1st post of the week

Hello, so updates have begun. I was not sure if I should share this or not as I am not happy with them. But I shall anyway.  These characters were created for a game. it was a group project for the competition did not go the way intended, the game was completed and uploaded to the Samsung App store.

While working on this project, a few things got in the way, the fourth year honours work was a priority, a bigger team,  communication was a problem and  there was friction between us and that created stress.

The characters were done in a short period of time a couple of days worth of work, spread out over a few weeks.

 The Polycount count and texture size were a little too big. Next time, I will make the texture sizes smaller and use a lower poly count. It turned out that the player was not going to see all this detail, shame that.  However, it was a learning experience, I have learned my lesson.

The base mesh for the characters were all the same, just the heads were modified differently from each other. It may be called cheating, but I would like to call it being smart with my time. Next time I will do things differently, very differently. That is for me to dwell on and think about and improve on.

The Game is on the Samsung app store for free as Samurai Tale give it a try if you like.

My view of this project it was a little tough  there were contributing factors that did not help with the project progress and development. It should have been a no brainer. But I think that when there are other factors, it really did not help, shame that.

2nd post coming tomorrow.


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