Honours project and updates

I am back, yes I have been away, it is called work and I have neglected my blog a little and I am sorry to all of you. A quick update on other stuff. The team is back on the new Samsung student challenge this year and this time there are plenty of people participating, going to be tough competition. We also have an additional  members on the team, which is good. Hopefully this time time, fingers crossed we get into the top three. Winning is something that would be good.
The other news was two of our games: Constructs and Ready Steady Roll! Where in the Tiga game awards in the Student category. However the voting is now closed and I do not know who the top three are. We shall find out next month who wins the award. I am surprised that our games where on the list. Reinforces the thought, the teams and myself are good. I will let you know.

Moving on, I am currently researching my Honours project and on the above picture, is to give you and especially myself an idea of the project. Oh also spelling mistakes, ahh well a couple of small errors.
The question is: Character design influenced by game mechanics. It may change over the next few weeks as my research continues and develop.
This is an area that I am interested in, I like to design and create characters and  I would  want to get really good at. The above picture has  character illustrations from Borderlands 2, Bioshock Infinite, Bioshock 2, Team Fortress 2 and Steambot.
Character design is something that really has interested me for a very long time and as a game design student,  I wish to try and meld the two and see if the process works.
Currently, it is digging my head in to the books I have and taking plenty of notes, reading those journals related to my topic and visit the library, yes the library, it is wonderful place for reading and learning, trust me, it is that good.
It has been a slow start with the research, mostly it was getting into gear, as I felt a little overwhelmed, however I am now into a good gear and  currently  I am collecting all of my research, both written, illustrations and photos.
I have to say as a mention,  Evernote is a brilliant bit of software, that has helped me so much and I think, I shall buy the full version. I do not know what I would do without it.

SSome of the books so far I have been reading and taking notes, interesting reads.

 Cinematography: Theory and Practice: Image Making for Cinematographers, Directors, and Videographers
Brown, Blain
Creating Unforgettable Characters
Seger, Linda
Key Themes in Media Theory
Laughey, Dan
Rules of Play: Game Design fundamentals 
Salen, Katie

Better Game Characters By Design
Isbister, Katherine

Dvd that I have watched Character Design Pipeline: Production Art and Research Techniques With Barontieri

More books and dvds are on the way and I have more on the reading and watching list,  I cannot remember their names. I will add them tonight or tomorrow.

Right, I am off I got work to do. Update later. Chow for now


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