Working and Viva Piñata: Boris Edition

Viva Pinata Boris Edition

I am working away on the team game and then  I see a picture of Boris doing what one does, there Mayoral duties and think Viva Pinata: Boris Edition!! Then I could not resit to make this cover.

So for about ten minutes, I sat down and made something  funny. Naughty of me. But, as I said,  I could not resist.

I have no intention of upsetting anyone. However a Kinect game, sounds tempting to make. I believe that Boris may like the game, you never know.

It is one of those things that you need a break from making   game assets and do something to cheer yourself up and change the perspective.

Now onwards and upwards?

Still working away and getting things done. The are slowly getting done. But still so much to do.

I will share with you a couple of things from the game. The signboards used in the menu for the game, does not look exciting not at the moment, however in a few hours I shall have something to show you.

The next  image is my just messing around with the assets. I swear the alien looks surprised and strangely this is the first time I have actually put the alien in the scene.

This was the character select screen that was put into Unity, since then it has changed a little.
I shall get an in-game screen shot of that soon.
Just a couple of things, the background does have the skybox, all the aliens are not all purple and their legs are not twisted. 🙂
I am beat and tired, so I am off to bed.

Lastly while I have been working I have also been doodling Frankenstein’s monster, I have no idea what part of my sub-concious this came from. However  I shall work on it over the next few days and get a better quality picture up.

Right, now I am off. Good night all.


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