Last WIP character.

When I this project I wanted to work  and do 3d modelling. I wanted to tackle 3d modelling as it has always intrigued me and it is something I enjoy. I tried to do it in my style which is cartoony, comic, line art.  It kind of worked.

The project itself was to create three characters from start to finish.
Create three biographies, development sketches, illustrations of the characters and then 3d models
A pipeline, now, when I started this my I did not have much modelling experience, people. I am usually and always been a 2D artist. But I wanted to challenge and I decided to create low polygon characters with just diffuse maps. I say low poly there about 5,000 to 8,000 tries and no Ngons.
In the process, I learned a ton of stuff. The project did not go in the way I wanted to. But that is cool.

However, something that’s become apparent from doing this project. All the characters share something in common. Impairment, all the characters have impairments that have affected them differently.

A quick list of the characters

Ahab, lost his arm as an adult and is dealing with the loss of his arm.
Violet, was born without a leg and has had a prosthetic leg her entire life.
Moby, created synthetic being, however his size color and emotional is an impairment.

I’ll get back to you later. Maybe next week when everything is finished and university is done. Wish me luck, it is going to be one of  the toughest weeks of my life.

Here is another character and she is doing a Wonder women spin.


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