10th Post of the Week

Hi all,
I am still here and working, I was going to work all day yesterday. But after my final crit at university, it is sad, I shall miss them.  I got to my mates flat, ate a haggis, neeps and tatties pasty, they are really nice. Watched 2 Broke Girls for five minutes and fell asleep while sitting. This is down to having not slept the entire night before and worked. Yes,  it is a terrible thing to do and naughty, I know. But I was in full swing of creativity and it is the best time to work as there are no distractions.
The sleep was good though,  I was out for a few hours and had a much needed rest. It was good of my mate just to let me sleep undisturbed.

The color sketching has started and for the next few days it is going to be drawing all these out, need to produce plenty of work.
This is the first initial colour sketch I did, does not really count as it gets you into the project and character, it is to get me into the swing of things and make improvements.

Just to be cheeky, I have done a big head mode, it was a mistake really, I thought it was funny. But, I will not be doing big head mode characters. 🙂 I shall refine this a little more and start creating the variations of the  character.

Lastly, I have some good news, I some time ago applied for the Professional Masters Games Development. I hope I have the name right this time, I keep mixing the words up. It’s pretty annoying. However, let us move and back to point. I have been accepted. Pretty happy about, best news this year so far. Now, I got to my part and do well in My BA Honours. Yer, it is all good. I should not screw this up, best chance I got.

Good night lovely people.


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