The Plan for summer 2013

University is over, the showcase is finished and it is all finished. Strange feeling I swear.  However, lets not dilly dally and let’s get a move on.

Done something to make the page look good.

The plan of action. 

  • Help finish a project for a friend get that out the door as soon as possible, that is about two or three week turnaround.
  • Get back to Late Night Diner and get that finished, the game needs to be finished. 
  • Over the summer Develop 2d and 3d art skill further, especially Zbrush. 
  • Start on another game with the team, I am not sure what game that is.
  • Update and make my CV even sexier.  
  • Sketch and draw. 
  • Zombies!

Yer, the mission, I am not sure why I did this one banner. However the mission as is to be productive and stay clear of burning out, one of the worst things ever and keep myself busy.

The most important thing to do is have a break and all three of the banners have been pictures of Istanbul. I shall go there for a short vacation and visit my family.

Then in between the work and break,   I hope that I am in the Master Professional. There is nothing else I want to do more than the Masters. I am praying hard.

Wish me luck, pray for me.


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