A quick update of work and Nomination, Develop, Creative Scotland and Blender

 We had a nomination  for our game third year group project called Constructs it was nominated at  Creative Scotland, 🙂
I had forgotten about this as I have worked  hard on our Honours Projects and news slipped me by.
We did not win, however my friend Alistair won. Our third year group project from 2012 versus his fourth year project 2013.  He won hands down as his game was better and he’s a good friend. Can’t hold it against him, well deserved by him.  It is nice to be nominated, again. I  have added a link and image below.
His whole game was created in Blender, yep it is even a game engine.


  If you wish to get into 3d modelling and animating. Give this a try, It is free, it is opensource, it is updated quickly and often, and it has a great community.  Seriously it is a program that can give Maya and 3dsMax a run for their money, both good software but very expensive. It is not easy at the start to model, you are going to hate it and love it at the same time. My tip is this, stick with it and  practice, it is all about practice. It will take time and you will get there.


 Oh yes one day, we shall win, one day.

Quickly moving on with other news. One  character has been done modelled and rigged. Took just over a couple days work, pretty happy about the turn around time.  Going to get the others finished as soon as possible. Over the next few days, maybe the end of the week, this accomplishable as the texture are almost black and that is the intention.  I will share them in a few days, once they are checked and it is ok to share.
The second part of the news I am happy about that a project that was on the back burner for a long time  is back in production. It is on a  different platform and engine, all being done in Unity. My friend has decided to go back to it.  I am glad that he has all artwork and audio ready as he can work in peace.  However, I shall be redoing some of the 2d art, as it is a little underdeveloped in places and it can be made to look better.
This summer is about production, getting projects back off the ground and finished. It feels good prolific with art, again I will reveal the art for projects as we go through the summer. I like to tease.

Adios friends, I have a train to catch to back home and work on the train.


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