We have sketches of Guns

Hello all
The development of the Glitchspace is going nicely and at a steady pace, the artwork is coming along nicely too. 

Last couple of days, I had to draw guns, we needed a gun of some sorts for the game. Now, I must admit, I have never really drawn guns and the first thing I did, was to do some research on real ones, ray guns, science fiction concept designs, to get inspiration and. It took me a while to get into drawing them, as the first few hours were a little frustrating. They looked terrible, I almost gave up hope. I picked up a black marker and white out pen, sat down and  drew. I eventually got there and got into a groove for the last couple hours or so.  After picking a couple of the guns sillouettes, the colour versions were created for the team. The next set of illustrations needs to have a couple of orthographic views of the weapon, that should be produced tomorrow.

The next step after the Indie Fest is finished and my cohorts, I would like to evolve the design further. The team has liked the look of the guns.

Additionally with the concept of the gun, I have a couple of ideas to apply, the first idea I have in mind is   the strength of the glow from the cubes  indicates how much charge they have left them,
The second idea  is with the cubes animation, the larger cube in the center of the gun rotates on its axis while the smaller cubes orbit around it. It is to make it look interesting. Something I like to see if it can be applied to the gun.
The next couple of days,  I shall be creating a couple more illustrations and modelling the gun. The aim  is to have the gun modelled by the end of Sunday night and unwrapped, with a basic texture applied the model as the team needs it. I think I shall give up writing tonight, I am so very tired.

I want to write more and more clearly,  however, I am so very tired, so I bid you a good night and will update soon.


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