Blast from the Past and a Quick break

Something from the past of my childhood.

Amige Power  28 – Forever I will remember you

I am collecting everything I can find on Syndicate developed by Bullfrog  Productions (1993) and collect them on to  Pinterest board. Eventually I think I will do a A Bullfrog Productions board.
A game that was a big influence. The remake by Starbreeze was a great game and I must be one of the few pople who liked it.. However, I still want an isometric remake.Firaxis showed everyone that with Xcom it can be done.

Speedball 2 – Brutal Deluxe 

The other Pinterest board is The Bitmap Brothers and again,  I am collecting everything I can to do with Bitmap Brothers and their games. The above and highly enjoyed Speedball .
“Ice cream” ring any bells?  🙂


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