, it just got real.

Well it was a good summer and all too quickly it was over, how in the world did summer go by so fast?!

I cannot complain about, it was an eventful summer with a lot of things that happened.
It was a tense and nervous one, as I waited  for the results. A productive one and more importantly I actually had a proper holiday and took a sabbatical from work to recharge, that was good.

9.03m has come out and go to Desura to get the game and vote on Steam. I feel proud of the game and really happy to have contributed to it.
I am enjoying the working with my colleagues and friends on Glitchspace, a project I look forward to when it comes to fruition. 🙂

As I type the is page of the blog, the Master Professional has started and the modules that I wanted to do have all been picked, oh that week was fun because of a couple of silly mistakes while selecting the modules.
 It is good to be back and I am happy to be back, it feels like the first year of University again and it feels strange, as friends that have graduated are not there anymore. However the social networks will help us to stay in touch.  I look forward to this year as I shall be working with old friends who have started the masters and making new friends.

Over the summer, one project that eluded and I did not really get back to working  on was Late Night Diner,  I had made a start on the revision of the documents, however I did not get very far, this was down to the holiday,  I blame the much needed holiday and rest, seriously, I needed that holiday and the rest.
After having a discussion with the my colleague, the both of us have decided to take the project forward as a side project, we have set aside a couple of hours per week, this enables us to focus on the project for the few hours and this does not impact on our Masters Project, as I have learned burning yourself out is one incredible frustrating experience.  The approach we have taken is to drop the sprite base animation and turn to a skeleton based animation SmoothMoves plugin for Unity. This has the added benefit of reducing the memory footprint and the workload and helping to create better animated characters. With SmoothMoves plugin and Unity the both of us are going to create a vertical slice of the game, while doing this help us to develop our skills with the software. We have all the assets already and for the time being it will be tweaked and reworked.

This year at the Master Professional I should be posting  more often of my work here, this is down to keeping the track of my progress throughout the year. Anyways, I have to go and get a little rest as I am off to attend my first module tomorrow.

Adios friends.


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