Universty Results are in

Hello all, a quick update.

When I decided to return to study back at university just over  four years ago, I wanted to achieve two things. First I wanted to survive the four years and get the degree I wanted.
 Then in my first year at university two more achievements were added to the list. One was to enter Dare to be Digital and to do the Masters Professional. Subsequently I partook in Dare to be Digital last year and it was an experience. Then over that year I accomplished a few things and for the last two years have been nominated for a few awards. Have not won any yet, but I look forward to when that happens it may be that much sweeter. But until then, I will aspire to work for that.

Back to the point, I had the last three things that I wanted to achieve . This year the two original achievements were fulfilled,  I have survived four awesome years at university as an undergraduate. I got the degree qualification I have wanted since the first year and with that I have qualified to get into the Masters Professional by fulfilling the requested criteria.

Then I march on to the graduation ceremony in July, I got my Kilt and ceremonial Gown, yes, I am wearing a Kilt for graduation. Deal with it.  The games that I have worked with friends and colleagues should be further down the line and perhaps released.

Then in September then I am back to my university and do the  Master Professional. I am so ecstatically overjoyed and happy with what I have done. I think I have leveled up to be a little arrogant, or another word, confidant. I look to the future.
If you have spoken to me over five years ago and said I would accomplish all this by 2013. I would have not believed you as.   Past Mus, hold on, don’t stop believing. You will get there and when you do, you will grin widely.

Tata for now.


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