Working away and working hard, well trying to

Hello again, yes, I am back for a short while before I got back to work. But, I shall give you  a quick update on what I has been going on.  I have been busy working hard and trying to work hard, I think I have ascertained too much information and it is stuck in my brain. I have to get that out. Give me a couple of weeks, I will get it done.
Another update, the Tiga awards for Student game 2012, we did not win. However, our friends won,  so I am happy for them. The team was called Faceplant and Game was Gravtec. They worked very hard and well deserved to them.  I am so close to winning , but never getting winning, one day, we shall win as a team….. One day.
With a  team we have entered the Samsung student developer challenge, going to be a long few months of development for that. I  would like to say, I would like to win that with the team, so I shall be getting on with the work, will start to share with you soon. But, that is up to the judges and fate.
Another doodle, another day, I think I shall do that on a daily basis and sneak a Zombie in, I promised. But I have not had the time. I am off, back to work. 

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