Holiday – Work- 7dfps – Glitchspace

Hello all, I am here, with an update. The above image is for a game Space Budgie has made for the 7dfps. It was to make a game in seven days. It has been a crazy few days, here is the link to our website for all the daily diary.  We have other information at   and it should downloadable the game and play it.  I will stick up our links for all of the Space Budgie media in a couple of days. 
The Indie Festival went very well, the feedback we got for both our games was highly positive from the crowd that came to the festival.  Our game Glitchspace was mentioned on the Guardian website. Pretty chuffed about that.
Below is  a clip from the article on the page. However, I  recommend you go and read the whole article as it is about the Indie Fest and Dare to be Digital. 

Lastly, I had to do some pick up icons in the 7dfps challenge game, No way out!

 Right, I am going to leave it at that and I will write up more later, now, I am back off to my holiday.


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