Concept work – Digital world

Hello again, things are going well and I am working hard, always am. But I swear it does not feel like it.  I have done a few concept images for a prototype game application that my friends have applied for. I do not want to say much about it until the team is ready to show more of it. However it is a first person game set in the digital world and it is something to do with cyberpunk. 🙂
The work was created in Illustrator, Photoshop and Maya and took a couple of days worth of work. The process was straight forward, the difficult part was when the artwork was created, I was not sure if it was in the right direction. It was like and got there in the end. Admittedly I did get stuck a couple of times trying to realize the world, because I was not sure how the world was supposed to look. However,  reference material goes a long way and helps to give an indication of what we would like to have it look like and  I am sure that this will go through several iterations when the projects gets a green light.  Enjoy the pics.

The last image is my favourite. There are things wrong with, however for the time being it will do for the concept art stage. This was done solely in illustrator, no photoshop like the previous pictures, I  prefer the cleaner look of the last illusatration. I have an affinity with illustrator and love for that programe, I love you too photoshop, yes, Gimp and Inkscape you as well. 🙂
I think I am going to stick to using illustrator to create the textures and illustrations for the game, is it it cleaner to use. A little slower sometimes,

A tool I like to use is Kuler, a colour palette picker. It’s even  better when you can save it and use the color palette immediately in illustrator and photoshop. Free advertising for them, it is free to use and my it makes my life is easier.

Adios, I am off to bed…. I think:)


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