2012 has become vintage year

Hello, I shall get straight to the point.

Two of the games that I worked on have gotten into the Student game Category in Tiga awards final 2012. I am so very happy to be nominated, it is a good list of finalists and a tough list. However getting two games in there makes this year a very good year.

It is a good feeling to be rewarded for the hard work the teams have done. 🙂And it is an achievement in itself, I would say, the next achievement would be to win once, however that has been the elusive part, we never seem to win. 🙂 Nevertheless, on hindsight, there is more to talk about. Ahh and I have the links. 
Ready Steady Roll! – Mad Rocket Games
This is some single player footage of Ready, Steady, Roll! It’s still unfinished as one can see!

Constructs – Kangaroo Magic

Constructs was a project worked on at the University of Abertay for a module. It is unfinished but the aim of the project was to tell a story without the use of dialogue or text.


A quick update 2013 has become vintage year. I actually meant 2012 has been a good year. I am  already calling 2013 a good year, a little too early. Let us stay on this year and finish it off, as we have a few months left.


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